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Since 2012, from the beginning of his activity online, Calogero Grifasi – so he claims - has always been an innovating element and ground breaking in the regressive hypnosis world. Grifasi treats his clients with regressive hypnosis. Which he describes as …

„ … an adventure. It’s an action movie that takes you far, far away for a couple of hours; and you are the hero. This is your adventure. And, like in any adventure, fable, or story, in order to reach your goal, you must brave all sorts of obstacles, learning to survive along the way by confronting your fears. You must take courage and fight against the monsters, insects, snakes, elves, gnomes and ghosts. But, you’ll also visit bewitching and marvelous places full of light, colors and aromas. You’ll run into lots of different characters, some that you already know and others you have yet to meet. It is a journey through time, among dimensional portals and telepathic messages. It’s about diving into the depths, into your emotions, in search of the origins of your own motives. It is a journey into yourself.It makes no difference whether this is going on outside or inside your mind: it is your dream and you are there.“

Many of his clients are sitting in front of their computers and the session is done directly via skype. Then there are hypno-telepathic sessions. During that sessions, a third person comes under hypnosis and works with the interested subject telepathically. Sometimes, Grifasi claims, the results are even better, because a noninvolved person might be able to reach a deeper state of hypnosis than the interested party.

A recurring theme in the sessions is the influence of aliens on the client (mantids, reptilians), the compulsion to incarnate as a soul, the presence of implants and mind control devices in the body. Almost all problems can be attributed to these influences. The solution to the problems is often surprisingly simple: the client recalls soul-contracts that were concluded before the incarnation. He orders the non-physical occupiers to disappear from the client's body, he orders the aliens to remove their implants.

„The method by itself represents an authentic revolution in the field. For the first time, in an esoteric ambience obtained in a session, entity intervention will not be allowed to solve a problem. Many unnecessary traps and risks are avoided as well as concessions given to a third party which - even in a limited intervention- can compromise the complete success of the operation. It is the client subliminally, through a process followed during the session that discovers gradually the mechanism that pushed him to suffer from the esoteric interference. Once the mechanism is raised to awareness, he then can choose to modify or cancel this mechanism and completely restore the ideal condition desired. The method, done primarily in Spanish, becomes rapidly an authentic success. In only a few years these works have imposed themselves as well in Italian, Polish, Romanian or Russian with constant expansion of the territories.“

A few examples: (


One of the less known issues, at least for the majority of people, is the issue of feeling 'touched' by someone, especially during sleep. For women, this may also be accompanied by the sensation of sexual abuse. Often, it all comes along with dreams of pregnancy, abortions and non-human-looking foetuses. In the case of Patricia, we are dealing with a draconian possession imposed by an extraterrestrial species belonging to the reptilian race. In this heavily emotional experience, Patricia discovers that she had been the object of an attempt of fertilization by this race, along with the presence, in one of her energy bodies, of a #reptilian #entity, as a #parasite. That's how they try to modify part of the #human #DNA, by becoming parasites inside a human body, in one of the energy bodies (usually the etheric body, as in this case). Finally, Patricia gets rid of the parasitic entity.


At the beginning of the session, Evelia describes the obstacles and the tests that she had to undergo since her childhood. She also explains about the heavy health issues that bother her, and about her cancer at the ovary, which did not prevent her from having three children. She also tells us about the problems she had in her marriages. In #hypnosis, Evelia sees a #spirit, 'Roberto', who claims to be the source of her problems with men. Later on, she visualizes another spirit, 'Gianna', who is occupying the lower half of her body, and other #entities who are like parasites invading her energetic field. These entities are also in competition among themselves, since each one of them wants to determine Evelia's #reincarnation, between one life and the next. The goal will be to guide Evelia towards full liberation of her energetic body, so that she can finally become free and #happy.


Amazing session where Monica relives the moment of her grandmother’s #death who seemed to have remained united to her, inhabiting her body.
When invited to come out of Monica’s body, she does it, however, after a few simple questions aimed to test her identity, we discovered that it wasn’t her grandmother. In fact, it was a Saurian/Amphibious claims to be her and parasitizing Monica's body through a system of etheric devices that connected to an underground military base ruled by some albino reptilians. Thanks to Monica for kindly granting the permission necessary for the publication of her regressive #hypnosis session.

And this is the only english speaking forum I found discussing his sessions _Calogero Grifasi


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There certainly is not much on this website. Is there a brief synopsis somewhere of how this guy discovered and/or developed his "treatment" method? Is or was he a psychologist or other mental-health practitioner?

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Here You are Playlist on Youtube on Grifasi Channel in English. So I am very confused because I have watched more than 100 films with Grifasi and other team members and I dont know what does it really is.

EN - Past life regression - English (Archive 2014-2018) - YouTube

I have not any idea is this disinfo or something paralel to SRT therapy, but I never really know what the Spirit Release Theraphy was.
Would You tell me please your opinion about this stuff. Maybe Pierre, Chu, Scottie or other member this forum try to explain this thing for me and other members team? For me the Grifasi therapy method is to fast, to much simple and to large momentum on Website or he is a Genius
(I doubt)
Thanks for answer.


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Hello, I ll be also interested in the opinion of Laura, Chu or pierre or another member of the team in Grifasi works in hypnosis. I don't understand very well the method but he seems to work with a lot of patients and cross every informations between them. He says that you can only keep 2% of the informations, the other one are just garbage. There is a person in France (Nathalie Knepper) who uses his method and I watched this video (french language only) :

What do you think about it ?
Thank you for this subject on the forum
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