Carwoola fire


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This is occurring now, about 10km from where I live:

"Several properties have been destroyed as a fast-moving grassfire burns at Carwoola near Queanbeyan.

An emergency warning was issued just after 1.30pm on Friday as hot and windy conditions fuelled the blaze, with residents in some areas told it is too late to leave their properties.

NSW RFS spokesman Darren Mark told ABC News "we believe at least six houses have been lost"."

Getting a bit close for comfort. Temperatures here have been in the mid 30c's for most of the day and there is a gusty wind blowing, fortunately for us its blowing away from us. Lots of smoke visible from here.
A couple of the Firies have been injured fighting this one.
There have been helicopters going back and forth for most of the day.
Luckily, we're in town. The fire was in nearby rural areas. They lost a lot of homes, but I think they are largely on top of it by now, and the Queanbeyan hotel offered to put up people who have lost their homes, so that's a nice gesture.
I'm just glad the wind was blowing to the East, away from the populated areas. It could have been disastrous if it came our way. A little rain has eased matters and the wind has died down, so it's all good.
Glad the situation has eased up MusicMan, hope you guys get some more rain. Stay safe!
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