Crazy storm weather around the world


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That´s a most distressing scenery where I see how quickly our lives are at stake with the already furious climat taking now also advantage of its surprise effects . My heart goes with the man taking the video and/in spite of repeating on and on "that's impossible".
Indeed. And how sad to see how people look under shock. What is sad also is that we will see more and more images like that.


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Its not raining more, but it is concentrated in small areas. Monday i drove on the ringway in a downpour flooding it, but the edge of the flooding was <1 km from my home where there was hardly any rain..
No lightning. Its been like that for 2-3 weeks now. Also the absolute gray weather daily till 11 or so.
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For anyone interested, here is an English documentary about what happened in the flood in West Germany:

The expert's explanation ( at 4:45 min) is interesting.
"There was a low pressure system that is stationary. What happens in these systems is that there is a battle between warm and cold. the warm air is like the energy mass because it's where moisture is held. The cold air acts like a trigger. The warm air effectively loses the battle because it has to raise and to do so it needs to expel weight in the form of precipitation and unfortunately it did this continuously over one region parts of rhineland palatinate and north rhine west ... and in never-before-seen volumes"
This reminds me of 4 D battle disguised as the weather changes. We don't know the mechanics of their battle - but it does seems to attract earthly elements like water. So many floods all over the world is interesting.


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Just an observation

There is a site called ESTOFEX (since 2002), or "European Storm Forecast Experiment" - which is an organized network by e.g. professional meteorologists from various countries, provide this free storm service (sponsored by people).

I recognize some names from earlier times; meteorologists who e.g. have written analysis in the publication called "Berliner Wetter Karte" of the Freie Universität Berlin; a daily weather related publication with many charts, temperatures, analysis etc which has been published for many decades.

Anyway - what I noticed something i felt was a bit strange; that there where no storm prognosis being made between 8 July and 18 July 2021 [slow link, due to that the complete archive is been loaded. You can force stop loading it, because the 10 day gap i am pointed at, is listed at the very top] . I felt the 10 days gap was a bit odd - due to the presence of several powerful thunderstorm system and rain accumulations where active during that time (for example several events over Northern Italy; Milano and Turin but also west Alp area, German Saxony etc - and then the cyclone which caused the devastating flooding events over Germany, Belgium and Netherlands).

The 10 day gap

Which is nothing strange really - especially not during winter - but still strange, given that highly active weather events were going off over Europe during that time - usually makes Estofex being very active, too.

Only... suddenly, they weren't

I have no answer to it why - so it is really just a curious observation.


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More disturbing info on the German Flooding catastrophe

the German alternative channel, Nuoviso with “Homeoffice No 143” ( 🇩🇪 29 July 2021) had a guest present (Radio Emergency Moderator Stow) who drove from far away, Lower Saxony, to the Eifel area / region bordering Köln, in order to help the people as a handy man and with tools etc - where he was for 4 days in 4 villages most affected…

His story is anything but light, filled with absurdities, hidden despair and highly disturbing details. (Especially about the private rescue of 150 elderlies. Part of them sick and left alone) Very disturbing !!

Basically he too is confirming that not a single official unit or authority of any kind was helping. ONLY private people stood for ALL HELP. While in the mean time, the police mainly helped to separate the area, checking all cars including the locals who lived there, creating huge traffic congestions - and disallowing helpers from entering the catastrophe area.

The German Bundeswehr, the Military, was not to be seen anywhere, not helping, nothing. But when you look at their Twitter account you see glorious images of “help and aid”, boosting themselves for jobs that by many locals and witnesses in the worst affected disaster areas have been refuted, because no real help really is or was performed by the official german instances and units. It is so bizarre.

Apparently organized plundering also takes place. It already started one day after the catastrophe. An official very well equipped and organized rescue / helper unit of 300 people, stationed close by - instead just sat there for a WHOLE WEEK - but never came nor is coming into action due to that no mandate was given for them to start helping. The situation is and has been chaotic at all levels, and people as well rescuers do not understand why and how this all can be - that the state is neglecting everything while officially boasting how much they help.

In my opinion - The German politicians are a disgrace and should all walk the road of shame, with clothes off, rotten vegetables thrown at them. And trials for treason, and crimes against humanity. It is at such low level they now play out cowardly and rotten against their own people

Chilling interview, great personal insights, but also highly upsetting.

English: After the flood comes anger. We talked to Radio Emergency Moderator Flow about the situation in the disaster area after the flood. In any case, there is no lack of emergency services and technical equipment from the Bundeswehr and THW - but there are no operational orders. The suffering population is left to its own devices. One of the greatest worries for those politically responsible are civilian helpers with the wrong ideology. You can only shake your head.
German: Nach der Flut kommt die Wut. Mit Radio Emergency Moderator Flow sprechen wir über die Lage im Katastrophengebiet nach der Flut. An Einsatzkräften und technischen Gerät seitens Bundeswehr und THW fehlt es jedenfalls nicht – doch es gibt keine Einsatzbefehle. Die notleidende Bevölkerung bleibt sich selbst überlassen. Eine der größten Sorgen für die politisch Verantwortlichen sind zivile Helfer mit der falschen Ideologie. Man kann nur noch mit dem Kopf schütteln.


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Baffling details • addition

As i continued to listen to the Nuoviso "Home Office" video - it just is so mind boggling... For example: South of the Eifel Area in Western Germany are still 6 villages in the Eifel disaster zone, which after 9 days never seen any rescue or visits from the outside. While the Bundeswehr military gave out warnings, that the area is/will be flown over with airplanes.... to make images.

There was also something about an area within the catastrophe area, where locals reported military vehicles been collected, and when they asked them what's the story - they answered that it was an exercise...

A military exercise ?!? in the area, where 6 villages still after 9 days after the flooding catastrophe have not gotten any visit or help ?

For the german listeners, I can only recommend you to listen to the "Home Office" No 143 in german language held broadcast - because that interview with the guy Flow, was absolutely stunning in terms of close up details, about what really has been and still is going on within the disaster zone. On top, he reported in a humble way with dignity. But you could hear that hidden vibration of despair... in his voice.

Mama mia

The beauty in the sad is, the phenomenal local humanity, in which people within the disaster zone help each other in so many ways without stamping on each others feet. Over and over whenever i hear inside reportages about the flooding disaster aftermath - from honest people reporting - how great the people work together there at local levels - really stands out brightly 💞
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Extreme weather events are becoming more common. A harmonized database should be created for the investigation of natural disasters
6.7.2021 14:55

A fierce summer storm in Finland on Friday? Happens only once every ten years - “The situation can become dangerous”

Foreca's meteorologist Markus Mäntykannas warns in the company's blog that on Friday, July 30, 2021, Finland may be hit by a rare summer storm, which is only encountered once every ten years.

However, Mäntykangas emphasizes that “there is a lot of uncertainty in the forecast and there may be more changes in the situation”.

Mäntykangas urges that boating on inland waters in southern Finland or in sea areas in the Gulf of Finland or the northern Baltic Sea be carefully planned by the following wind forecasts. "Follow Friday's wind forecasts closely, as the situation could develop into a danger."

“Especially in the northern Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, there is storm potential from Friday afternoon to Saturday night.

The gusts are currently forecast to be as high as 30 m / s, ie close to the hurricane limit. If the low pressure does deepen so fast, wind damage could occur, especially in Southwest Finland, Uusimaa and Kymenlaakso.

Even inland, in the southern part of the country, the gusts are expected to reach storm readings, ”warns Mäntykannas.

According to Mäntykangas, the storms in July are rare in Finland,
as according to statistics they occur only once every ten years. In addition to gusts of wind, Friday's storms may be accompanied by heavy rainfall.

Watch the full, unedited clip here (starts ~0:25). Shows how quickly the storm went from clear air inflow to complete wind driven whiteout. #vawx

8:33 AM · Jul 30, 2021·
#BIGBREAKING -Two tornadoes touched down in Bucks County on Thursday. They left a path of destruction. #PENNSYLVANIA #PA #Pennsylvania #Bensalem #PAwx #Tornado #SevereWeather #GMC @ChaudharyParvez Video
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