Behind the Headlines: The Truth About Israel and Palestine, with Robert Fantina


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Caught the show in rerun - thanks for getting the show up so fast!

Great interview with Fantina and post comments on other recent news. Concerning the interview, appreciate what Robert does, and he furthered the discussion on the topic of the West Bank - i.e. what to do, UN et al.

One can say that awareness of what is going on in Palestine has to be brought up a notch in the world, yet this is in a world that till now has been rather blind if they can't see what has been going on, or if they do, they just go back to whatever it is in life that makes them comfortable. They say nothing, and of course many are afraid to say something, especially influential people and journalists, more than especially the Jewish people themselves.

It seems that of all the pieces of dirt where people stand and live in this BBM, along with the problems associated with each place, Palestine is perhaps the biggest key to change there is on this planet. If this place can't be changed what place will be? Who will change it?

Despite the inner workers of the Jewish state and their current leader and those who offer unwavering support, supporting its current actions and supporting 'him' and his ilk, perhaps the only possible change is from withing the Jewish people themselves one at a time. It is their awareness that needs to rise a notch, and it will not be easy to admit errors of what has been done in more recent times, yet it can be done one Jewish voice at a time - a renewed inner focus on who they really are; humans or religious identity first? I know this seems rather naive knowing what has been, the ponerized nature of people/societies and even religion, and I'll not hold my breath and not give up either. However, it also seems that many Jewish people who support the statuesque now don't want to hear anything from the outside, it is not allowed, so it must be from the inside, inside the State and inside themselves and their families. They have to search deep inside and find a better way to raise their level of being.

I wish I had something more concrete to say right now but I don't.

Thanks for the show!
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