Chinese "Swedish web-shop" stole my bank card information



I have never used my phone for any transactions directly, but I do use it as a hotspot for browsing on my laptop. It is kind of a smartphone and just a regular phone, an NOKIA 8110, and it hasn't much juice or much of an web browser experience anyways.

Then I have an Huawei tablet, but I only use that at my job, connecting with their prepaid WiFi. I did however install Bankid on it about a half year ago through my bank.

My laptop is just a few months old, a gaming laptop from Acer. I have Kaspersky Security cloud, which is free, as security. And I have only installed the Opera browser, steam ( and Wolfenstein Youngblood) and Kaspersky on it, nothing else except the software that comes with the computer.

I like to scroll through my spam folder but I never open any links within the messages. I do that because I get the weirdest spam sometimes and just have to read the obvious deceit within them. Often it is about a huge amount of money for me to collect through some bank and things like that.

How do I know if I am being keylogged?


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Last week I filled in the chargeback paper form and it was sent to the bank along with additional proof. Shortly after I got a message from the bank saying they will investigate the matter. But in accordance with MasterCard's regulations, they have to wait for time limits, which means that the case can take up to 60 days.

I am going to be more careful how I use my card in the future. It should have been obvious, if I had looked through this false shop and seen the bad signs, and that any detail that suggests something isn't right - not to give any bank details away.
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