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This is a short summary from the last 3 months of my life. It's not going to sound natural.

Back in September around the 22-27 of 2023 I had pictures and thoughts that wasn't my own in my head. They came slowly creeping up from the east side of my brain attacking me, as this slowly began happening, I had lost my balance and couldn't walk straight and felt groggy (no drugs or alcohol ingested). These thoughts reminded me of classic art I have never seen anywhere. I struggled to death and died sitting on my bed dressed. I woke up 3 weeks back in time on Sep 6, my memory of coming about is foggy, but I woke up sitting in front of the computer if I remember correctly, before that just dream states of maybe traveling in an elevator, not sure. My skin on my whole body was without any nevuses and I was totally pale. (Today I have my nevuses, which is somewhat placed around all my body)

I left my apartment on that night on Sep 6. I cleaned up the apartment and threw the trash and locked the door and went out into the night. The reason I left was that I felt a strong urge to leave, had eye hallucinations (seeing naked women on the walls, bugs appearing when focusing on anything, shapes and forms, basically anything I feared and thought of appeared). These hallucinations started before I died and went back in time. I ponder that it has something to do with the eyes and came to call it 'WestWood', because as I traveled on foot into the woods, the hallucinations stopped and hasn't come back since and I sort of began thinking that's what the hallucinations was for, to leave deep into the forests. I also sort of think it must have been activated by aliens.

I had a compass, some food, water bottle and other supplies with me. As I came out into the forest and managed to go through that vegetation where I went, I went through what must have been a window area, because I ended up on the other side of the highway without crossing the road. The next few days I travelled by foot over a large distance. I heard weird screams which I thought must have been bigfoot screams near a lake, saw UFOS, and had ear ringing, I also came down with a cough, which I tried to mute.

I traveled on side roads, by lakes, towns, farms and through terrain and also crossed some high roads with traffic without any problem. Wherever I found water I refilled my bottle. I went north according to my compass. I can recap some events which I remember vividly.

*At one point I tried to cross under a bridge where there were stocks raised from quick sand (mud), I actually attempted jumping from stump to stump, placing my shoe on the ground quickly dissolved it, I took a cigarette and realized I couldn't make it to the other side, I sat there smoked and managed to jump back to land.

*I traveled on a mud road, crossed some electric fences and got zapped on the back of my neck. I passed out and woke up what felt like seconds after having been thrown forth a bit on the ground with a concerned horse that had ran up and stood there and looked at me, I told it: what did you do? and left, then I realized what just happened. I thought I had been kicked by the horse, but the fence was electric.

*At another point I came to a table bench, which someone had forgot their cap at, there was a grill next to it and a big trashcan with a heavy rock on it, as I sat down, I began to burn up on my skin and realized the bench was contaminated with something, I relaxed there however and wasn't affected that much. I traveled down a trail from there onto a big field where 2 bones were placed side by side, couldn't tell if they were from animals or humans, but I continued and slept during the night by a small stream downhill. During my sleep I talked out loud too something telling "them" -I am just sleeping here for the night and will move on in the morning.

*I followed blue stripes tied around trees near a lake, that's when I saw an "UFO" which stopped not far away in midair, then it began making noise like a helicopter turned and flew another direction.

*I traveled into a trail path at one point, found a hunting tower with a big bullet ammunition projectile pressed into the wood, touched it and placed it on the side. I traveled some hours then swam across a river lake, which also had a hunting tower. As I came to the other side, I found blue barrels wired together by each other connected to a trip wire at the shore. Some barrels were with lids while I think two had blown open with some orange powder inside them.

I was away for 5 days, and I traveled a big distance barley sleeping, eating blueberries mostly, but then I came to nature reserve terrains without any food, nothing grew there except trees and bushes. I finally came to a high way which is fenced in, and there it grew blueberries, so I crawled around eating, found my way to a tunnel under the highway and eventually find myself back home -a miracle.

During my trip I saw many footprints not just animal footprints but some weird foot prints, but I don't remember now exactly how they looked.

So, this was september, since Oktober I must have died a few more times, because I ended up with my body having to retrain my muscles. I must have had at least 3 new bodies since.

Sometime after this, I managed to squeeze my belly in a weird way and that activated a heavy energy around my head. I realized this could be felt by others, so as I walked outside a kid who seemed psychotic started to scream to me, without me talking back, as if he were having a conversation, he said I was an "amerihican", with some older lady holding her cheeks some meters away from him, maybe his mother, never saw that kid again. Then when I walked into the forest, I crossed a man whose face got redder and redder the nearer I approached him, I was sure he was very close to beat me up for no reason but I quickly walked past him. I crossed two ladies with baby wagons, one who made a phone call, some hour later as I came out from the forest heading home, two younger males stood at the end of the forest trails, with one looking at the other, while the other raised his hands to the sky, as if he were trying to feel me as I passed by, by this time I had managed to lower my head energy to somewhat manageable levels. I must have passed the test as I squeezed myself passed them. I should add also, that when I walked in the forest I encountered a blue flash, walked on and finally an orange spear appeared by my side, perhaps 30-40 cm wide, it just appeared next to the trail in the forest and I looked back at it and kept walking at a fast pace.

Around this period in time, back in the apartment, I heard what sounded like a fight upstairs, with a baby screaming and a female making some sounds, but it sounded like males were fighting, for 2 whole days, I know the female usually make loud sounds and walk heavily at times, but this time it was something demonic about it. Whatever was up there, I managed to "burn" its left foot while smoking cigarettes, and the instant that happened the demon came down to my place through the walls, wrapped itself around my head and probably were looking to suck energy or something but I had no food to give it. I don't remember if it was around this time, but there was a blue flash in my bathroom again, just like in the forest, like an old camera going off.

After some minutes, I got visited by some "flying tech" that I couldn't see but we mentally talked to each other, and I said something along the lines ' if I could I would wish for everyone to die' (as the energy and sound was so chaotic all over the place) and an instant later everything went TOTALLY QUIT. No sounds, no noise from outside, as if everybody was dead. I thought I was the last man on the planet, realized a minute after this that I had a new body and must have instantly reappeared. So, I went outside and there were some cars and motorbikes out there which I then began to think must have been robots and that all humans were gone. The odd thing about that night was that every traffic light I could see was blinking red. I took the forests, no sign of any animal or humans, as I came close to home, I was really thirsty I didn't know if I would make it home but I did. Later that night around 12 I went into inner town, and there were humans or what I thought back then robots, all over the place, all walking around, some in stores that should have been closed, I even mentally talked and got actual responses from people as if they spoke back to what I said mentally, really weird. As I got home, someone had ripped my main entrance door open.

So, later in Oktober I left my apartment again, I traveled by foot to the same place I came back from during my earlier trip, that's where the blue stripes seemed to have led me. Going north to Eskilstuna this time, through that town into the deep terrain again and back, taking the bus the next morning back to my home town. Then I took a bus to Katrineholm and travelled down to Göteborg by train, walked around for maybe 2 hours in that city then I took a train to Stockholm. In Stockholm I took into a boat hotel then a few days later I went to Bromma Hotel, outside the city, near an airport. It was there that I must have died again. One evening I walked in the corridors there and suddenly I got thoughts in my mind that 'it's over' and I literally lost consciousness and woke up at Sant Görans on Kungsholmen in Stockholm, my body again without much muscles and my face slimmer (which has grown back to its natural shape by now). I was shipped back to my home town a couple days later and was released from the ward Friday last week.
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I must have passed the test as I squeezed myself passed them. I should add also, that when I walked in the forest I encountered a blue flash, walked on and finally an orange spear appeared by my side, perhaps 30-40 cm wide, it just appeared next to the trail in the forest and I looked back at it and kept walking at a fast pace.
Correction: Sphere, not spear!
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