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Youtube video.

Aug Tellez (also posted in these forums under the alias AT) depicts a machine that sews together time and space based on consciousness input. There is a lot to filter/absorb, and I wanted to know what you're thoughts on it are. If such a thing exists, it may be a component of why we are brainwashed in believing in our concept of time.


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Trying to watch this.... not exacting a guy with concise speaking ability..... Is he a remote viewer or what? He's talking about a device/machine without explaining it first... is that intentional? hard to make sense of this mush.... who is 'they'....

I lasted a little over 5 minutes.... I like my data concise.... the opposite of this guy's approach... which seems similar to many others... not that there isn't some good data in there... .somewhere... if you are willing to 'go the distance'..... seems like a lot of the usual stuff from that 5 minutes.... maybe someone else can last longer? I see that he's got a number of videos.... so he's a Youtuber.... is that good or bad? Maybe he just needs a few more years to work through his thoughts?


It does seem that his thoughts are highly disorganized. Even with the organized notes he reads off from, it does seem that way.

He explained somewhere (not sure what video) that he was trained in special access projects (i.e. Milab stuff) and is part of a coordinated effort to instantiate a series of disclosures for which there are 3 phases that will unveil:
  1. Corruption and crimes against humanity
  2. Advanced technology (i.e. electrogravitic craft and technology applying Tesla's knowledge)
  3. Spiritual and extradimensional aspects of reality

Note that the linked blogpost above is from 2016. If you've been following Q, there is a post (dated August 19, 2018) of note that also highlights 3 phases:
Movie 1's plot essentially outlines the exposure into public awareness of "illegal, criminal, treasonous acts", correlating to Aug Tellez's phase 1 of disclosure. With all the crazy stuff that is happening in the news now with the caravan, IEDs being sent to high ranking politicians, and the constant advertisements for midterm voting, it seems that we will be entering a culminating point this autumn.

I apologize for the tangent, but I'd start with his blog posts and his earlier videos since the concepts he gives are quite mind-boggling.


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I didn’t even last 5 minutes. I don’t buy any of this “disclosure” stuff, perpetualy dangling the carrots in front of you, yet never disclosing anything of substance. I think the only way you can come to some valid conclusions is to “connect the dots” from diverse sources, like Laura does so well, and maybe you can get an inkling of what reality is like. But things are not usually served on a silver plate for general consumption.

My 2 cents.
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