California is Dying


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Further to this theme, Tim Pool discusses the latest development in the State of California's attempts to tackle it's homeless crisis. Now they're going to attempt forced internment of the homeless. They've said only the ones with mental health issues and drug problems at this stage. It has enormous scope to for abuse.



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We love this band:
Official music video for 'California Halo Blue' by AWOLNATION. Stream / Download - Follow AWOLNATION on Spotify: Amongst all the chaos, brutality and fear, there are always heroic and beautiful moments where humans come together. Some risk their lives to save others and animals in a selfless manner. This song is written about and dedicated to everyone affected by the Woolsey fire, as well as all California fires and disasters happening around the world... I promise to not keep on talking about this event forever, and soon we will just get together and simply ROCK ! But for now, it is important for me to acknowledge what happened and how many incredible people have helped others. God bless all our firefighters and brave civilians who risk it all for us and the animals. Please consider supporting firefighters and first responders in your community. Thank you for listening


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I go through this hub (the SF-Bay area), quite frequently. Without reservation I concur with Carlson.
Each and every time it is becoming more and more like a Lina Wertmüller movie. Raw, and much more dangerous (on many plateaus), then in the 80's.

The Mission Local apparently became triggered by Tucker Carlson's (5 part series), on American Dystopia: San Francisco in decline.
The best part is that a number of comments didn't necessarily care for Carlson but chimed in that the city (and the state), were as described, by Tucker. With many residence in agreement.

Herb Cane must be rolling in his grave, that was once, a humble city.

Tuck today:

Tucker: 2020 is about what kind of country we should have
Democrats want America to be more like California.
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What a strange body language

mr not-so- handsome-anymore Newsom has. (I have barely watched any videos of him nor the content of what he rambles about)

However, his gestures and mimics remind of a narcissistic self important irritated dude… who finds it under his level to deal with petty things (and people). That is my personal impression of him in the aforementioned video.

I have met them before… :barf:

Handsome, but not really when you scratch the surface a little deeper…


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After 5 days of this eye-irritating smoke filled haze, I would have to agree with your title Ruth. These fires are the physical result of a very dark underlying energy here.

We are out soon.

Especially so if the psycho governor stays at his post.

Or our house burns down.


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We are out soon..Especially so if the psycho governor stays at his post.

Aug 12, 2021 Updated Aug 12, 2021, 3:09pm PDT
California is famous for leaving no stone unturned in its quest to collect taxes the state believes it’s owed by former residents, but the Golden State is becoming even more aggressive in pursuing taxpayers that leave the state, accountants say.

“Any move you’re making that involves taxes regarding California, you need to be careful and strategic in making those moves,” Diane Kennedy, an accountant with US TaxAid Services in Las Vegas, told me Thursday.

Kennedy, with more than three decades of experience working with the wealthy on their taxes, recently sent an email alert to clients that several states are more enthusiastic about collecting taxes from former residents.

“Over the past month, one of my most frequently asked questions has to do with what it takes to move out of a higher-tax state for a lower-tax state,” Kennedy told clients. “The most aggressive tax state is California, as far as wanting to make sure you can’t escape their net.”

Kennedy said one factor that California is considering in determining Golden State residency for those with homes here and in another state is: Which one is more valuable? Given California real estate prices, it's a test that's weighted in California’s favor.

“I advise my clients that if they keep a California home, it increases the risk of examination,” said Paul Bleeg, a partner with the accounting firm EisnerAmper in San Francisco. “I don’t advise my clients to sell their properties, however, I do talk about the risk of keeping California residential properties.”

Those risk factors rise if the California home is left vacant or is used by family members rather than turning it into a rental property that is occupied by a tenant who is not related to the owner, he said.

Kennedy’s advice to clients is more clear cut: “Sell your California property and buy a home in your new state.”

Plus, given the difference between California’s sky-high sale prices and relatively lower rental rates, former residents will likely do better investing that money in real estate in their new home state.

Kennedy has seen clients run into the cross-hairs of California’s taxing authority when they go to Texas and rent a place, while keeping their California home.

“They’re not quite sure whether Texas is right for them, so they’re going to rent for a while,” Kennedy said. “California has come after them saying, ‘You haven’t made a decision to move to Texas because you’re just renting, whereas you have this more expensive house in California.’”

Former California residents who continue to generate income in the state, such as having a California rental property, must also file a nonresident California tax return. The return includes a questionnaire that asks about the taxpayer’s change of residency, such as how many days are spent in California, and if they continue to own California real estate.

“These questions should be answered fully and truthfully,” Bleeg advised.

Along those same lines, Kennedy said one of her clients learned the hard way the cost and headaches of ignoring a tax notice from the California Franchise Tax Board.

“She didn’t realize California could reach all the way across the country and take money out of her Florida bank account,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy said California tax collectors are also monitoring social media usage, especially by celebrities and the wealthy, to ensure that those who say they've left the state aren’t posting frequently from California.

Bleeg said he saw many of his California clients leave in 2020. Asked whether she is seeing her clients leave California, Kennedy said, “More than I’ve ever seen before.”

Kennedy said there’s also a change in who is leaving the Golden State among her clients as more tech employees are moving to Austin and elsewhere as their companies adopt remote work or move their headquarters out of the Bay Area entirely.

"The people that I see leaving are probably making $350,000-plus a year,” Kennedy said. “I have a number of clients making over a million a year, and they’re the ones that were the first to leave.”



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I tried to find a text formatted version of his statement to copy and paste with no luck, but eyes watered up a bit reading Larry Elder’s statement 😢

Then a lol’d at the clever placement of the “No party preference” candidate in the bottom left - layout on purpose? Maybe - a lure with long eyelashes. But symbolically sums up the two sides of California - old California just might arise from ashes. Literally the smoke is back this year and the energy is all thrown off lately - lots of entropy in the air. People positively charged-spidey-ness currently high.
Literally the smoke is back this year and the energy is all thrown off lately - lots of entropy in the air.

Anyway it’s a long shot but here’s hoping a curve ball is incoming! At least Gavin Newisance is sweat’n a bit. 😅


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Oh, one more for juxtaposition. Ol’ Nancy sent me some spam that reeks of desperation (even if it was an office admin, she had to approve this, right)

Her poor protégés chaos days may by numbered - boohoo. Today I thought up this little nullifying poem for the Nuisance:

He who was the intent of a flea shall never again rule for thee. So pack up your things and make like a flee! Weeeee…

— The People of California

🙃 jester-thymes!


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Not the Onion (not the Babylon Bee).

LA Times runs a headline calling Larry Elder a black white supremacist, "Larry Elder is the Black face of white supremacy."

A black man is a white supremacist? Someone's been watching too much Chappelle's Show.

This is how desperate they are to save the governor. Sorry, the governor is gone, by the free will of the people, and it looks like Elder is the next governor. Are they going to rig the election like Trump 2020 or Trump 2016?


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The fix is in for Newsom's corruption policies to continue adding the possibility of recall voting fraud.

Of course the Los Angels Times is running with the counter of claims of fraud.
The recall campaigning is all but over, and voters will go to the polls Tuesday to decide whether to oust Gavin Newsom — and, if so, who should become governor of California.

Polls show the recall effort is struggling. But some Republicans have made unproven claims of voter fraud. As The Times’ Anita Chabria and Maura Dolan reported last week, it’s an extension of the conspiracy theories that the alt-right spread after Donald Trump lost the presidency to Joe Biden last year.

“Some recall campaign leaders fear that mistrust could backfire on their cause by discouraging conservatives from casting ballots. The short timeline of the special election, wildfires and the pandemic have left some counties with fewer options for in-person polling places, making it imperative for the movement to recall Newsom to turn out its voters by any means possible. But fraud rumors are especially prevalent around mail-in ballots,” they wrote.

Some far-right “poll watchers” also are working in parts of California during the recall election, according to an investigation by The Times’ Paige St. John.

“Election watch campaigns are running full force as California nears the Tuesday close of the gubernatorial recall election, only slightly toned down from the suspicion and accusations that dogged the November presidential contest as they collect what they say is fodder for future court challenges and political campaigns,” St. John reported. “In some cases, election chiefs are pushing back, debunking false rumors they might have ignored in the past or shutting down voter signature challenges they say were abused — marking new battle lines in the nation’s political misinformation war.”

And some expect legal challenges, even if the results are not close.

The California recall began with an air of chaos and uncertainty. But it appears to be ending as a two-person race: Gavin Newsom fighting to avoid recall, and Larry Elder trying to overcome the candidates vying to replace Newsom if voters oust him.

The two men have come to dominate the race: Elder blaming Newsom for myriad problems facing California, and Newsom pointing to Elder’s extreme conservative views and warning what would happen if the Republican becomes governor.



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