Any Memories From the Day of Days? - 9-11, 20 Years on

Interesting. Was just thinking about 9-11 when waking up this morning, and then finding this thread. Maybe because of us having entered the month of April yesterday? The C's mention of "April drop dead" comes to mind here.

I also can contribute some memories of that fateful day: It was a Tuesday. We were writing a test in history lessons in school back then, and I asked the girl sitting next to me what date we had (as we had to write it on top of the sheet of paper). "9/11" she answered me. When coming home in the afternoon, the news were all over the radio while my father was painting the kitchen. In the evening everyone watched the television where the story was repeated and the pictures displayed. And it went on and on.

The next day, a Wednesday, it was cloudy. The atmosphere somewhat resembled the one of a graveyard. We talked about the events in school and someone said to me that from here on there will be no return to things as they were. There may be war. NATO might get involved. Then it was said on the news that the US (Bush, in particular) held that one was either for or against them. And we were now in a war against terror. That gave me the chills, thinking if they would be starting Fascism again (I was not into any alternative theories at the time yet). Not even a month later, they began bombing Afghanistan.

I also remember the 10th anniversary of 9/11 (in 2011): We have an American consulate general in our city, and the Principal Officer had been invited to a commemoration service that was to be held in memory of the victims of 9/11. Before the service was about to begin (I didn't attend it, just happen to live nearby that church), the sky darkened to an almost black color. I never remembered seeing a sky that dark. And then, around the beginning of that commemoration, a storm broke lose. One couldn't see anything anymore through the rain (it were sheets of rain) and the clouds. The downpour lasted ca. 20 to 30 minutes.

Don't have any particular memories from 9/11 in 2021, the 20th anniversary, however. Only that it was part of the time when Covid was around, and that they were increasing the panic mode again as we were going towards autumn while keeping the vaccination campaign running.

I also think about the program change that was mentioned in the last session by the C's. One might say the recent Crocus Hall terrorism act may have been an initiator, but then the C's mentioned nature-related things in connection to STS. One can only speculate.
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