Do some French people see what's going on? Yellow Vest Protests

And a symbolic ‘cherry’ on the cake:

While Macron is in China, protesters set fire to his favorite restaurant in Paris

📍Here the French president celebrated his victory in the 2017 elections and still comes in periodically. 👀

While Macron is in China, protesters set fire to his favorite restaurant in Paris
There was on RT Apr 9, 2023 14:46
Israeli spies encouraged anti-Netanyahu protests – Pentagon papers
The government says assessments in leaked American documents are “mendacious and without any foundation whatsoever”
Could there be incidents and periods when the protests in France have been or are vectored by outside forces? Macron was, when visiting China, probably travelling in the wrong direction from a US perspective. Consider also: Macron says Europe should reduce dependence on US dollar, seek 'strategic autonomy'
While visiting The Hague (The Netherlands) today, Macron also met loud resistance from protestors during a speech while calling him, among other things, 'a president of violence and hypocrisy' .


Full details here:
Protestors interrupt French president Macron's speech in The Hague -
Protestors disrupt President Macron's speech in The Hague
That just confirms that opinion of majority/ordinary people - is being completely devalued. There is no even a hint on democracy. The same is almost everywhere. Parliaments, courts, legislatives branches-are all fake and fraud, just the ‘signboard’.

The Constitutional Council of France has recognized the pension reform as legitimate.

The Constitutional Council of France recognized the pension reform that caused protests as legitimate
The Constitutional Council of France recognized the legal and approved the increase in the retirement age to 64 years. The opinion of the council was requested by the Government of the country and the parties opposing the reform.

The Constitutional Council of France has recognized the pension reform as legitimate and approved raising the retirement age to 64 years, AFP reports. The judges of the Council had to determine whether the content of the law and the method of its adoption corresponded to the Constitution.

The pension reform was adopted by the government on March 16, it provides for an increase in the retirement age from 62 to 64 years.

The adopted bill was sent for compliance with the Constitution by both supporters and opponents of the reform — Prime Minister Elizabeth Born, and parliamentary factions — the New People's Ecological and Social Union (NUPES), Marine Le Pen's "National Association", a group of socialist senators, greens and communists.

In its appeal, the NUPES faction asked to "block the entire text" on three grounds — on the basis of the procedure used by the government; incompleteness of the information transmitted by the government to legislators; the presence of provisions in the bill that do not fall within the specific scope of the budget bill. The National Association made almost the same arguments, adding another claim — the government did not submit an amendment along with the amendment of the budget law, which would have balanced the financing of social obligations. The appeal of the Socialist, Green and Communist senators also raised the question of the legality of the government's use of an "unprecedented" set of tools to "force parliament to pass a law," writes Le Monde.

There are two main complaints about the adoption of the reform: the government introduced the reform of the pension system not as a separate bill, but as amendments to the draft budget on social security, using the draft budget as a special tool for pushing through the reform, and abused the opportunity to adopt bills without consideration by parliament. The use of the budget bill is described as an "abuse of procedures" by left—wing MPs and as an "inappropriate legislative tool" by far-right MPs.

The method chosen by the government to introduce the reform allowed him to first limit the debate in both houses of Parliament on it to 50 days, and then allowed him to use article 49.3 of the Constitution to adopt the changes without a vote by deputies. If the pension reform had been introduced by a separate bill, the government would not have been able to limit the debate time, thus the Cabinet of Ministers "encroached on the clarity and honesty of parliamentary debates," which is a constitutional requirement, Le Monde cites the claims of opponents of the reform.

Members of the lower house of parliament tried to stop the reform by dismissing the government of Elizabeth Born. However, neither of the two resolutions was supported by the majority of deputies.

President Emmanuel Macron called pension reform one of the main priorities of his work. On March 22, in an interview, he expressed the hope that it will work by the end of the year. However, the reform was opposed by all the largest trade unions in the country, who organized a wave of strikes.

Protests are also planned for Friday evening. Near the building of the Constitutional Council, the Paris Police Prefecture banned demonstrations, strengthened security.

Macron did not rule out that Marine Le Pen could be in power in France in 2027
French President Emmanuel Macron allowed the leader of the faction of the far-right National Unification party Marine Le Pen to come to power in the country in 2027. This can happen if the current government denies reality, the politician stressed in an interview with the Parisien newspaper.

"Marine Le Pen will come to power if we don't know how to respond to the challenges of the country and if we develop the habit of lying or denying reality," Macron explained.

At the end of March, the politician said that she did not want to be Prime Minister of France, but did not rule out the possibility of running for the post of head of state for the fourth time in 2027.

‘Nice words’, bearing in mind that the most of elections nowadays, especially french version, could be ‘drawn’ easily either way...💁‍♂️
Explosions, fights with the police, smoke and tear gas — a May Day protest against pension reform has begun in Paris. It is predicted that up to 650 thousand people will take to the streets in France today. @banksta
Meanwhile in Paris… Macron is sitting nicely in the bushes, and on demonstration people are already using a Molotov cocktail ... Pension reform. Protest, be silent as in Russia - the result is the same. Do you still think that the people decide?
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