Coincidences Running Strong.


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On Saturday I received news from a friend that her dog had died. He had osteosarcoma and she'd been researching and applying all sorts of natural remedies while working with a vet. Her name J.... B...... Her dog was a Rhodesian Ridgeback. He was 10 years old and the cancer had spread to his stomach. I met this friend when I was studying dog training and behavioural psychology and we were both members of a forum about dogs and my friend was a lecturer at the school that I studied at back then.

Last night, I woke up after a few hours sleep and found a message from a random woman from the US. Her name is J...... B...... She shares same first name as my friend, only with different spelling. Her dog had died on Saturday - a Rhodesian Ridgeback - 9.5 years old.

Her dog was experiencing similar symptoms that my dog is currently experiencing, my dog is also a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I've been researching and applying natural remedies. This lady asked for a copy of a poem that I'd written for people that have had their dogs die. I originally published this poem on the dog forum under a user name, I've posted it here under my user name. The only place that I remember posting it under my own name is on a fb group for Rhodesian Ridgeback owners and neither of the two ladies are members of that group though I guess the internet being what it is, there may be some other connection - although the message came through on my dog fb page that is not under my own name and she is not a member of that page.

The name of the poem is 'Meetings of Angels' and I initially didn't think to send it to my friend, I'd written it so long ago - but I sent it to her this morning after last nights reminder.
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