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Are there any plans to put some of Laura's books to audio for those that cannot see to read print?
Re: audio books, check out Nuance products that covert text to speech

For now, you could always check out They have two products that take a text file and convert to speech. As the Wave series is online, you could always copy and paste and save the file as an audible format. Two of their programs will do it, the PDF Professional and the Omnipage standard.. it's just an automated voice so not wonderful but I've tried it on a few pages and it was fine.
though of course, not sure if that would mean copyright infringements but might be something that Sott could consider doing or asking a volunteer to do, i.e., converting the books to wav files.
Hi Tarri,

Just in case you don't know about this, there is a wealth of podcasts available at SotT here:

Most of those have also been transcribed, see here:,13992.0.html

You could run those through the programs Ripred just mentioned if that makes for better understanding.

The same can be done with the Cass transcripts, to be found here:,13581.0.html

Or with the online wave series here: and so on. Plenty of possibilities if you are creative....

Hope this helps a bit.

Edited to add: some browsers have a plug-in available for speech audio from websites. Does the same trick as the Nuance progs.
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