Crazy storm weather around the world


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Well, the more I listen to how the mainstream in germany treats the flood, the more I'm inclined to think that there is really some kind of damage control going on and they are desperately trying to be on top of the news flow by directing it. Maybe I'm just priming myself to see more than there is, but I just find the whole coverage rather suspicious in the way previously mentioned: downplaying the magnitude in terms of injured and death as well as scale and directing the newsflow. Today I heard how they focus on catastrophism-tourists onlookers and how bad they are (of course) and that most if not all those people are, who would have thought, either "Querdenker" people (the big movement in germany that question for example Corona), Nazis and/or conspiracy theorists.

Now of course, in the way they present this, by association, they are branding anyone going into those areas now in order to investigate the situation on their own (both in terms of magnitude and injured/deaths) or even just trying to make sense of what happened there, apart from what is being reported in the mainstream, as NAZIS.

As said, I could be priming myself to see things that are not actually there, but viewed in that light, the way the previously mentioned mayor over 12 heavily hit villages reacted and responded to the extent of human loss in her villages, could be suspicious. Almost as if she started out telling how many people really got killed and injured and corrected herself. Could it be that she was told to keep her mouth shut about the numbers? Or that she censored herself (consciously or unconsciously) for some reasons?

Here is that part in the video:

And here the relevant part in the transcript:

[...] The last number I heard on TV this morning is that there are about 1300 people missing in the whole area.

We hope that many of these people will simply turn up, because they have not yet been able to make contact to anyone. We also don't know who has not yet been reported missing.

With us here it is simply clear, we have already many people.... uhmm...uhmm... or uhmm... many fortunately not yet.... but we definitely lost some people.
And for many [their survival] is still questionable: we still have to go into houses that were completely flooded, that are still closed, where according to the last information people were sighted. We don't know if these people could still get out, if we can still find them, we hope very much. [...]


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I find the sudden uptick

of extreme flooding events remarkable, and definitely going way beyond the normal scoop of things.

Turkey Floods

Apparently also, Arhavi in NE Turkey (black sea), in the provinces of Rize and Artvin - had major flooding events reported via ANI/Sputnik on 22 July 2021



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Legendary Trans-Siberian Railway halted in both directions after heavy flooding causes a bridge to collapse in Russia’s Far East​

The world-famous Trans-Siberian railway has been forced to temporarily cease operations after a torrential downpour caused a bridge to completely collapse under the heavy weight of flooding in the far east of the country.
The local Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that the bridge, located in the country’s Far East, fell down after heavy rain early on Friday morning. Luckily, there were no casualties.
The Trans-Siberian Railway is a network of lines that connect European Russia to its Far East. Its terminus is in Vladivostok, near the border with North Korea. The railway was built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and nowadays is a popular tourist route. The route is also linked to other lines heading to destinations in Asia, including Mongolia.

The collapsed bridge is located near the village of Nizhnyaya Kuenga, in the Zabaikalsky region, close to Russia’s border with China. Following the incident, the East Siberian transport prosecutor’s office revealed it would be starting an investigation to determine how the bridge became unsafe.


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The german people never got any warnings that a flooding potential cyclone would stall over Germany - despite that it had been known by the affected authorities - who did not transport it any further to the citizens. Plus that the English specialists say n meteorology/flooding had known the high risk for flooding, a whole 3 days earlier in advance.

Yet. Nobody was prepared. Germany knows flooding. It is not a unique phenomena. What are all millions worth in systems and prognosis tools - when u are not giving notion to the citizens ? Just money grab ?

That seems to be one of the big issues here regarding the flood in Germany. My current take is that this is mostly due to stupidity/degeneration of the authorities (as described in Political Ponerology), and especially a totally insane media that at this point couldn't do a decent job even if they wanted to. Plus a totally heated political atmosphere where everyone tries to get something out of some narrative, and maybe also an attempt to hide the fact that the population cannot, on principle, rely on the authorities to "save them" - in a big natural catastrophe, that's simply impossible. You have to prepare yourself, organize with neighbors etc., there is no other way. Naturally politicians don't like that idea at all!

There seems to be a TON of fake news going around the net about all this, so we better should be careful. I like watching Sputnik's Basta Berlin podcast (they are on YouTube) - there are topics they won't touch, but they are great at taking a step back and actually looking at the facts instead of believing hyperbole whatever the source. They also manage to present all these things in a funny way and I don't feel too depressed after that despite the depressing topics they discuss. Here is their latest where they talk about the flood in the 2nd half:

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