"Could care less"


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On the article named: Robert Kennedy, Jr. fights to stop vaccine 'holocaust',


the editor posted the following comment:

[quote author=SoTT editor]Comment: With all the invaluable information that is out there on how damaging vaccines are, it's good to have an advocate like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. be a voice against this "vaccine holocaust". It seems most politicians could care less about the health and welfare of our future generation. Vaccines = Big $$$, nothing less.[/quote]

Although I will readily admit that the above author's usage is gaining ground, and is considered by some to be quite common nowadays, I still think "couldn't care less" makes more sense than "could care less". Maybe I am being pedantic, but I still consider the latter to be a little sloppy.

It's true that you do see 'could care less' quite often. Another one is 'most all' instead of 'almost all'. The former seems to be in common use in American English, I thought it was a mistake until I noticed how common it was.
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