Discussing Spatial Energy Coherence technologies of the late Dr Stiffler.


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Hi, This is the public discussion of the spatial energy coherence technology of Dr Stiffler.

This technology uses the atomic lattice vibrations caused by electrical oscillations to achieve a resonant condition in the local space which in turn can be accessed to supply energy to a properly configured circuit.

The following YouTube videos give a good background knowledge to the idea, and are essential viewing to those who are interested in investigating the phenomena.

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The man was an excellent RF engineer, it had to pain him to build the noisiest circuit ever devised. When he connected the AV plug to it cool things appeared to be happening. Measuring such things still proves quite difficult. A good spectrum analyzer is an absolute must for studying Stiffler's SEC theory. I wish he had provided that document but alas, NOT to be.
What is the best result you've gotten in an attempt to replicate his findings?

And the only results that really matter are power in vs power out measurements of current and voltage. Anything less than that can only be speculative.
That's where you run into trouble with the sec18, power in power out..

With the ladder, 0.014 watts, measured with an oscilloscope and run by a signal generator at 3volts all the spatial resonant frequencies wrong and the coils the wrong size.

But once you disconnect the wires, the whole circuit has changed. Getting it to run on its own is more difficult.

I was intending to do a calorometer reading of the ladder in an esky, while measuring the power out. Temp should drop.

Of all the systems to try replicate, the ladder seems easiest.
What is the best result you've gotten in an attempt to replicate his findings?

And the only results that really matter are power in vs power out measurements of current and voltage. Anything less than that can only be speculative.

You would have to build a sec18 and ring the lattice to understand. However, at the correct tuning and srf choices, Dr Stiffler showed circuits self running.
I did the heat OUT vs the electric power IN measurements using a SEC-15 in a calorimeter. Everything is converted to Joules. My first attempts were to replicate his set up as exactly as possible. He data logged the power input and output using a Lab Jack DAQ unit. )I tried using a Measurement Computing DAQ) Power input is measured, voltage across the supply terminals, and current is taken as voltage across a 1 Ohm carbon composite resistor which directly converts to current by Ohm's law.

Pin = Vin x Iin.

It becomes quite problematic since everything in the device is ringing and oscillating. If we're going to follow this out to the end one, or more of us, is going to have to use a pretty high end scope or very high speed digitizer and obtain input power by integration of the voltage and current wave forms. And I'm convinced that you can't fake heating a quantity of water in a caolorimeter for measuring the energy output. SLA is what the Doc stated to use for the source supply.

My best run turned out to be a completely manual experiment, DMM measuring input power and glass laboratory thermometer measuring water temperature in a calorimeter over a ten hour time frame. It appeared to be about 3.4:1 Pout/Pin. Doc called it CEC (cohered energy coefficient). He did not like the word or even the concept of "over unity" for that matter.

I've never seen anyone (note I'm not saying that no one did it just that I've not seen anything public) directly reproduce the experiments as Stiffler asked. As far as I know I'm the only one that actually tried it, It drove him insane.

As I said the man was a brilliant RF engineer, but quite paranoid IME's with him. His professional work would have been to get rid of these noisy circuits not try to measure them or engineer them deliberately yet here we are. A proper laboratory set up is going to be required IMHO.
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Any standard 1ohm resistor will have significant inductance, and the excess phase shift will make a resonator appear to have negative resistance in an impedance test. If your equipment supports it, you can calibrate out the resistor inductance, as long as you take care to not move the probes on the resistor leads between calibration and operation.

Carbon Composition Resistors at HF and VHF.
Inquorate have you shown monotonic a shot of the broad band emission from this oscillator?
Inquorate have you shown monotonic a shot of the broad band emission from this oscillator?

I missed the continuance of this conversation. No, don't think so, other than these videos which i believe are essential to understanding.
3 coil spectrum
psec variation number 3
Here's a few links to pages concerning some of the exotic 'noise' that Dr Stiffler appeared to be chasing..

Looks like you and I brother, I'm OK with that too.
I have a bid in, which I will check on today in fact, for some laboratory glassware so I can assemble a rig for volumetric measurement of gas production. Doc had a sustained flame going at one point but I don't know where he went with that. Fire from water, for cheap, might help quite a few folks out not to mention the environment itself. Ice age folks WILL NEED fire of some type, significant fire in fact. Regardless, if we get a big old reset via cataclysm, be it comets, plagues, waves, nova or flares, or psycho lizards, things will get wild but it ain't over until it's over, and then again, NOT REALLY. ;-)
I've worked out how to write the paper for my PhD. Which is to say, I woke up with every nerve tingling and the direction clearly in my head.

Start at the beginning, with one coil and the signal generator and a calorometer. Try diff ways of measuring, add another coil....

I will start putting time aside in my schedule from Uni; so far I am getting 95% or higher in the assessments so I can relax on that a touch.
The good Doctor's NF paper, especially the one NOT shared, :-D along with Znidarsic's Z theory......may just lead us to the goal. I've just reprinted and bound them together in a manual for my own work.

We should also try to collect all of Dr. Stiffler's papers and get them all in one place. Even if just in PDF format. Now, on the subject of my lab-ware I haven't heard anything yet. I'm waiting on the owner to look at what I was proposing but he's distracted with social distancing and Corona virus. If I don't hear anything shortly I'll find alternative sourcing.

The tuning of the coils with their load, is obviously critical for accessing the lattice. What we are talking about via the last couple of e-mail's seems to be very close to what Ron said in the above mentioned paper. Called Natural Frequency.txt from my own machine.

Man I wish he had published the SEC theory. I wonder if the C's know "of" him???? I've decided NOT to take up Ouija Boards and just stick with my Runes for now so I won't be getting any book length transcripts happening at all. I'm sure there are some entities "out/in there" that would love to pose as physicist for me....... I'm WAY better in the laboratory anyway....

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