Edith Warkentin – Der Goldene Staub (The Golden Dust)


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There is Edith Warkentine, Professor of Law at Western State University College of Law in Fullerton, California. It’s not about her I will try to write below.
It’s about Edith Warkentin, the author of a ‘bestseller’ The Golden Dust – Der Goldene Staub I will try to make an inquire. I happened to learn about this woman just several days ago, and well maybe the book itself is nothing extraordinary, but nevertheless something struck me about it, the way the book is being presented. Maybe it’s just my imagination.
from http://www.krusenstern.de/index.php?op=viewslink&sid=31&orderby=dateD
Edith & Oliver Warkentin are founders of Tibet-Ganzkörpermassage firm in Osnabruek, Germany. Firm was founded in 1992, and deals with a business of the whole body massage and especially patient’s back problems. Edith & Oliver Warkentin have received formal training and education in the School of temple Scheol in Lhasa, Tibet.
Edit Warkentin is the author of a recent bestseller ‘Golden Dust’ (Russian language book, I didn’t find Warkentin’s book is English); book title of German edition is Der goldene Staub (looks like it’s in press).
EDIT: From amazon.de: German edition released in Dec 2006


Here is a translation of what the author herself writes about the book:

What was the reason of origin of our civilization? Is the hypothesis about an extraterrestrial origin of humanity so improbable? Modern archeological discoveries and the newest translations of ancient texts bring all scientists of the world to absolutely unexpected and improbable conclusions, force all us to look in a new fashion at history of creation of our Solar system, to cardinally reconsider the standard theory of an origin and evolutionary development of humanity and to expand our habitual worldview frameworks.
Edith Warkentin, the known healer and the founder of the Center of the Tibetan healing in Germany, has collected in the book ‘The Golden Dust’ multitude of interesting facts, allowing to untangle the wellness of new and sometimes shocking information. Do you know that the Earth exists for 4,6 billion years, and the life on it has arisen between 4 and 3,8 billion years ago? Who were and whence came our founders whom our ancestors perceived as gods?
Evolutionary anomalies in humans directly point on the reasons of our extraterrestrial origin. With what purpose the humanoids not capable to evolve independently have been cloned, and what destiny has been prepared to them by so-called gods-founders? Who conducted the secret and not authorized experiments 200 thousand years ago which resulted in appearance of Adam and Eve?
Great Flood is not a legend but real historical event. 13 thousand years ago the mankind has been doomed to death. Who has helped people to be rescued?
What is the invisible planet which approach to us is being watched by all astronomers of the world? Who were Lemurians and Atlantheans; why these advanced civilizations were lost, and their continents have sunk? Why Philadelphia experiment has been unsuccessful? What occurs actually in the Bermuda triangle? Is it possible to reach immortality? How to keep a youthful appearance and beauty? What are true opportunities of man? What awaits us in the future?
We have to uncover many riddles of the past to understand the present and to prepare to what expects us in the future. You will find answers on these and many other questions in fascinating book of Edith Warkentin ‘The Golden Dust’ with rare and unique selection of a photo-illustrative material.

Chapter 1. The planet ‘X’
Creation of Solar system - the Mysterious planet – In Search of an invisible planet - Great catastrophes – Niburu-the residence of gods - the unique genetic code - Creation of man - Traces of terrestrial gods - The first civilizations and their founders - Wars among immortal gods - the Goddess of love and war – Sumerian gods – Edem gardens and the first conflict - the Sacred symbol of the snake

Immortality - the privilege of gods - Adam's Divine genes – Edem Genetic laboratory – Nuclear [not clear in text - whether nuclear or from nucleus?] weapon of gods - Divine Poimander of Hermes Trismegistus - Secrets of Alchemy – Noel - Adam descendants – Gold of the New World

Lemurians of Atlanta - Coming of extraterrestrial races - Bermuda triangle - the Earth’s lattice

Paradox of the 100-th monkey - the Sacral projection - Secret of emerald tablets - Brotherhood of Tat

Osiris - the first experiences of immortality - Chromosomes and levels of consciousness – Aehnaton - the reformer of consciousness – Merkabah and multidimensionality of the Universe - Dying, resurrection, rapture[?]

Chapter 6. Armageddon
Inhabitants of Shambhala - Evolution of soul – Seven dimensions of the structure of a human body - On the other side of a life - Comprehension of invisible worlds - a way into the New Era – Seven dimensions of the Earth - Various density of [Soul-matter] - Astral world - Divisions of emmentals

Purification by fire - On crossroad of epochs – Devachan - the Nature of transformation

Precession of of equinoxes – Yugas - Levels of consciousness - New race - Evolution and races - the Great coil[ing] - Fall of Lucifier - Time - Levels of consciousness - Nature of karma - Darkness and Light - Number ‘Psi’

Practices of spiritual purification and immortality - Prime elements - Earth, Air, Water, Fire - Immortal yogis - Spherical breath
Drunvalo - New discoveries – Amenthi Halls - Sunk continents - Revolt of Lucifier – Philadelphia experiment -the Secret government - Secret experiments - Fatal protuberanets[?] - 3,5 days of Great Emptiness

Now, what struck me in this book.
First, from this brief introduction it seems to be more elaborated Laura’s SH -like imitation than Carolyn Evers’ one and book content can sound quite similar to SH. With THAT impressive list of subjects and mysteries as claimed in book's content, and being only 280 pages long - i think forget about any references to Edith 'research' from the very beginning! So where from she takes her info ?

Then, the way how and when this book is introduced / presented struck me the most:
I learnt about this book from Russian mainstream TV channel One Ad. To my memory, I don’t remember a single case when not a new age, but ANY book has been EVER publicized on this hugely popular Russian mainstream TV channel, and during prime time (that doesn’t mean any book ad had NOT been aired; that means I don’t remember of any such, and I do watch that channel almost every day). How much prime time ad did mount to Edith and Co? Why that urgent need to publicize the book on TV where almost no one could possibly miss it?
Then, the time coincidence: Book ad appeared first like 4-5 days ago, during maximum heat on M’Adventures thread. Book is claimed to be ‘a bestseller’, but usually bestsellers are available in many bookstore-monsters in internet but strangely this is NOT the case with his book – it’s available ONLY directly from Edith herself which implies all identity consequences. [edith.warkentin@tibet-massage.de; Warkentin Edith & Oliver Tibet-Ganzkörpermassage Walter Haas Str. 12, 49088 Osnabrück]. And how any bestseller could be sold only in one place, for god’s sake?
Actually I can’t even explain that, but something definitely set me off about that book, timing and the heck everything associated with it.
Maybe i'm very wrong
Edith Warkentin – Der Goldene Staub (The Golden Dust)

CarpeDiem said:
Edith & Oliver Warkentin have received formal training and education in the School of temple Scheol in Lhasa, Tibet.
Maybe Scheol is a Tibetan word meaning: Sheesh :lol:
CarpeDiem, as you point out, the book's content is obviously an illogically mixed bag of fringe topics, some of them outright disinformational, which the author is either accepting upon pure assumption or is deliberately spreading. As you say, the book is brief, so it probably just brings up these topics and rushes to conclusions about them to serve some preconceived hypothesis. Thus, its primary effect is likely to bury truth in even more noise and confusion.

Next, the word "bestseller" has no standard and is defined solely by context, so it is basically meaningless and used only as a promotional scheme. Every seller has a bestseller, and every author has a bestseller, every day and every town has a bestseller in some way or form.

The fact that the book is being advertised on mainstream TV in prime time but is available only from the author suggests that the author has personal wealth or perhaps has funding from an unusual (non-corporate) source that might be behind the wish to spread noise and confusion. It's an interesting observation. Of course, here in the USA we have recently had the impact of the high-profile book, The Secret to muddy the waters. So, I wonder if more such "noise bombs" are happening or are planned around the world.
Sounds like some of the information I came across during my readings of Bramley's "The Gods of Eden"
and Sitchin's "Books of the Earth Chronicles Series (Excerpts)"
although Sitchin places the "creation of Adam & Eve" at around 300,000 years ago, instead of 200,000 years, which Warkentin maintains (from her translated quote):
Who conducted the secret and not authorized experiments 200 thousand years ago which resulted in appearance of Adam and Eve?
Sitchin maintains that the folks in question were Enki and Sud, IIRC, Enki being the politico and Sud being the medical tech.
Now, the "300,000" figure is significant to me because of something I read either in the "The Wave Series" or "Adventures With Cassiopaea" regarding the number 309,787, or perhaps 309,878, as being the number of years back when the tops of our spinal columns were "burnt off" leaving the knob on the back of our heads. If any of you can recall what that particular passage in the Cassies' conversations was, let me know.
960601 said:
A: Why does this bother you? It does not bother us. They can all decide that we are the "Queens of Satan," if they wish. It is free will.
Q: (L) I don't like the implied hardness... I am not a hard person.
A: It is not hardness. The "feelings" you describe are related to ego, and by relation, pride, two things that were deliberately implanted into the 3rd density
human psyche by the 4th density STS 309,000 years ago, as you measure time. Refer to the transcripts with regard to DNA alteration and the occipital ridge.
Believe it or not, you, Laura, will be rid of these, eventually. It is not what some individuals respond to you that matters. It is sharing the information that counts.
Also, remember, these persons do not perceive your feelings and sensitivities as keenly as you do, nor do you perceive theirs, likewise.
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