Birds dying under strange circumstances


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Not sure if this has been addressed recently.

Two incidents of birds dying in large numbers in odd circumstances. The first one is in Pembrokeshire in Wales four days ago and the second is Mexico very recently.

No one seems to know whether environmental factors may be to blame. The second video is very dramatic.

[Referenced session: 17 January 1997:

Q: (Terry) Let's see, last week we concentrated on MM, and you were all busy trying to keep us out of trouble.

A: We would very much like to "concentrate" on things of worldly/universal import. What do you suppose happens when the mantle stops, or slows, and the crust does not?

Q: (Laura) Frank had a dream about this the other night, too. (Terry) About the mantle slowing? Okay, if the mantle slows and the crust doesn't... (Laura) It's like walking around the room, carrying a bowl of soup, and then stopping... (Terry) It sloshes over because the crust keeps moving... water in all of the oceans is going to slosh...

A: No sloshing.

Q: (Laura) Okay, what happens when the... is it that there will be lots of earthquakes?

A: Maybe, but what is the bigger picture?
Q: (Jan) Gravity changes...

A: Warmer...

Q: (Laura) Gravity changes, ok... gravity lessens...

A: What have we hinted about gravity.

Q: (Laura) So, if gravity is lessened, and it is the binder, then, everything... ohhh, I see what you're getting at!

(Jan) Yes, gravity is the binder. Without gravity, it just all fall s apart...

A: Not "Falls apart," my dear, it all "opens up!"

Q: (Laura) And when it opens up what happens?

A: Change.

Q: (Laura) So, in other words, this cosmic event is the catalyst for the change in those human beings who are ready and prepared to experience it in a positive way...

A: Well, sort of, but... Remember... There is no "supernatural" or "paranormal," only natural and normal. Your 'Noah Syndrome' implied, originally, a discrimination between "wicked" and good. Being ready does not recognize such distinctions!

Q: (Laura) What does being ready imply?

A: Being on the verge of transformation to next density level, be it STO or STS. So, you see, the transformation maintains the balance! }

And after;

Q: (L) Okay, so there are sinkholes, and there are lots of birds falling dead, and there are all kinds of animals that are dying in rivers, and in the ocean...

A: All part of the same or similar processes.

Q: (L) Well, how can that be part of the same or similar processes?

A: Outgassings, landslides occurring by upwelling of water.

Q: (L) So water coming up, gas coming out, we've got land sinking in, overhead cometary explosions... (Ailen) Earthquakes, volcanoes... (Belibaste) Crazy weather. (L) Oh, what about these kids that were killed in two separate incidents, one in Missouri and one in Tennessee, on the same day by an unknown source of electricity in the water?

A: Oh! Gosh! Did we forget to mention electric charge enhancing man made sources or even acting without guides?

Q: (L) What's a guide? Wire? I guess "guides" is a wire...

A: Yes.
I hope that helps.
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