Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection - Disponible en français !


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Nous sommes heureux de vous informer que le tome 3 de L'histoire secrète du monde, de Pierre Lescaudron, avec Laura Knight-Jadczyk, est désormais disponible en français ! Un grand merci à tous ceux qui ont rendu cela possible, et à tous ceux qui ont attendu patiemment. :clap: :thup:

Il est également disponible sur Amazon, et prochainement sous format électronique (Kindle) aussi.

Bonne lecture !

We are happy to inform you that volume 3 of "The Secret History of the World", by Pierre Lescaudron, with Laura Knight-Jadczyk is now available in French! Many thanks to all those who made this happen, and to those who waited patiently.

It is also available on Amazon, and, shortly, in Kindle format.

Happy reading!

Don Diego

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So great! :) Will order it soon and offer my english one to a good friend from neozealand who had already devoured it!
Thanks to all involved, what a huge piece of Work!


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Thanks for this good new and to all those who worked on it :)

I look forward to read it !


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:bacon: :bacon: :bacon:

Yeah, finally !

I was just thinking... it has been a long time since the last podcast in French. And what if Pierre would do a new one about his book ? It could be a cool promo, no ? ;D


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not to mention the content, it's really a beautiful object. Good job ! :perfect:
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