I find him righteous. Hearing him, i think he is not using populism like others. He believe in the representative democracy, and this is his difference of opinion with Étienne Chouard (i compare them because they believe in the constitution and the pedagogy of the people concerning the politics that rule the country). He is right, yes, i feel he is right, like i felt Hugo Chavez was right when i listened to him. For comparison, Mélenchon is really really more negative, always yelling. I think Mélenchon is a good user of populism technique to sell himself.

I do not wait for the C's to give me the light about this human. I just had a curiosity. He is human, i believe he has some imperfections. But yes, he doesn't mean he will do less a good choice. With the medias, we tend to wait from people to be perfect! What is to be perfect? And on the other hand, we tend to defend people who should not clearly defended (Fillon and other politicians who cheated).



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Well, he's apparently the only truly independent candidate. He's not funded by bankers, other countries or shady organisations - only by donations from members of his party or supporters. I agree that he sounds and looks "clean", and he certainly tells a lot of truths – and not only recently: he's been consistent in his speech / stance for quite a few years now.
Quite true dude, quite true! A part of me think he can not reach the top of the pyramid. Well, i don't know it is possible or not (maybe it is, maybe it is not because the system is controlled). Well, everybody says that he is a "conspiros", but he, believes it is possible to reach the top by the direct suffrage. I believe it can be true, yes, why not (i don't really know if everything is the matrix and that he is a robot or a pawn of the system if he can present himself to the elections). :)
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