Errors in "The Wave" (Online Version)

Chapter 44 :
Because of illness and the depression I had been going though prior to, and during, the ending of my marriage, I simply had not had the energy or motivation to transcribe.
Chapter 57 :

More of a notice than an ‘error’, I would have been curious to know about the source of the « official view » at the very beginning, following :
One of the “official views” of the subject that is available to the public tells us:

in the midst of the next question and was originally included with the nest answer.

the very funny movie Sheer Genius, they will remember the strange character of Laszlo
When searching about the movie, it seems to show up under the name « Real Genius » ; if it’s well the 1985’s comedy being talked about.
(And for the minute detail, I saw the character’s name written as ‘Lazlo’. I feel so annoying with this one, but since we’re talking about seeing the details...)
Chapter 61 :

and our future on our home planet (if it really IS our home planet <<<
There is a smiley at the the very end of this quote that might not have been intended (I couldn't insert it for technical reasons).

truly immoral behavior as “moral,” or on “moral grounds, all the while unable to see
missing end quote

but Ira seemed to regard it as a step in a struggle for self-realization. He did not even seem to think that it need affect his relationship with Rita,
I have troubles understanding the sentence, was ‘need’ really intended or ‘did’ ?
Chapter 63 :

A displacement to the left of the first 2 lines in the Game Theory bi-matrix, « Government » and « No Ethics/Ethical ».

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