Another Hit For The C's - Manipulation of Body Chemistry by Waves

Don Genaro

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Recently I have been reading the thread "The Field - Important Findings Valuable To All: and I just saw this comment this morning in the session transcripts for 28th September 2002:

Laura said:
Q: (L) I think that the problem is the assumption that seeing lights while the circles were being made meant that they were being made by UFOs, that these lights were, themselves, UFOs. That is the rationalization. (Ark) Seeing a flying boomerang - is it not the same thing as seeing a light in the sky? (L) No. A boomerang is a solid object even if it is a hyperdimensional one. It still has solidity. There are many instances of seeing lights that do unusual things that are not the result of solid objects as we understand them. Or so I think. (Ark) Okay. Last week I was looking again at the deal of Joel Scherk, a French scientist. In September of 1979, he wrote a paper on anti-gravity and he had written other papers about time before that. Then, in 1980, he died. Nobody was there to give him insulin when he had a diabetic condition. Question is: was his death somehow 'sponsored?'

A: Indeed, as are many such. Keep in mind that the chemistry of the body can be manipulated by waves at a distance!
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