An analysis of the cause of the collapse of the WTC Towers


The Force is Strong With This One
Here is a paper by retired NYFD Battalion Chief Arthur Scheuerman, the competence and credibility of which ought to stand or fall on its own merit. Judge for yourselves.

For some arcane legal reason the Port Authority of NY State and NJ did not have to comply with the New York City Building Code, and Fire Codes...

If the Port Authority had to submit plans and get plan approval from the City before starting construction, it would have been subject to plan review by experienced Code experts and inspection during construction by experienced Building inspectors and Fire inspectors who had the power to stop the job until construction violations were corrected. The Port Authority would have had to receive a final inspection and certificate of occupancy before opening the building. In my opinion the design and construction would have been radically changed and many more lives could have been saved.
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