Bell pepper snack


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I have to share with you my favorite snack.

- 1 large bell pepper (orange works best for flavor imo)
- pine nuts
- 2 deli turkey slices
- olive tapenade or bruschetta topping

- wash the bell pepper thouroughly
- with a sharp knife quarter or half it along the internal ridges (valleys on the outside) and clean out (remove stem, seeds). The idea is to create little cups.
- place slice neatly folded in the cup formed by half the pepper (cut slices in half if you are doing quarter bell peppers)
- put some pine nuts in the valley formed by the turkey
- put tapenade or bruschetta topping on top to keep the pine nuts in place (if you reverse the pine nuts and tapenade steps I've noticed that the nuts fall off when you eat).

You're done. Enjoy the refreshing snack. They are really incredibly filling.
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