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There's some cosmic irony that they chose the comet theme as their metaphore, if the goal is to promote global warming propaganda as the take home message from the movie.
I couldn't see that in the movie. But then I'm probably reading into it what I know opposed to what the sleeping masses believe.
My feeling was that it is supposed to work on several levels including the information about the possibility of a 'big one'. Isn't this the time when the veil begins to lift and tptb must balance their act with occasional truth and concessions however wrapped?


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This movie should be renamed to "Idiocracy vs Comet".

I've watched the movie and the above phrase is actually what came to my mind as well as a pretty accurate description of the movie:
"Comet meets idiocracy". The funny or rather sad thing is that the idiocracy that is portrait in the movie comes pretty close to the reality we are living in IMO. In fact, I think it is a pretty accurate depiction of the situation. Also, of note is that the whole civilization (no matter what camp actually) seems to have gone full libtard/crazy. All in all I think it is quite an ingenious and funny way of depicting where we are at globally and the end result.

I actually found the depiction of the level of sheer insanity/idiocracy pretty accurate and hilariously funny at the same time. If you want to laugh a lot, this is certainly a good movie for that. I certainly did! As has been pointed out, the name of the movie (Don't look up: Based on truly possible events), the content (a comet hitting the earth from the Oort cloud), the movie description and the A class cast got me really curious to check it out and see what they are trying to do there.

No doubt a lot of money and resources have been put into that movie, considering that they pretty much casted the biggest and most expensive names in the movie and song business as actors. You can't get much more "high class than that".

So understandably one of the things that went through my mind as well is "why do they do that?" and what is the message or programming that is meant to be delivered by that satire to the public? What is the spin, if there is one?

As others have said, it also seems to be "pretty accurate" in the way the end is portrait after being hit by such an extinction level comet. After thinking about it, some things came to mind in regard to the content:

- The woman president and her son and the movement they created, which is called the "don't look up" movement, seems to me to be a parody of Trump and his son(-s) and the Trump rally movement. There are several places in the movie in which this becomes rather clear IMO.

- The opposing movement that is created is called "look up"

- I think a normal person would come away with the feeling that something could be done to fight or avoid such a comet impact via technical means (which IMO is pretty much a lie) IF THERE WERE NO CORRUPT, SELFISH, NARCISSISTIC and SOCIOPATHIC (both words they actually used!) POLITICIANS AND LEADERS AT THE TOP (aka the president, his son and the administration and that certifiably crazy/autistic/libtard billionaire). Funnily enough, that corrupt "don't look up" movement headed by the president, his son and that billionaire IMO is in big parts directed against the Trumpers and making the viewer believe that those (or similar) people are the problem.

- At the same time that I think there is a lie or twist in this idea mentioned in the last paragraph, in a "Cosmic Connection" kind of way that Pierre described, I think it would be true that something could be done to avoid or mitigate such a comet apocalypse, just not in that materialistic sense that is delivered in the movie, and if it were directed at the right corruption (aka. not Trump and Co but Psychopaths in Power)

- While it is true that an idiocracy is depicted there, it seems to me that that depiction is not only applied to the "Trump side" but to the other side as well. Basically saying that the whole civilization, no matter on what camp you are in, has become the idiocracy. Which IMO is more or less true indeed.

- Interestingly that crazy woman president is shown in one picture to be hugging Bill Clinton so IMO it could also partly be a depiction of Killary as president...

- That certifiably crazy/autistic/libtard billionaire that is depicted to direct/control and advice "the president", his administration and society seems to me to be meant as a mixture of Elon Musk (head of Tesla), Tim Cook (Head of Apple), Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook). I think the sheer insanity and libtard craziness that is depicted in that character is just brilliant and to the point.

- I found it interesting that the name of the Scientist is Randall and I wouldn't be surprised if it is meant to be a hint to Randall Carlson who is studying and bringing to attention comet related stuff to a more mainstream audience. Maybe the story writers have seen some of his videos?

It seems to me that "Don't Look UP" is a rather brilliant while in a certain sense misguided parody/satire (aka the spin against Trump/-ers) on our civilization as a whole that is headed towards a comet apocalypse while taking a dig on all sides and their insanity. Basically the entire civilization is depicted as hopelessly lost in trivialities, libtard thinking etc, with the fitting end for such a civilization in the form of comet.

Apparently, the story was written and directed by Adam McKay, filmmaker and comedian. The comedian part certainly shines through a lot and IMO in a brilliant way. The other one who has Co-written the story is David Sirota.
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We saw the movie yesterday and had plenty of laughs. The comet wasn’t depicted correctly as in it was devoid of electrical activity which would have fried any probes approaching it directly but I guess they won’t show the complete truth to the masses. Either that or they didn’t do a full research which is telling of current times. Even the film makers are becoming dumber and dumber.

The film moves from one meme to another which pervade all levels of the society: even the intellectuals are not immune. It provides an excellent mirror of our zombified reality and by the end, one can be forgiven for feeling indifference towards the fate of the zombies.


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I've watched today, and to be honest what I saw it's a clear example of how the PTB would act in such circumstances, I mean, there are a lot of messages between lines here, like the song, or the last pray of the President's son, or how they wanted to warn about the comet but the president divert the attention to material things, also for me it's like how the people are sleeping , and when someone make a call no body will see it or receive the call.
Think it has a lot of messages, and it is like what is going to happen or what we have known here about the comets during many times with Laura... The cover is satire, the critics said that the movie isn't good. But for me it has a lot of information.


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I think the movie is meant to be a metaphore for Global Warming alarmism not being taken seriously (by people, politicians, etc.). It is doubtful that they are aware that they are using a real threat for that.

This is exactly what came to my mind after seeing the trailer and Leonardo Di Caprio as the main actor. There's some cosmic irony that they chose the comet theme as their metaphore, if the goal is to promote global warming propaganda as the take home message from the movie.

Indeed, that makes it even more ironic! It really looks like everyone involved including the writer believed to film a metaphor for global warming not realizing what a great and pretty accurate description of the actual situation they created by that metaphor:



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In the end, I watched the movie as well :-D

IMO, the movie is too long - at least half an hour too long. I.e. I skipped that music performance altogether.

Second, I didn´t find it funny at all. Maybe a few times lips went up but I found it creepy with its depiction of the government and their psycho-plans. Then that "Don´t look up" movement - how creepy is that when looking at the current corona scam!!
And how creepy is that when you think about all those authoritarians out there, refusing to just Look UP! and see the freakin´comet/corona!

Geeez... I kept thinking through the whole movie that this just might happen: the idea of harvesting THE COMET (!!!!) for rare metals! It´s just absurd when you think about it, but when you look from the PTB perspective - it´s just what they might wanna pull off!!!

I liked best the end; a family gathered together in a shared meal, knowing they did all they could and just talked to each other. Reminded me of what we are doing here and while the world is in chaos, I thought of it as a simple act of humanity and faith in the universe.

I wouldn´t say it´s a complete waste of 2h but, yeah, the movie brought more tension and I kept thinking "OMG! Are they really doing THAT!?"

My 2ct... :-[


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And now I really have to watch that movie since our prime minister recommended it :shock::-D

Plenković preporučio Netflixov film, radnja neodoljivo podsjeća na našu stvarnost
Krenulo ismijavanje Plenkovića zbog filmske preporuke: 'Kad šef ne skuži da je on predsjednica'

“Today, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković addressed the public on the topic of vaccinations, referendums and money from EU funds.
In his address to the press, he said that last night he watched the film "Don't Look Up" directed by Adam McKay, which started broadcasting on Netflix a few days ago.
- I watched "Don't Look Up" on Netflix last night, I recommend it to everyone. This is not some marketing, this is a story about information chaos and bizarre evaluations. I wish we had continued with the vaccination dynamics we started with. We live in a significantly different information age than before. Take a look at this movie I mentioned and it will be clearer to you. This whole situation with covid-confirmations, proof that the government is non-intrusive and that it respects freedom of choice. We did not go a step further, we did not introduce mandatory vaccination. You have a part of actors who hunt in the dark, profiteers and parasites - said Plenković.”

“However, many social media users think that Plenković simply did not understand the essence of the film.
"I read that Plenković praised the film Don't Look Up. I'm not sure he understood the message and his" place "in that film," Fokus party president Davor Nadji wrote on Twitter.
"Plenković says that Netflix's Don't Look Up justifies the bad result of his government. Did he even understand what the film was about?", Journalist Andrej Dimitrijević asked.
"Plenković: 'Staff and Government are not to blame for bad vaccination. Watch the movie' Don't look up 'on Netflix and it will be clearer to you'. When the boss doesn't realize that he is the 'president' :)", wrote someone on twitter.”

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I watched it last night and found it to be one of the funniest films I've seen...and yet, didn't/couldn't laugh at it. It resembled this insane society we're living in almost perfectly. The part where the PTB pulled the plug on the initial effort to deflect the comet and then decide to attempt to have it fall "harmlessly" in order to mine it?! I thought, yeah, that's exactly the kind of wishful thinking that could happen in real life. :nuts:

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I avoid netflix content since cuties, but heard a couple positive comments and figured I'd check it out. I'd say it's a great movie to have no expectations about. It doesn't take itself seriously and there is not a hint of partisan politics in it. There's not a single hint about climate change either; it's not a disaster movie but an end-times movie. closer in spirit to the australian These Final Hours than the usual hollywood disaster. It doesn't feel like you're supposed to bring in any serious external interpretations about the possible implications of this or that. You just acknowledge it's not trying to be serious and go along for the ride.

Overall, I found it a tearjerker of a satire, an over-the-top movie that makes you cry both from laughing too much and from the tragic beauty of quality satire. I'd give it a solid 8, maybe 8.5 considering the zeitgeist and the overall quality of movies available to compare to, these days...


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The part where the PTB pulled the plug on the initial effort to deflect the comet and then decide to attempt to have it fall "harmlessly" in order to mine it?! I thought, yeah, that's exactly the kind of wishful thinking that could happen in real life.

I think that part quite accurately depicted not primarily wishful thinking but the absolutely selfish, greedy and psychopathic nature of the PTB, since both the president and the billionaire were fully aware that by what they did they would risk all life on earth by letting it "fall harmlessly" (instead of going with the safer initial plan "that could have really saved earth") in the hopes of becoming even richer and powerful from the precious minerals in the comet. The reason for it being, because they knew in secret that they will escape on the "rapture train" in form of the spaceship if it doesn't work and thus be safe (in contrast to the rest of the planet). They wouldn't have done that if they had known that they too would get wiped out and didn't have a secret escape plan.

What exemplified the wishful thinking to me much more than that was their wishful thinking about that rapture train, with what ziutek summarized quite nicely here:
And the end of the movie made me laugh to tears.
Quintessential wishful thinking.
They've found a wonderful, colorful planet somewhere, and it's definitely oozing with love. And these beautiful loving colorful birds that inhabited it out of love ate them.

Reminds me of this:

(Joe) Since this Covid thing has progressed, the lockdowns have continued, businesses are being destroyed, and governments are continuing to push ahead with it despite all evidence that there's no reason for it, have a lot of them kinda been told that... What I'm thinking about here is way back in 2003, Tony Blair got on board with the Iraq thing for no good reason. They said the reason was that he was promised a seat on the Rapture Train. It suggests he was given some inside info about future events. So, a lot of them have been brought in...

(L) They know that this is all going on and there'll be a lot of death and destruction. They're padding their own...

(Joe) Yeah, so my question is: Have a lot of government leaders been given information about upcoming events that...?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So they know that there probably is more likely to be an Ice Age, cometary impacts, earth changes, death, destruction, disease...

(Joe) Food shortages, mass immigration, chaos... Otherwise, how can you keep those people on board to destroy their own reputations, countries, and economies? There has to be a compelling reason for them to continue to do that.

(Andromeda) But they're not even afraid of repercussions...

(L) They KNOW something's coming.

A: Yes and so do you and some few others. Enjoy the show!

Q: (JM) Is Tony Blair acting on his beliefs or is he being blackmailed?

A: He has been promised a place on the "rapture special."
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I saw the movie a couple of days ago and I agree with the general assessment.

The protagonists spend the entire film teaching incontestable scientific data.



I have seen it with this pandemic.

What appears on television is reality for people.

A 48-year-old coworker has a clot "stuck" in his lungs, heart problems, and has to take a blood thinner for a year.

Well, he's considering putting on the third dose of Pfizer.

An accurate representation of our "society" and its programming is this movie.


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There is so much in common with what is happening to us in this film right now. The allure of money, of power, of fame. The billionaire who can know everything about anyone's life thanks to his technology, the scientists who do not conform to the official discourse who are dismissed ...
But it is not for all that a film which can awaken the conscience.
Everyone can interpret the film according to their own perception of things. To take it at face value is sadly frightening in reality, with the cosmic threat not taken seriously by those in power. But whether it is a metaphor on global warming, the Republican Party, or the current "bad" virus whose dangerousness is not taken seriously enough, everyone can interpret it as a confirmation of their own beliefs.
It can make the movie very popular and enjoyed in my opinion. But certainly not like a movie that can open the eyes of sleeping people.
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