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they will not hesitate to use some some nasty trick up their sleeve if needs be that will stop all opposition 'dead' in its tracks.
Sounds amateur but does bring back those echoes post 9-11 of ANTHRAX through the post.
It's going to be a very bad Winter.
The George Floyd thread has already broached this territory.
Check out the latest Last American Vagabond update related to this. [The WH ricin letter]

If you start at 23:40, he ties the ricin operation with the anthrax false flag just after 9/11.

I added my insights and additional info:
I watched that video yesterday - I definitely remember ricin, which is derived from castor beans, because it has been in the news on and off in the past. [SNIP]
That a ricin vaccine has been developed is more than concerning. Dark Winter and Crimson Contagion are also new to me. DW conducted in June 22–23, 2001, and CC January to August 2019:
Crimson Contagion was a joint exercise conducted from January to August 2019, in which numerous national, state and local, private and public organizations in the US participated, in order to test the capacity of the federal government and twelve states to respond to a severe pandemic of influenza [or a respiratory virus] originating in China.
That's quite the coincidence considering what transpired in the next few months. The DW wiki link brings up John Hopkins Center involvement - another funny coincidence. It would appear that bio-terrorism has finally become a mainstream reality with Covid-19 leading the way. Beginning to feel like a setup/trial run - a scenario gone live.

I also remember the circumstances surrounding the 911 anthrax attacks and the poor guy, microbiologist Bruce Ivins, who was blamed and committed suicide (or was suicided) after the first targeted patsy successfully fought back. The real culprit was Israeli, but that's just a "conspiracy theory". I believe it came out that cipro ( ciprofloxacin) was being distributed to key people before the anthrax exposure even took place - why would that be? We know why. This from an Abby/Robbie Martin article:
"The anthrax attacks justified the fear-mongering that 9/11 was not simply a one-off incident, and that terrorism was America’s new normal."
That was written Nov. 13, 2018:
How the Bush Administration Used the 2001 Anthrax Attacks to Manufacture Consent for the Iraq War
To say I'm starting to get a bad feeling is an understatement. Now here is the really disturbing part:
In reading about ricin, one wonders if there is a plan to put it in a mass distributed Covid vaccine - from the link above:
In order to work as a poison it has to get into the human body. It will not absorb through the skin, so it must be injected, inhaled, or ingested.

Ricin is at its most lethal when injected, as with the Markov killing. It is estimated that a very small amount (possibly 250 micrograms for an adult) can kill by injection. But this still doesn't make it very useful for terrorists. It is difficult to imagine scenarios where people form an orderly queue to be injected by terrorists.
Uh, no - not difficult at all to imagine people forming an orderly queue to be injected by health terrorists.

Approximately 45 days to the election - what kind of hellish chaos is going to transpire in the next few weeks? That Whitney Webb interview certainly exposes some dark possibilities. Trump has indicated more than once than any vaccine will be voluntary. Another reason why it's imperative that Biden becomes the replacement? He's already saying he'll make masks mandatory so you know the vaccine will be, too.
A ricin letter on the heels of a ricin vaccine?
The point is, coming to today, as Whitney [Webb] says, how convenient that Health and Human Services, which Robert Kadlec is a part of, fast-tracked the ricin vaccine -- you heard it, the ricin vaccine -- just a few months ago, to add to the Robert Kadlec controlled strategic national stockpile. So, months before this [ricin event] they fast track the ricin vaccine that nobody even knows about.
Now, suddenly, [ricin is] something we all seem to know about and talk about. Now, suddenly, because a package was sent, well, now, everybody's looking into it, knowing about it. But a few months ago, before it seemed to matter: oh, well, what do you know, they fast track that specific vaccine...

Event 201 and The Dark Winter*: it was all about the bio-threats and the country being shut down, and Marshal Law, the whole same thing, the same thing we're talkin' about now.
Too many coincidences for this all to be happenstance. And it's Martial law:
Martial law is the imposition of direct military control of normal civil functions or suspension of civil law by a government, especially in response to a temporary emergency where civil forces are overwhelmed, or in an occupied territory.
And exactly that may be in the works as the nasty trick up the sleeve gets rolled out.


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Too good to miss - JP covering all topics, in his unique way, from homelessness to Covid, pedophilia, politics, taxes, and more. This one might (finally) be a bit too much and taken down soon by youtube, check it out:

What It’s Like Living in California Now



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The "second wave" is upon us and it is all very interesting to watch. The numbers of "confirmed" daily infections is off the charts in Europe - and has been for a while now. Somehow though, this is not yet translating into drastic numbers of deaths. Oh-oh, how can that be?

A similar pattern is developing in Poland. There is a big spike in infections but the death rate remains low - in fact, it has been rather low in general. What could be the reason? The health authorities have no idea but suspect vaccination. Not to be cynical here - it is true that some vaccines are indeed common-place in Poland but not in other countries. Truth be told, it could also be bimber.

The hysterical reaction in the UK is fascinating. First, the government insists that a second lockdown is absolutely out of the question. Now, there is talk of escalating restrictions, and draconian rules lasting up to six months. Reluctantly, of course. The justification is that the level of antibodies in the general population is low - and hence, everybody will die.

So on the topic of immunity versus the antibodies. Today, Reddit mentioned an article from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden which discusses this very topic. Apparently, immunity to the coronavirus is higher than the level of antibodies would suggest. This groundbreaking research was extensively quoted in the news - including the BBC and Nature - back in July and August.

Nevertheless, suddenly, the UK suffered a form of collective amnesia and the country is hurtling towards another lockdown. Reluctantly, of course.

Anyway, just thought I'd add this to the thread. It is all very curious.

Google Search link to all materials related to KI's article:

Karolinska Institutet original article:

Immunity to COVID-19 is probably higher than tests have shown
Published: 2020-08-18 08:45 | Updated: 2020-08-31 13:33


A new study from Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital shows that many people with mild or asymptomatic COVID-19 demonstrate so-called T-cell-mediated immunity to the new coronavirus, even if they have not tested positively for antibodies. According to the researchers, this means that public immunity is probably higher than antibody tests suggest. The article has been published in the esteemed scientific journal Cell. [This news article has been updated]

“T cells are a type of white blood cells that are specialised in recognising virus-infected cells, and are an essential part of the immune system,” says Marcus Buggert, assistant professor at the Center for Infectious Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, and one of the paper’s main authors. “Advanced analyses have now enabled us to map in detail the T-cell response during and after a COVID-19 infection. Our results indicate that roughly twice as many people have developed T-cell immunity compared with those who we can detect antibodies in.”

In the present study, the researchers performed immunological analyses of samples from over 200 people, many of whom had mild or no symptoms of COVID-19. The study included inpatients at Karolinska University Hospital and other patients and their exposed asymptomatic family members who returned to Stockholm after holidaying in the Alps in March. Healthy blood donors who gave blood during 2020 and 2019 (control group) were also included.

T-cell immunity in asymptomatic individuals

Consultant Soo Aleman and her colleagues at Karolinska University Hospital’s infection clinic have monitored and tested patients and their families since the disease period.

“One interesting observation was that it wasn’t just individuals with verified COVID-19 who showed T-cell immunity but also many of their exposed asymptomatic family members,” says Soo Aleman. “Moreover, roughly 30 per cent of the blood donors who’d given blood in May 2020 had COVID-19-specific T cells, a figure that’s much higher than previous antibody tests have shown.”

The T-cell response was consistent with measurements taken after vaccination with approved vaccines for other viruses. Patients with severe COVID-19 often developed a strong T-cell response and an antibody response; in those with milder symptoms it was not always possible to detect an antibody response, but despite this many still showed a marked T-cell response.

Very good news from a public health perspective

“Our results indicate that public immunity to COVID-19 is probably significantly higher than antibody tests have suggested,” says Professor Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren at the Center for Infectious Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, and co-senior author. “If this is the case, it is of course very good news from a public health perspective.”

T-cell analyses are more complicated to perform than antibody tests and at present are therefore only done in specialised laboratories, such as that at the Center for Infectious Medicine at Karolinska Institutet.

“Larger and more longitudinal studies must now be done on both T cells and antibodies to understand how long-lasting the immunity is and how these different components of COVID-19 immunity are related,” says Marcus Buggert.

The results were first published on 29 June 2020 on a preprint server, bioRxiv (see box) and a previous version of this news article was then published. The study has now undergone peer review and been published in the scientific journal Cell. In connection with this, Cell Press issued a press release about the results.

The study was financed by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, Nordstjernan AB, the Swedish Research Council, Karolinska Institutet, the Swedish Society for Medical Research, the Jeansson Foundations, the Åke Wiberg Foundation, the Swedish Society of Medicine, the Swedish Cancer Society, the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation, the Magnus Bergvall Foundation, the Hedlund Foundation, the Lars Hierta Foundation, the Swedish Physicians against AIDS foundation, the Jonas Söderquist Foundation, the Clas Groschinsky Memorial Foundation, and the Wellcome Trust.

The authors report no conflicts of interest or patents associated with the results of the study.


“Robust T cell immunity in convalescent individuals with asymptomatic or mild COVID-19”
Takuya Sekine, André Perez-Potti, Olga Rivera-Ballesteros, Jean-Baptiste Gorin, Annika Olsson, Habiba Kamal, Sian Llewellyn-Lacey, David Wulliman, Tobias Kamann, Gordana Bogdanovic, Sandra Muschiol, Elin Folkesson, Olav Rooyackers, Lars I. Eriksson, Anders Sönnerborg, Tobias Allander, Jan Albert, Morten Nielsen, Kristoffer Strålin, Sara Gredmark-Russ, Niklas K. Björkström, Johan K. Sandberg, David A. Price, Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren, Soo Aleman, Marcus Buggert, Karolinska COVID-19 Study Group.
Cell, online 14 August 2020, doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2020.08.017


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From the above link:
This brings us to the end of Part 1 of Schrodinger’s Super Patriot: The 2001 Anthrax Mystery. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our investigative podcast.
If Pt 2 exists, I can't find it.
Schrödinger's Super Patriot : The 2001 Anthrax Mystery, Pt 1 of 2 ABBY MARTIN
is all that's coming up.
Did find Alleged CIA Involvement In 2001 Anthrax Attacks October 26, 2015 with the following vid:

At 7:27, Larry Klayman states that the President's office and the Vice President's office went on cipro on Sept. 11th. Why would they do that unless they knew that an attack was underway or was imminent. Further on, it's stated cipro was actually started 7 days before the initial letters were post-marked. Postal workers weren't given anitbiotics for several weeks - two deaths could have been prevented had action been taken right away. Altogether, 5 people died and 17 were infected.

Time has faded my memories of this anthrax scare and I'm not sure I was fully aware of how many people had been infected/died. That postal employees had died was well known. I was employed in a college mailroom at the time and seriously wondered if our incoming mail was safe to handle. It was a very scary time purposely made more so in order to advance the Iraq war agenda as well as Afghanistan. Of course, no one knew that at the time and trust in our government officials was still strong for the vast majority. I already knew some lies were being told, but had no idea just how bad it really was. Consequently, I'm more than a little suspicious about this ricin incident with a ricin vaccine already in place. A very uneasy wait and see.


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In case you have missed it, I'll repost what I just posted on the Putin thread, since it very much applies to this thread as well:

Putin just gave a speech in the general Assembly of the UN for the first time in years (as far as I know). It seems to have happened quite unnoticed by the media. I was actually unaware of it too until I came across the video yesterday.

I haven't watched/read it in the entirety yet but from what I've seen following things stood out:

1: Putin didn't lament about the health dangers of Covid-19 all too much and made just a quite short reference to the official narrative about "deaths and cases" at the beginning. Instead, he seems to have focused quite heavily on the social/human/economic impact of that crisis not only in russia but worldwide.

2: Putin used the opportunity to get the word out about the russian vaccine and offered help for other countries (if they so choose) with a number of different ideas and proposals

3: Putin used the opportunity to once again underscore the founding principles of the UN (sovereignty, human rights etc.)

4: Putin used the opportunity to propose a change on how sanctions could be handled in the future, by things like "green zones", which (if I understood it correctly) means that essential goods such as food and medicine, should never be used as sanction tools.

Here is the transcript of the speech: said:
President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr. President, Mr. Secretary-General, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,

This year, the international community celebrates two, without exaggeration, historic anniversaries: the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War and establishment of the United Nations.

The importance of these two forever interlinked events cannot be overemphasized. In 1945, Nazism was defeated, the ideology of aggression and hatred was crushed, and the experience and spirit of alliance, as well as the awareness of the huge price that had been paid for peace and our common Victory, helped construct the post-war world order. It was built on the ultimate foundation of the UN Charter that remains the main source of international law to this day.

I am convinced that this anniversary makes it incumbent upon all of us to recall the timeless principles of inter-State communication enshrined in the UN Charter and formulated by the founding fathers of our universal Organization in the clearest and most unambiguous terms. These principles include the equality of sovereign States, non-interference with their domestic affairs, the right of peoples to determine their own future, non-use of force or the threat of force, and political settlement of disputes.

Looking back at the past decades, one can say that despite all difficulties of the Cold War period, major geopolitical shifts and all the intricacies of today's global politics, the UN has been ably fulfilling its mission of protecting peace, promoting sustainable development of the peoples and continents and providing assistance in mitigating local crises.

This enormous potential and expertise of the UN is relevant and serves as a solid basis for moving ahead. After all, just like any other international organization or regional entity, the UN should not grow stiff, but evolve in accordance with the dynamics of the 21st century and consistently adapt to the realia of the modern world that is indeed becoming more complicated, multipolar and multidimensional.

The current changes certainly have an effect on the principal UN body, the Security Council, as well as on the debate concerning the approaches to its reform. Our logic is that the Security Council should be more inclusive of the interests of all countries, as well as the diversity of their positions, base its work on the principle of the broadest possible consensus among States and, at the same time, continue to serve as the cornerstone of global governance, which cannot be achieved unless the permanent members of the Security Council retain their veto power.

Such a right pertaining to the five nuclear powers, the victors of the Second World War, remains indicative of the actual military and political balance to this day. Most importantly, it is an essential and unique instrument that helps prevent unilateral actions that may result in a direct military confrontation between major States, and provides an opportunity to seek compromise or at least avoid solutions that would be completely unacceptable to others and act within the framework of international law, rather than a vague, gray area of arbitrariness and illegitimacy.

As diplomatic practice shows, this instrument actually works, unlike the infamous pre-war League of Nations with its endless discussions, declarations without mechanisms for real action and with States and peoples in need not having the right to assistance and protection.

Forgetting the lessons of history is short-sighted and extremely irresponsible, just like the politicized attempts to arbitrarily interpret the causes, course and outcomes of the Second World War and twist the decisions of the conferences of the Allies and the Nuremberg Tribunal that are based on speculation instead of facts.

It is not just vile and offending the memory of the fighters against Nazism. It is a direct and devastating blow to the very foundation of the post-war world order, which is particularly dangerous in view of the global stability facing serious challenges, the arms control system breaking down, regional conflicts continuing unabated, and threats posed by terrorism, organized crime and drug trafficking intensifying.

We are also experiencing a whole new challenge of the coronavirus pandemic. This disease has directly affected millions of people and claimed the most important thing: the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Quarantines, border closures, numerous serious troubles to citizens of almost all States constitute the present-day realia. It has been especially difficult for elderly people who, due to the necessary restrictions, have not been able to hug their loved ones, children and grandchildren for weeks or even months.

Experts are yet to fully assess the scale of the social and economic shock caused by the pandemic and all its long-term consequences. However, it is already evident that it will take a really, really long time to restore the global economy. Furthermore, even the proven anti-crisis measures will not always work. We will need new innovative solutions.

The only way to elaborate such solutions is to work together, which is the most important task for both the UN and G20 States, as well as other leading inter-State organizations and integration associations that are also going through tough times due to the pandemic impact and need fundamentally new horizons and scope of development.

This very idea of a qualitative integrative growth, the ”integration of integrations“, is the one behind Russia's initiative to form a Greater Eurasian Partnership involving all Asian and European countries without exception. It is purely pragmatic and increasingly relevant.

Besides, I would like to draw attention once again to Russia's proposal to create so-called ”green corridors“ free from trade wars and sanctions, primarily for essential goods, food, medicine and personal protective equipment needed to fight the pandemic.

In general, freeing the world trade from barriers, bans, restrictions and illegitimate sanctions would be of great help in revitalizing global growth and reducing unemployment. According to experts, total or partial reduction in global employment in the second quarter of this year equals to the loss of 400 million jobs, and we have to do our utmost to prevent this unemployment from growing long-term and ensure that people return to work and can support their families instead of finding themselves imprisoned by poverty with no prospects in life.

This is indeed a most acute global social problem, so the politics has a mission now to pave the way for trade, joint projects and fair competition, rather than tie the hands of business and discourage business initiative.

The pandemic has also pinpointed a series of ethical, technological and humanitarian matters. For instance, advanced digital technologies helped quickly reorganize education, trade and services, as well as set up distant learning and online courses for people of different ages. Artificial intelligence has assisted doctors in making more accurate and timely diagnoses and finding the best treatment.

However, just like any other innovation, digital technologies tend to spread uncontrollably and, just like conventional weapons, can fall into the hands of various radicals and extremists not only in the regional conflict zones, but also in quite prosperous countries, thus engendering enormous risks.

In this regard, matters related to cybersecurity and the use of advanced digital technology also deserve a most serious deliberation within the UN. It is important to hear and appreciate the concerns of people over the protection of their rights, such as the right to privacy, property and security, in the new era.

We must learn to use new technologies for the benefit of humankind, seek for a right balance between encouraging the development of artificial intelligence and justifiable restrictions to limit it, and work together towards a consensus in the field of regulation that would avert potential threats in terms of both military and technological security, as well as traditions, law, and morals of human communication.

I would like to point out that during the pandemic, doctors, volunteers and citizens of various countries have been showing us examples of mutual assistance and support, and such solidarity defies borders. Many countries have also been helping each other selflessly and open-heartedly. However, there have been cases showing the deficit of humanity and, if you will, kindness in the relations at the official inter-State level.

We believe that the UN prestige could strengthen and enhance the role of the humanitarian or human component in multilateral and bilateral relations, namely in people-to-people and youth exchanges, cultural ties, social and educational programs, as well as cooperation in sports, science, technology, environment and health protection.

As to healthcare, just like in economy, we now need to remove, as many as possible, obstacles to partner relations. Our country has been actively contributing to global and regional counter-COVID-19 efforts, providing assistance to most affected states both bilaterally and within multilateral formats.

In doing so, we first of all take into account the central coordinating role of the World Health Organization, which is part of the UN system. We believe it essential to qualitatively strengthen the WHO capability. This work has already begun, and Russia is genuinely motivated to engage in it.

Building on the scientific, industrial and clinical experience of its doctors Russia has promptly developed a range of test systems and medicines to detect and treat the coronavirus, as well as registered the world’s first vaccine, “Sputnik-V.”

I would like to reiterate that we are completely open to partner relations and willing to cooperate. In this context, we are proposing to hold an online high-level conference shortly for countries interested in cooperation in the development of anti-coronavirus vaccines.

We are ready to share experience and continue cooperating with all States and international entities, including in supplying the Russian vaccine which has proved reliable, safe, and effective, to other countries. Russia is sure that all capacities of the global pharmaceutical industry need to be employed so as to provide a free access to vaccination for the population of all states in the foreseeable future.

A dangerous virus can affect anyone. The coronavirus has struck the staff of the United Nations, its headquarters and regional structures just like everyone else. Russia is ready to provide the UN with all the necessary qualified assistance; in particular, we are offering to provide our vaccine, free of charge, for the voluntary vaccination of the staff of the UN and its offices. We have received requests from our UN colleagues in this respect, and we will respond to those.

There are other critical items on today’s agenda. The issues of both environmental protection and climate change should remain the focus of joint efforts.

The specialized multilateral UN conventions, treaties and protocols have proved fully relevant. We are calling on all states to comply with them in good faith, particularly in working to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Dear colleagues! I would like to underline again, that Russia will make every effort to contribute to peaceful political and diplomatic resolution of regional crises and conflicts, as well as to ensuring strategic stability.

For all the disputes and differences, at times misunderstanding and even distrust on the part of some colleagues, we will consistently advance constructive, uniting initiatives, first of all in arms control and strengthening the treaty regimes existing in this area. This includes the prohibition of chemical, biological and toxin weapons.

The issue of primary importance that should and must be promptly dealt with is, of course, the extension of the Russia-US Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, which will expire shortly, i.e. in February 2021. We are engaged in negotiations with our US partners on the matter.

We also expect that mutual restraint would be exercised with regard to deploying new missile systems. I would like to add that as early as last year, Russia declared a moratorium on deploying ground-launched medium and short-range missiles in Europe and other regions as long as the United States of America refrains from such actions. Unfortunately, we have not received any reaction to our proposal from either our US partners or their allies.

I believe that such reciprocal steps on specific issues would provide a sound basis for launching a serious, profound dialogue on the entire range of factors affecting strategic stability. It would aim at achieving comprehensive arrangements, shaping a solid foundation for the international security architecture that would build on prior experience in this field and in line with both the existing and future politico-military and technological realia.

In particular, Russia is putting forward an initiative to sign a binding agreement between all the leading space powers that would provide for the prohibition of the placement of weapons in outer space, threat or use of force against outer space objects.

We are well aware of the fact that security issues as well as other problems discussed by this jubilee UN General Assembly call for consolidated efforts on the basis of values that unite us, our shared memory of the lessons of history, and the spirit of alliance which guided the anti-Hitler coalition participants who found it possible to raise above differences and ideological preferences for the sake of Victory and peace for all nations on the Earth.

In the current challenging environment, it is important for all countries to show political will, wisdom and foresight. The permanent members of the UN Security Council – those powers that, for 75 years now, have been bearing particular responsibility for international peace and security, the preservation of the foundations of international law – should take the lead here.

Fully realizing this responsibility, Russia has suggested convening a G5 summit. It would aim at reaffirming the key principles of behavior in international affairs, elaborating ways to effectively address today’s most burning issues. It is encouraging that our partners have supported the initiative. We expect to hold such summit – in person – as soon as epidemiological situation makes it possible.

I would like to reiterate that in an interrelated, interdependent world, amid the whirlpool of international developments, we need to work together drawing on the principles and norms of international law enshrined in the UN Charter. This is the only way for us to carry out the paramount mission of our Organization and provide a decent life for the present and future generations.

I wish all the peoples of our planet peace and well-being.

Thank you.

All in all I think Putin and Co. are very strategic here (as usual) and try to make the best out of the situation by redirecting the flow into productive and sensible means, that the PTB probably won't like at all. Playing within and by the rules and ever so slightly use the situation to their and our advantage.


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What may be happening is the population being incrementally put into lockdown in a controlled and slow way so as to coincide with the release of the vaccine.

After the vaccine is released, they will then say those who get vaccinated can go back out of lockdown whilst the restrictions will still continue to be in place for those who refuse the vaccine.

Like in Singapore, they may then require you to scan your phone before entering any public place and of course your phone will have an app that says whether you got vaccinated or not. These places may have guards or wardens at the entry to ensure only the right people get in.

This is what may be happening, at least in the UK.

We're now entering the home straight in terms of the vaccines and they must start enacting strategies with that in mind.


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It seems that Bavaria, Germany is joining the second wave madness:

A few highlights:
Wednesday, September 23, 7.12 a.m.: People from the current Corona hotspots Munich and Würzburg currently have to expect significant restrictions if they want to travel to other federal states and stay there. In the neighboring federal state of Baden-Württemberg, for example, the following applies: "It is forbidden to accommodate guests in accommodation establishments who are staying or are resident in a rural district, urban district or urban district within the Federal Republic of Germany in which the threshold value of 50 newly reported SARS-CoV-2 cases ( Coronavirus) per 100,000 inhabitants was exceeded in the previous seven days (7-day incidence) ", as stated on the homepage of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga). Exceptions are possible if negative corona test results can be presented, that are not older than 48 hours.

Regensburg tightened corona measures, Munich is planning general disposal
Tuesday, September 22, 7:12 p.m.: In view of the rising corona numbers, the city of Regensburg is tighteningfrom this Wednesday to September 29th the security measures. On Monday, the signal value of 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants was exceeded, said a spokeswoman. A maximum of five people may then be in public space together. This also applies to restaurants. Families with more people living in one household are excluded from this rule. Closed events in closed rooms - such as family celebrations, funerals and club events - may only have up to 50 participants. 100 participants are allowed in the open air. For students in secondary schools (from the 5th grade) there is still a mask requirement. The sale of alcoholic beverages to take away is prohibited after 10 p.m.

Tuesday, September 22nd, 1:16 p.m.: In Bavarian corona hotspots, the rules are to be tightened significantly. The state government decided on Tuesday that the municipalities should expand the mask requirement, tighten contact restrictions and restrict the sale and consumption of alcohol in public if they have a particularly high number of new infections. You can also limit the curfew to 11 p.m. Fewer people should then be allowed to participate in private celebrations. This was announced by Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) after the cabinet meeting.

Monday, September 21, 12:17 p.m.: To contain the coronavirus, the city of Munich has decided to require a mask in certain public places and streets in the city center - namely on Marienplatz, the Viktualienmarkt and in the entire pedestrian zone of the old town.

Also here an article in English:

Michael B-C

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Too many coincidences for this all to be happenstance. And it's Martial law:
And exactly that may be in the works as the nasty trick up the sleeve gets rolled out.
Yes Jeep. Its starting to look like the perfect storm gathering with all routes of potential exit (for Trump and what he represents) being squeezed down a narrowing funnel. In that sense we can see the timing of this COVID farce as being intertwined with a need/plan to remove him one way or the other come November 2020 whilst creating the perfect environment for absolute chaos that will spill out over the rest of the world.

An election already shrouded in unprecedented threat and built up of tension to an unbearable level of strain.
Growing hints of wild card assassination - adding to the narrative that if it happened no one would be surprised or question it.
The growing acceptance that the election result will inevitably lead to widespread violence and upheaval whoever wins.
Threats that Trump is going to enact a coup d'etat over the election come what may - note the many many headlines.
The need for (thanks to COVID) a large number of electronic votes that will not be counted by election night.
A vacuum of complete uncertainly in the days after with both sides able to claim victory
A spilling over onto the streets likely as tensions rise and the media plays agent provocateur
Any move involving the military by Trump viewed as tyrannical power grab and treasonous.
Two vice presidents in the waiting both of extremely dangerous Deep State natures.
etc etc

The reaction of the military will most like decide what way this plays. Will they back their commander in chief or will they be swayed to believe he is treasonable and should be removed - even before Nov 3?

Will different elements of the military respond in different ways and an inevitable real civil war erupt - with armed citizens on both sides involved?

Its not a pleasant picture to put it mildly and I can't see how this ends well for anyone, American or elsewhere.

It feels like a script playing to a range of concerted band masters and they really mean business this time with all bets covered. Heads we win, tails we win. Heads down. Big shearing off of reality likely to happen very quickly after I think (including good bye social democracy for all) if they get their way.


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A little update from the remodeled corona-psychward.
We're still running the isolation theme (started in March) with ZERO positive testings thus far.
Now obviously the kept free beds will no longer be paid for so well and they decided to open up half of our ward to 'normal' and the rest stays in isolation mode (super ridiculous).

Another big change was introduced which might help bringing the health care system closer to the brink of collapse.
Every pregnant nurse in Germany is barred from profession for the duration of pregnancy.
The hospitals are already suffering from a lack of nursing personnel for many years now and with this ridiculous new law chaos is preprogrammed.
Brave new world!


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The reaction of the military will most like decide what way this plays. Will they back their commander in chief or will they be swayed to believe he is treasonable and should be removed - even before Nov 3?
I think a lot of what Trump has done involves walking a fine line between scaling back ME involvement while also keeping MIC appeased as he knows they will most likely make the difference when push comes to shove. In learning more about what really happened with all of 911 including the anthrax attacks, one can see just how deep and wide the corruption is and knowing it's even beyond what one can really comprehend. Mind control, killer satellites, bioweapons, 5G, AI - a whole arsenal accumulated via the public purse being used against us.

The Cs already commented on the level of 3DSTS desperation escalating as "time" grows short to achieve their objectives and we're witnessing that firsthand. Covid second wave lockdown plus antifa/BLM anarchy plus election chaos plus who knows what else exactly is in the mix that hasn't quite surfaced yet. Certainly looks like a perfect storm, but then, there's been so much practice to perfect this evil art over the decades.

We must steel our resolve and adhere to our faith that the Universe and our higher selves has the situation well in hand.


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Mandatory Mask Wearing Is Silent Terrorism Meant for Psychological Submission
Since when is hiding all expression from others not psychologically damaging? Since when is it legitimate and not hypocritical for the state to outlaw Muslim women from wearing head and face coverings that are part of their culture, and in the same breath force all Americans to cover their faces with a mask? Since when does any politician have any right to dictate to an entire population that they have to wear masks or any other type of clothing?
Forced mask wearing due to political control over people is a major aspect of the tyrannical response to this fraudulent virus ‘pandemic.’ Social distancing, forced testing, quarantines, mandated business closings, temperature checks, mass surveillance, and any number of other atrocious invasions of privacy are all demeaning and oppressive, but the state and local orders supported by the national political and ‘health’ organizations to wear masks, is especially instructive of the real agenda sought. That agenda is as clear as day, and is being implemented not only as a test of mass societal compliance, but also to force people apart and to remove closeness, expression, and emotion from the human psyche.
The state’s gaining compliance of mandatory mask wearing is the ultimate test of herd acquiescence to rule, and will be used as the gauge by the claimed elite ruling authority to see just how far the state can go in its efforts to subdue the American public. It will also act as a guide for all future atrocities planned by the monsters at the top of the control pyramid. This will include the timing of the release of the coming poisonous and deadly Covid vaccine. When most everyone is more frightened of this fake virus than losing all freedoms, the vaccine will magically appear.
This entire fiasco and long-planned manufactured pandemic has been staged in order to initiate and perpetuate a global reset that will include cataclysmic changes to all humanity. This requires economic destruction worldwide, total population conformity, a new and restructured monetary system, mass tracking and tracing to gain a total surveillance state worldwide, and a controlled technocratic infrastructure buildup beginning in all large cities, with expansion outward over time.


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Gathering signatures for the recall of Newsome. These guys tell it like it is and one is a liberal from Hollywood! Hey, there is systemic racism in America? This is the TRUE picture, 3 guys of 3 different races and not a hint of racism in sight.


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Two great videos - one relatively short and one super long.

Corbett as usual nails it with a reminder that the other thing underpinning the CORONA-FRAUD is Agenda 2030 - and that its all about the climate and us pesky humans, and how we must get used to this horror-show for the good of the planet (the elites), and especially be prepared to give up on our runaway consumption and annoying desire to live our lives because, after all, thanks to that nifty eugenics formulae of Gates' we know what has to be achieved - namely C02 = P (People) x S (Services per Person) x E (Energy Consumption per Service) x C (C02 per Unit of Energy), and that one of those has to go to Zero - and according to Bill that's got to be C02... so that by default means we only achieve that by getting rid of the rest of us... that pesky P... you and me in other words... yep, that's the goal...

The Pandemic is a Test Run

The other is a really good conversation between Dave Cullen of Computing Forever and maverick journalist John Waters. It's a solidly Irish viewpoint but its broadly based as well and two bright guys dig down into the psychological impacts and the mass hypnosis that is at the core of things, for example rightly exploring how as this whole process is based on emotion, that teh use of reason, logic and - god forbid facts - in retort are not tools to make waves with and indeed - far from it - appear to near guarantee widespread cognitive dissonance and violent kick back. They also touch on the Orwellian implanting of double-speak slogans and in particular the mounting movement here - as elsewhere - to label all resistance to the lock down as 'Conspiracy Theorists' and increasingly associate same and all resistance as 'Alt or Far Right'. Well worth the time as very thoughtful and insightful.... and a pleasure to see two humans using and sharing their thinking power.

Separating Truth From Illusion with John Waters

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