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Hi, if this is inappropriate or in the wrong forum please remove or move (perhaps to the health section?), thanks!

I've recently installed two budget bidets (not this brand), one for my parents in their 80's and another for a lady in her 90's.

It's been life transforming for them and they wish they had them years ago!

You simply remove the seat attach the bidet, connect the water and replace the seat. You can buy them online for as little as $40 Australian and you don't need to be a plumber to fit them. I don't have one myself, I use a Bum Gun which are excellent too, as you can aim them and are also handy to clean the bathroom with. The one drawback with the bum gun is that if your shoulders are shot they're hard to use but so is toilet paper, which is disgusting anyway and I only use it to dry myself afterwards. If you wear cotton undies you don't even need the paper, the clean water simply wicks away into your clothes and evaporates.

They're extremely beneficial and I highly recommend them. They're especially good for the ladies.

The only drawback is they don't squirt warmed water, the cheap ones anyway but you rapidly get used to it.

Here's an installation video, not the brand I bought but there's many to choose from and they pay for themselves very quickly.

Don't delay, get yourself a bidet or a bum gun!

Cheers, Brewer


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My current home has a free standing bidet in my personal bathroom. I moved here when my youngest child was just starting to walk. Bidets are very convenient for all kinds of things besides intended use. I used mine for a baby bath, a lingerie wash basin and for other uses I did not want to do in the sink. If I was building for a family, I would definitely include one.


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With the lockdowns, the idea of a bidet came to mind. If you wanted to use less toilet paper, it seems like a good way to go about it. I was thinking that just a squirt bottle with some water would help.
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