Disney World: Now Scanning your finger print!


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Got linked to this on myspace, friggin shady if you ask me....



Well...I guess that is not surprising. We have already purchased tickets to take our boys to Disney in May. I am glad you posted this info....I am going to give them my driver's license instead of my fingerprint. It will be interesting to see what kind of a reaction we get.

Along those same lines...I recently saw on the news that soon we will have the "opportunity" to put all of our private information on "medical" cards (at least in my area of the country) to cut down on mistakes made by docs/staff in hospitals. We will all be much safer for sure!. :<


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Before you know it they are even going to put IrisScans in shops.

There was a 1 april joke(which was told in the end) in the netherlands which involved free shopping for 10 min if you would send a picture of your right eye for testing a new Iris Scan, and LOL like 100 people were sending their pictures right away to the site(http://www.kennislink.nl/web/show?id=167205 (dutch site)
in hope they could ''win'' 10 min of free shopping, they didnt even ask themself if this wasn't dangerous or anything, the scary part is that so many people can get manipulated SO EASY, its just.. so sad to realize it every day.

the same with all those people scanning their fingerprint right away in disney land without thinking critically first,
unbelievable how fast these things are going, what is next?
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