'Dirtball' Doctors and their shameful operating room behavior


Dagobah Resident
Imagine this scene:

A female patient under general anesthesia is being prepped for a vaginal hysterectomy. As the attending doctor washes and scrubs her labia and inner thighs, he turns to a medical student and says: “I bet she’s enjoying this.” Then he winks and laughs.


What is interesting in this article is that the compliance of those around such pathological types is mentioned as well. It's not just hand-wringing isn't this horrible, it's that acknowledgement that anyone can be complicit:

“Angry for the patients … angry for the younger physicians who encountered this behavior, angry at myself and others who have witnessed colleagues being disrespectful to patients but were too timid to speak out...”
It's disgusting, inhuman, inexcusable and criminal behavior, such "doctors" should be subtracted lifetime license for work, I'm not sure, that the article states in this case that has recently occurred, link:

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