Cs' birthday - 2011 - Rain of meteorites in Kenya!


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Happy Birthday, Cassiopaeans! Thank you for teaming up with Laura and giving her the lessons that she, could then, share with us. We would all be so much less than we are if not for you, the Cassioapeans, and Laura and Ark and all of those who are helping them. Quite the trickle-down effect. 🎂 (non-gluten, of course) :love:


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Notice the date in the article! How fitting!

Statistically, every year roughly 1,400 meteorites of pebble size and larger fall somewhere on Earth's lands. But few of these are ever found - and even fewer (about 3%) are actually seen as they arrive. Because they're rare, these witnessed falls are especially prized both by scientists (because the stones are fresh and unweathered) and by meteorite collectors (they command higher prices).

As it happens, a bunch of meteorites fell from the sky over east-central Africa on July 16th, and only now are details of this extraterrestrial special delivery coming to light.

I finished listening to the short review/podcast by Dolan and his wife Tracey about a documentary that covers the "Ariel sighting/phenomenon".

On September 16, 1994, sixty-two students at Ariel School in Zimbabwe witnessed something incredible. It has impacted their lives to this day.

Director's Statement:
Fourteen years ago, when I first saw the archival interviews with the Ariel School students, conducted by Harvard professor Dr. Mack, I was fascinated by the authenticity of the children. I ended up journeying three times to Zimbabwe and southern Africa, and also to the U.K, Canada, and around the U.S., to interview people who were at the Ariel School (and the surrounding region) on that day.
My team and I have dug up every type of primary document and media we could find, and it has grown into its current form: a feature-length documentary travelogue, journeying back to Africa while following the paths of individuals whose lives were entwined with the event.
We made the conscious decision to avoid narration or unrelated interviews. The story belongs to the Ariel School community. We didn't use special effects because this is a real story, made with real footage - no recreations.
I don’t know what happened on that day in 1994. But I do believe that in this current era, we need to take a real look at this phenomena – whatever it may turn out to be.
If you subtract the UFO element, this film is simply about the human experience of dealing with, and having to keep secret, a traumatic event that invites judgment. The people who are followed in this film face a universal dilemma - the need to be heard and recognized.
That’s something that’s happening on many levels in our society today: people finding the courage to speak out.

Notice that it happened on September 16, 1994. And then, in another thread Laura menioned:

It's interesting that the feast of the "Ascension of the Virgin Mary" is on August 15th. That generally falls in line with the Perseid meteor shower. In fact, it was while watching the Perseids on August 16 of 1993 that my children and I saw the "Flying Black Boomerang." Eleven months later, to the day, the Cs appeared on the scene on July 16th.

The Perseids are over by 1st of September, but apparently there are also ε-Perseids that are active during September. In any case, I found it curious that this mass event in Ariel school also happened on the 16th. Wonder what Keel would have to say about such a coincidence.
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