Bears coming out of hibernation


A Disturbance in the Force
This morning on the local radio station (Colorado) it was reported that a bear cub was sighted in Denver - not only is a bear cub being in that industrialized area incredibly odd, but it is JANUARY. They've been reporting that bears are coming out of hibernation here for a few weeks now -- poor bears.
noticed the same in PA with small animals, seen em runnin around in the woods when its a nice day (60ish). We've had some really weird weather, keeps jumping from 60s to 30s every other day for the last two weeks or so. Sometimes its cold for two days, warm for one, and then an obvious front hits and its rainy/foggy. I can't remember a winter this bizarre, usually, it gets cold - stays cold, snows and then warms up mid-late march. It's been so inconsistent this year i just think of it as another sign.
Back in the December time frame I remember seeing a few trees blooming as if it was spring. This was in the Maryland area, US.
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