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Hey Family. I sat down to dinner late the other night. As hungry as I was, I couldn't eat, being arrested by inspiration. I'll share with you what flowed from my pen; maybe someone else needs it as much as me:

Peace awaits me at journey's end. A sure promise, whispered across the chasm of time. The discernible touch of her unseen hand bids me rise. Knighted.

She knows my wounds, traces my constellation of scars. She is high above me, lofty, beyond this sphere. Unapproachable, she is a lover to be wooed with constancy, won by Will and Virtue. She knows my pining, is moved by my Faith.

Endure yet, a little while, she bids. I obey. Endure. Endure. Sweet will be our rendezvous; all the more for waiting.

Yearning for Peace, she is moved by my suffering. She knows my striving. It is enough. I am known by her.

Peace draws near.


The Force is Strong With This One
Thank you for sharing this poem-like thoughts. It touches me and corelates somehow deep inside.


The Living Force
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Reminds me of the story of a husband and wife reuniting in 5D in the Life Beyond the Veil book.


Padawan Learner
I'm pleased it struck a chord with you all. I'm constantly trying to capture in words this inexpressible experience of treading the path of knowledge, growing in Being and facing the many tests and challenges to overcome as we progress through this school. Whenever things seem insurabley bleak, and I'm tempted to despair, the Universe/DCM reminds me of all the moments of Grace and Providence that have allowed me to get this far. I feel I've survived the consequences of my ignorance solely due to this Love.
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