Ekimus: Another Exercise in Discernment

Ekimus said:
wow did you even read my response to the answers i was given before you posted yours, and telling a person they have a logical error is rude and ignorant, like my second post said i was curious to see what the answer was, of course i could answer the question my self, i did pass grade 2 ya know. myabe it's your logic that thats fetaly flawed, you looked at the question and saw only that. I expect a whole lot more from you. Think if i thought that the scott team were a dissinformation program that i would have listened to anything on this page. aslo don't think i get my news from one place and one place alone......

sad really, and rude,

never judge a person on a single question. the smartest man could ask the most obvious of questions, but that does not make him logicaly flawed
If a child approaches me and asks me, "If there is a hole for every gopher, how do I know your hole isn't a gopher's?" I would respond, "Your question, dear child, is based on faulty logic. Just because every gopher has a hole, it does not follow that all holes belong to gophers." When you call Ark's response 'rude', you are falling into the psychopath's trap of paramoralism.

Some more quotations from Ponerology:

Lobaczewski said:
You can just imagine our worry, disappointment, and surprise when some colleagues we knew well suddenly began to change their world-view; their thought-patterns furthermore reminded us of the 'professor's' chatter. Their feelings, which had just recently been friendly, became noticeably cooler, although not yet hostile. Benevolent or critical student arguments bounced right off of them. They gave the impression of possessing some secret knowledge; we were only their former colleagues, still believing what those professors of old had taught us. We had to be careful of what we said to them.
Who was the 'professor' in your life, Ekimus? Or are you the professor?

The atrophy of natural critical faculties with respect to pathological individuals becomes an opening to their activities, and, at the same time, a criterion for recognizing the association in concern as ponerogenic. Let us call this the first criterion of ponerogenesis.
Recall here the power of the paranoid characteropath lies in the fact that they easily enslave less critical minds, e.g. people with other kinds of psychological deficiencies, or who have been victims of individuals with character disorders, and, in particular, a large segment of young people.
Funny observation:

ekimus said:
... myabe it's your logic that thats fetaly flawed, you looked at the question and saw only that. ...
and then they goes on to disrespect ark's response and then finishes with ...

ekimus said:
... oh and go ahead and censor me, it's what i expect after a respose like that ...
eh, who's being "fetaly flawed", and responding like a petulant child having a temper tantrum?

I did catch what skruck me as a non-psychopathic typing error in ark's responce that I liked ...
mountain+maintain=mauntain. If I could only use that somehow in spoken speach, particularly with my friends that are big into taoism. Anyway, getting back to what ekimus said on their very first post ...

ekimus said:
don't know if this has been asked, looked but could find it
looked but "could" find it? Is that like saying he/she saw that such a question hadn't been asked and that he was fully aware of it. What a foolish question to ask - of course there is disinfo here, but that doesn't mean this is a site that is a disinfo program. Even on sites that are without a doubt full on cointelpro you can find people that are simply searching and trying to grow - hmm, I'm constantly reminded of on of the c's session when they are describing the quorum and their description to me struck me as being very much like a yin-yang symbol. Sorry, I don't know where that was in the transcripts ...

Sheesh, even in my own head I got plenty of disinformation - I do live on planet earth afterall. But like ark described about his paper, I'm doing my best to clean out my heart and mind, after all who else could do that?

I love that line from the begining of the podcasts ... and I'm not the only one, to misinterpret that in such a way, well ...

All of ekimus's posts *seem* to say exactly where he/she is coming from with or without his/her spelling errors ...

ekimus said:
Well, i have to say i did join the forum to ask that one question ...
Attack ... wait for responses from others ... respond without saying anything, attack again ... wait and repeat.
I think I could create a new thread, but since I've been moved on this one, I have some obervations I need to throw out.
I want you to understand me here, now.
I am not pointing a finger to any ONE person.
I only see aggression expanding on this forum.
And I ask myself why?
All over the world, there ARE many, many types of people.
That's a FACT.
I've raised my children, attempting to enlighten them about what types of situations exist.
I told them, if you can dream up a wierdo, they ARE out there.
The scariest people are the people I can't think of.
Sickos abound...
As sick as you can think, there IS someone out there.
But there is sickness I can't imagine, and yes, there they are.
But getting to my point:
If one comes onto this forum asking questions, so be it.
That's why it's here.
To discuss... network...
Not pick fights.
If you smack them with truth, they go hide behind mommy's skirt.
Cry like a baby.
All mouth.
No fortitude.
No guts.
Sissies, actually.
I wouldn't wanna be stuck in a foxhole with a big mouth sissy.
Ain't gonna give thier life for another.
No compassion.
No empathy.
Not of my race.
Sorry, but the times are a changin (Bob Dylan).
Face the fact people.
The truth is coming out, whether you like it or not.
Is a campaign being mounted against truth?
I say yes.
I could go onto forums and bad mouth till the "cows come home".
I do not.
Wanna know why?
It's called manners.
I respect other opinions.
Even if I think they are wrong.
People get on their soapbox and try to force their will upon people.
What has happend to tolerance, manners even?
Tolerance and manners don't fit into the controllers plans.
Aggression is yummie. Sweet food.
If someone has a different view, they cannot accept yours, and you cannot accept theirs, so freakin what.?.?.?
Just walk away.
An old Joe Walsh song is now in my head.
Some just like to get "hits" on the web.
The old song MACHO, MACHO MAN comes to mind.
I WANNA BE A MACHO MAN... (Village People).
sorry about that...
My emotions are in gear.
And you know what?
I don't care.

I smoke.
My kids abhor it.
But they don't preach.
They even comment on those TV commercials by anti-smoking groups.
Targeting the youth to get into their elder's faces.
Again, lack of manners, teaching intolerance, ignorant rebellion.
This is what is going out to our youth.
To be brainwashed, rebellious and intolerant.
Wanna pick a fight?
Bite me.!.!.!
Go play in another sandbox.

Again, forgive me, I'm on a roll.
Let me give y'all a simple example of how dumbed down we are.
For years, Ive told people to go down to ANY public library.
Pull out an old newspaper circa 1900.
Look at those BIG words printed for public consumption.
I bet most kids nowdays cannot even comprehend a simple article in old print.
Hell, they don'y even know how to find Iraq on a map.!.!.!
Big words, very literate compared to todays society.
I challenge you to perform this simple experiment.
Read a newspaper from circa 1900.
So much for our hi-tech society.
I gotta quit for now.
By mistake I have deleted three consecutive posts by Ekimus (three one-liners), where he/she was trying to convey to us a message that our automatic "censor" was not allowing to post. The content of these messages was, more or less: "you are all bad people" (politely speaking), and "I can't wait until they will get you". I hope that Ekimus will be back to convey his/her message again ;)
I saw his three posts and the way they ended up being posted the "wow, you are all -bad people-" ended up at the bottom of page two and it by itself gave me a laugh. But your post ark makes me think "-bad people-" was an effect of the censoring script. No, matter - he then said something similar though spaced all the letters out like t h i s, which didn't bother me - swearing doesn't bother me, I use it in humor and in ordinary speach, I don't use it though if I'm mad or want to insult someone - it justs weakens what I say, to me the words are without real meaning ... but the "I can't wait until they will get you" remark was priceless -> oh now they are gonna get me, oh wait they already did - I live on planet earth ...
Ekimus said:
"I can't wait until they will get you"
So it is better that SOTT and QFG be destroyed rather than Ekimus be wrong? Wow. Talk about a selfish attitude. Actually, that's probably even verging into psychopathy.
I wonder who "they" are? And how are "they" going to get us? :)

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