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Hi guys,
I've had two sessions so far 2nd one today.
The reason I'm doing it is because, I've tried everything over the past two years acupuncture, message theraphy, physio, yoga stretches, light weight training,mobility excercises. None could fix the problem, tightness around hip area, glute and down the back of my leg all on my right side.

My thinking is blocked energy in that area, it's to early to say if bio energy is working or not to fix the issue but, I am getting other benefits, feel more present and grounded.

The therapist said after today's session, lots of clearing going on down my right side last session was my left side. She also said around the solar plexus is curled up due to my not being able to express myself either from childhood or as an adult. I do EE mostly the meditation part, will try do all the breathing excercises over the next few weeks. Get back into doing it regular like I used to.

What are your thoughts on this therapy? I know with reiki one must be very careful on choosing a practioner.
Thanks for reading any advice is appreciated.


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An update on were I'm at with this.

My leg has definitely improved. I've been thinking about when the tightness started, it was a few months after I found my older brother in his apartment he passed away from a drug over dose. I was in regular contact for two years prior to his passing before that I hadn't seen him for many years.

It wasn't until I found this forum that, I got my own self together, wasnt working hadn't for years, smoking weed all day on the internet going down rabbit holes then one day, I find this forum and sott, were I learned about diet, psychology, addiction, childhood trauma, psychopaths etc. I was able to get my self together, look at things from a brand new perspective. It was then I got in contact with Mark.

We spoke a lot about our upbringing he told me he was sexually abused as a child, twice by two different people not far from were we lived at the time.

He told my father at the time, he did nothing my mother also knew yet nothing was said or done about it, as usual like most things it got buried, left to my brother to deal with it himself. A few years after the abuse he started on heroin age 17, who could blame him, well my parents and the rest of my family blamed him all of his life. Growing up, so did I because everyone else did. He had attempted suicide twice he showed me the note he wrote.

My father turned his back on his son it didn't suprise me he would do that. My nephews Marks sons were raised by my mother and father there mother was also on drugs, My parents done a good thing but, used that good thing against Mark, Any time Mark would bring up the past my father would remind Mark, "I'm looking after your kids" this tormented Mark, my father would never admit anything or apologise for anything.He had to ring my father's phone to speak with the kids, sometimes Mark would hear him asking for the phone back, they would have to hang up.

Mark was living in a hostel at the time we got in touch and was on the waiting list for many years for a flat, couple of months later he got a flat, I helped him move in he was taking pills at the time, anxiety so bad at times he was afraid to go to the shop just below his flat, he was going to AA meetings when he wasnt to paranoid or anxious. I would bring his sons down to the flat, We all went on walks down the country, went fishing, we had a good time Mark was doing well for a while, he had trouble letting go, my father tormented his mind. He relapsed a couple of times, eventually got into rehab. When he got out he was clean for a week, took to much heroin and overdosed, I found him the next day.

After Mark passed, I brought it up with the family about the abuse because, Marks sons needed to know, it wasn't getting buried again my older sister knew, my other two sisters didnt know. I didn't get much of a reaction, it's never been spoken about since, except with my nephews who were 18 years old at the time.

I want to confront my father but, his health isn't the best he suffers with anxiety and has heart problems, anyway it would be a waste of time. From seeing my brother again to his passing interestingly enough was on my fathers birthday, was only 2 years, a lot happened within those years that I suppressed, I used to be angry at my father my mother and my sister's now I feel sad for them. Mark will have passed three years in June on my fathers birthday.

Mark had been writing in some diarys reading them was heart breaking, he was in so much pain.

A strange thing happened one night while reading them gives me the shivers just thinking about. Will post about that in another thread, this has gotten long enough already.

Thanks for reading.
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