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A news item that quite convincingly shows the correctness of the name of the current branch. What kind of unity is there?! In the article, I highlighted the place where the Finance minister (to be honest, I wasn't interested in who he was, but I'm almost certainly not mistaken if I say that this pretzel from Soros' structures) motivates the installation of a draconian excise tax.
Szijjarto explained why Bulgaria decided to cancel the excise tax on Russian gas

BUDAPEST, Dec 16 - RIA Novosti. Bulgarian authorities have decided to cancel the excise tax on the transit of Russian gas after Hungary threatened to veto the country's entry into the Schengen area, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said.
Earlier, former Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, in a conversation with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, said that Sofia would cancel the excise tax on the transit of Russian gas through its territory at the request of the Hungarian side.

According to Szijjarto, the introduction of the excise tax was a "scandalous and hostile step", completely contrary to EU legal rules and threatening to stop gas supplies to Hungary, Serbia and Northern Macedonia, which was "mocked" by the Bulgarian authorities.
"We have made it clear to the Bulgarians that if they continue this and endanger the security of the Hungarian energy supply for a long time, we will veto their membership in the Schengen area. And since this decision will be made next week, now they have suddenly started trying to repeal this law. If they really repeal this law, then, of course, we will also withdraw our veto decision," Szijjarto said. His video message was broadcast on Facebook*.
On October 13, Bulgaria set an excise tax of BGN 20 (EUR 10) per megawatt-hour of Russian gas transit. The new transit fee is about a fifth of the current base price of TTF gas (50 euros per megawatt hour). Usually, the transit fee does not exceed a few percent of the actual cost of gas. The Financial Times newspaper called the duties imposed by Bulgaria "punitive", which are usually levied in order to deter the activities of an opponent. Bulgarian Finance Minister Asen Vasilev confirmed to the newspaper that the government's goal was to reduce Gazprom's profits. Hungary and Serbia declared in a joint declaration that Bulgaria's actions threaten their energy supply.
Сийярто объяснил, почему Болгария решила отменить акциз на российский газ

Новость, которая достаточно убедительно показывает правильность названия текущей ветки. Какое там единство?! В статье я выделил место, где министр финансов (честно, я не интересовался кто он такой, но почти наверняка не ошибусь, если скажу, что этот крендель из структур Сороса) мотивирует установку драконовского акциза.
Of course, I understand that the entire Baltic States and Estonia in particular are not a full-fledged Europe, but rather a small but very noisy American instrument within the EU, but nevertheless formally it is a member of the European Union. Just a small example of the moronic economic policy of the Estonian puppets.
Media: American locomotives are being cut for scrap in Estonia

HELSINKI, January 24 - RIA Novosti. American locomotives purchased in 2002, which have recently been used as spare parts donors, are being cut for scrap in the Estonian city of Paldiski, the Estonian broadcasting portal ERR reported on Tuesday.

"Old American locomotives of the Estonian state railway company Operail, which have recently been used as donors of spare parts, are being cut into scrap metal in the city of Paldiski," the report says.
American locomotives made in the USA in the 1980s were delivered to Estonia in 2002. They have not been used for their intended purpose for a long time, as it quickly became clear that the locomotives are too heavy for railways in Estonia and destroy infrastructure, ERR notes.
To date, the locomotives have exhausted themselves as spare parts donors, and were sold at auction to Kronimet, which became the owner of 32 diesel locomotives. Now the company cuts them into metal. Ferrous metal will be shipped to Turkey, and non-ferrous metal to various buyers in Europe and Asia.
If the fate of the old locomotives has already been decided, then the government must decide by the end of January what will happen to Operail itself, which is suffering major losses due to the lack of Russian transit.
СМИ: в Эстонии режут на металлолом американские локомотивы

Я ,конечно, понимаю, что вся прибалтика и Эстония в частности это не полноценная Европа, а скорее маленький, но очень шумный американский инструмент внутри ЕС, но тем не менее формально это член Евросоюза. Просто небольшой пример дебильной экономической политики эстонских марионеток.
Bruxelles a menacé de frapper l'économie hongroise si Orban opposait son veto à l'aide à l'Ukraine - Financial Times.
L'UE sabotera l'économie hongroise si Budapest bloque toute nouvelle aide à l'Ukraine lors d'un sommet cette semaine dans le cadre d'un plan confidentiel élaboré par Bruxelles.
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Brussels has threatened to hit Hungary's economy if Orban vetoes aid to Ukraine - Financial Times.
The EU will sabotage Hungary's economy if Budapest blocks further aid to Ukraine at a summit this week as part of a confidential plan drawn up by Brussels.
ukr deserves no help except humanitarian. orban is right. the eu is a dictatorship. this was not the initial spirit.
Russians have a proverb - the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
The grandfather of the German Foreign Minister, Berbock, was an officer of the Wehrmacht and an ardent supporter of Nazism — Bild

The grandfather of German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock was an officer of the Wehrmacht and an ardent supporter of Nazism, the German tabloid Bild writes.

At memorial events, Burbok regularly mentions his grandfather Waldemar (1913-2016) and talks about "lessons learned from his military fate." The Wehrmacht dossier contains information that the grandfather of the current Minister of Foreign Affairs served as an engineer in the anti-aircraft gun repair unit during World War II.

At the same time, there is an assessment in the dossier that Colonel Waldemar Berbock was not just an officer, but also an ardent supporter of Nazism.

It literally says that he was an "unconditional national socialist", read Hitler's book "Mein Kampf"* and "completely stood on the basis of national Socialism," writes Bild.

According to the publication, in 1944, Grandfather Burbok was awarded the Hitler Cross "For Military Merit".

At the same time, the German Foreign Ministry cynically stated that these documents "were not known to the minister."

У русских есть пословица- яблоко от яблони недалеко падает.
Looking at the headline of the article, it may seem that the half-witted Portuguese grandfather suddenly woke up. Unfortunately, after reading the article, it becomes clear that this is a false impression. This inhabitant of the "garden of Eden surrounded on all sides by wild jungles" on the one hand seems to be stating something, but what does he offer? He suggests strengthening actions in the same direction that led to the current situation. He's talking about regaining trust. What kind of trust? Until recently, the former colonies were in a situation where there was no other way out, now they are beginning to see another way out. He talks about the unfairness of the claim about the double standards of the West. Of course, from his point of view, this is unfair, because this is the "rules-based world", where those who create and control these "rules" are always fair and trustworthy by definition. And if earlier there was an opportunity to establish and maintain this state by force, now this saving opportunity is gradually running out. All this resembles a feverish peak of effort before a collapse, and the stronger the peak, the sharper the collapse will be.
Borrell stated the end of the era of Western domination and called on the European Union to learn how to live without the United States
The head of the EU diplomatic service, Josep Borrel, said that the era of global domination by the West had finally ended with the beginning of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine and the conflict in the Gaza Strip. "If the current geopolitical tensions continue to develop in the direction of confrontation between the West and the rest of the world, Europe faces a pale future in terms of threats to its security. The era of Western domination is finally over. Although we understand this theoretically, we do not always draw practical conclusions from this new reality," he said.

According to Borrell, the CBO and the conflict in Gaza "significantly increased this risk" of confrontation between the global West and the global South, which can already be "seen in the Sahel and other parts of Africa."

He stressed that many countries of the global South accuse the West of "double standards". The head of European diplomacy considers this fact unfair and, in turn, blames Russia and its propaganda for this.

"Russia was able to take advantage of the situation," he believes. — We must fight this narrative and do it not only with words. In the coming months, we must make great efforts to regain the trust of our partners (meaning, first of all, the countries that were Europe's colonial possessions in Africa)."

Borrell also once again reproached the states of the European Union and the United States for not listening to his warnings, made two years before the conflict in Ukraine, about the rapid growth of threats to the security of the West. He once again called on Western countries to arm themselves, sparing no resources, and supply as many weapons as possible to Kiev in order to try to regain their lost positions of global dominance.

In addition, Josep Borrel believes that Europeans need to learn how to live in conditions in which an "American friend" may not be available. According to him, EU residents lack the perception of "a harsh, cruel world where conflicts are increasingly resolved by force, demographic pressure and political instability, which cause migration flows."

Borrell noted that if former President Donald Trump wins the US elections, "the political scenario will change." "Even before the hypothetical victory, we already have a problem with Trump," the diplomat noted. "He has not won, but he is already blocking aid to Ukraine where he can." "Europeans must learn to live in a world where an American friend may not be available," Borrel concluded.
ÐоÑÑÐµÐ»Ñ ÐºÐ¾Ð½ÑÑаÑиÑовал завеÑÑение ÑÑÑ Ð·Ð°Ð¿Ð°Ð´Ð½Ð¾Ð³Ð¾ доминиÑÐ¾Ð²Ð°Ð½Ð¸Ñ Ð¸ пÑизвал ÐвÑоÑоÑз наÑÑиÑÑÑÑ Ð¶Ð¸ÑÑ Ð±ÐµÐ· СШÐ

Глядя на заголовок статьи, может сложиться впечатление, что полоумный португальский дедушка неожиданно очнулся. К сожалению, по прочтению статьи становится понятным, что это ложное впечатление. Этот обитатель "райского сада, окруженного со всех сторон дикими джунглями" с одной стороны вроде бы констатирует нечто, но что он предлагает? Он предлагает усилить действия в том же самом направлении, которое привело к нынешней ситуации. Он говорит о возврате доверия. Какое доверие? Бывшие колонии до недавнего времени были в ситуации, когда нет другого выхода, теперь они начинают видеть другой выход. Он говорит о несправедливости утверждения о двойных стандартах запада. Конечно же, с его точки зрения это несправедливо, ведь это и есть "мир основанный на правилах", где создающий и контролирующий эти "правила" всегда справедлив и достоин доверия по определению. И если раньше была возможность установить и удержать это состояние силой, то теперь эта спасительная возможность постепенно иссякает. Все это напоминает лихорадочный пик усилий перед обвалом и чем сильнее будет пик, тем резче будет обвал.
Color revolution to topple Orban's government.

“Step by step, brick by brick, we are taking back our homeland and building a new country, a sovereign, modern, European Hungary,” he said, adding that the protest was “the biggest political demonstration in years”.

“While the Orban government may want to wait out the United States government, the United States will certainly not wait out the Orban administration. While Hungry waits, we will act, Pressman warned.
Can we expect color revolution in Slovakia soon?

Hard to tell, I think we passed the point when the colour revolution card could be used here. - but the future is still open :).

It would require some strong impuls/false flag, but most of people here are already on guard against flags,- we had one spectacular over 5 years ago (a murder of a young journalist with his fiance was used to get rid off rulling goverment, btw. same as we have in power now. Afterward pro western party took lead, ending up in one grand mess during Covid period /talk about bad timing.) So the new flag would need to be done more sofisticaly to trigger pro goverment voters. (I doubt that we are that important to invest much into, as the gain is limited).

Also there are ongoing demonstrations against the government since the last October election, and it changed nothing, even though the pro western orientated cities (two biggest :D) are pushing hard. I guess you can do only so much with cititizens below 1mil there. So it would need to be something much bigger and believable to unite all people. But most Slovaks are not really revolutionalists in nature(only personal opinion). And western values (fake ones) are more difficult to sell with passing time, those who wanted them bought them already, and others are not interested. So all depends on creativity :).

/that much for coulour revolution, however, there are different ways how get what one wants, and EU can be very persuasive in it`s ways./
EU Parliamentary Elections for 2024 are coming up!

Here is where you can check candidates for Your country.

Naturally, in Hungary the ruling party is friendly to Russia is FIDESZ. They have a candidate, who can be voted into the EU Parliament. I'll vote for him.

Here is an Anti-Russian article describing what are the elections about and their bitter language is music to my ears. :D

Also at the same time Hungary will hold a second, domestic election to select the majors in all cities - city council - and we'll also select local city-representatives from the major parties of Hungary there:
Elections in Hungary are held at two levels: general elections to elect the members of the National Assembly and local elections to elect local authorities. European Parliament elections are also held every 5 years.

Naturally, for this as well, I'll carefully select the representatives of the Russia-friendly FIDESZ party.

I will choose the Lesser Devils who have the chance to cement a strong Russian trades relations in the future. Russian gas and Russian oil must flow to Hungary. Currently Russia is building a second nuclear power plant in Hungary, named Paks 2.
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Here is a conservative group that just popped up in Spain, Núcleo Nacional. They are saying all the right words and let's get our country back, so to speak, we know who are our enemies kind of message. Notice the logo. Wonder where they got their logo inspiration from 🤔.

Maybe the tide will turn soon?

Q: (Ursus Minor) Will the PTB turn the wokesters into scapegoats when things get worse?

A: Yes.

I couldn't get past another breakout of the bottom.
Yes, indeed, one of the things that has no limit is human stupidity.
"The bottom is broken again." Zakharova ridiculed the new law in Germany
Zakharova ironically reacted to the German law on the possibility of changing the gender once a year

MOSCOW, Apr 14 - RIA Novosti. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, commenting on the new law in Germany, which allows changing the gender once a year, noted that "the bottom has been broken again."
Earlier, Bild reported that the lower house of the German parliament passed a law on Friday allowing people to change their gender every year.
"As they say, less than two weeks have passed since the legalization of drugs in Germany, as the bottom has been broken again," Zakharova wrote in her Telegram channel.
The diplomat emphasized that teenagers after reaching the age of 14 will not need parental consent to change their gender.
"Why only once a year?" - you may ask. I also wonder why you should restrain yourself in freedom of choice. Perhaps, if more often, the new gender will not have time to heal," Zakharova added.
"Дно снова пробито". Захарова высмеяла новый закон в Германии

Я не мог пройти мимо очередного пробития дна.
Да уж, поистине одна из вещей, которая не имеет предела это человеческая глупость.
The half-witted Portuguese grandfather rated himself "unsatisfactory". In the end, he talks about observing some principles. I wonder which ones, if the only unshakable principle that is visible is the desire to rob, by any, the most unscrupulous methods?
A failed foreign policy has cost the EU dearly, Borrel said
Borrell: different reactions to the conflict in Ukraine and Gaza have cost the European Union dearly

BRUSSELS, April 15 – RIA Novosti. The fundamentally different reaction of the European Union to the conflict over Ukraine and the war in the Gaza Strip has "cost the EU dearly" in relations with Arab countries, Africa, and other regions of the non-Western world, acknowledged the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrel.
He outlined his pessimistic thoughts on the website of the European Foreign Policy Service in a personal blog, in which he actually sums up his activities as chief European diplomat on the eve of the European elections and the formation of a new leadership of European institutions.

"The lack of unity has cost us dearly in the Arab world, as well as in many countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. The difference in our reaction to the wars in Ukraine and Palestine has been widely exploited by Russian propaganda," Borrel wrote.
According to him, in the case of Ukraine, the EU acted "decisively, because there was unity between the EU countries." At the same time, in the conflict in Gaza, where tens of thousands of people have already died, mostly women and children, the EU has failed to stop the fighting, cope with the humanitarian disaster, and facilitate the release of hostages, despite close relations with Israel and funding for the Palestinians.
Borrel also claims that "Russian propaganda", the fight against which he made one of the priorities of his work as head of the European Diplomacy, was successful due to the existing dissatisfaction of the "rest of the world" with the actions of Brussels. In particular, in the "non-Western" world, he said, they were concerned about the uneven distribution of vaccines during the coronavirus crisis, harsh migration policies, insufficient efforts to combat climate change or injustice in international organizations.
Borrell, who leaves his post after a while, believes that in the future the EU should do everything to prevent the consolidation of the alliance "the rest of the world against the West." To do this, according to Borrell, Europeans should adhere to their principles "everywhere and not only in words."
Неудачная внешняя политика дорого обошлась ЕС, заявил Боррель

Another result of the policy of half-witted grandfathers from Europe and America.
Nickel and aluminum prices rose after new sanctions against Russia

Aluminum on the London Metal Exchange (LME) rose to a record high after the introduction of new sanctions against Russia by the United States and the United Kingdom. Bloomberg writes about this.

"Aluminum jumped by as much as 9.4%, which is the highest since the current form of the contract came into force in 1987, while nickel jumped by as much as 8.8%, although prices later declined," the material says.

The price spike was caused by "concerns that sanctions will reduce Russian flows to Western markets," Jia Zheng, head of trade and research at Shanghai Dongwu Jiuying Investment Management Co, told the agency.

As Bloomberg notes, Russia is an important producer of metals, accounting for 6% of global supplies of nickel, 5% of aluminum and 4% of copper. The new restrictions prohibit the supply of these metals to the LME, where world base prices are set, as well as to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Prior to that, the US Treasury said that the ban on the import of metals of Russian origin would limit their turnover on world exchanges.

Earlier it was reported that the imposed sanctions will not prevent Russia from selling aluminum, copper and nickel.
Ð¦ÐµÐ½Ñ Ð½Ð° Ð½Ð¸ÐºÐµÐ»Ñ Ð¸ алÑминий вÑÑоÑли поÑле новÑÑ ÑанкÑий пÑоÑив РоÑÑии - ÐазеÑа.Ru | ÐовоÑÑи

Полоумный португальский дедушка сам себе поставил оценку "неудовлетворительно". В конце он говорит о соблюдении каких то принципов. Интересно каких, если единственный незыблемый принцип, который просматривается, это желание ограбить, любыми, самыми беспринципными методами?
Очередной результат политики полоумных дедушек из европы и америки.
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