A Disturbance in the Force
I have found what I believe are impact marks in the Mediterranean Sea. One of them is halfway between Egypt and Turkey. It left a round impression on the seafloor about 110km in diameter and wrinkled the bottom on one side of the mark indicating direction of travel. It also pushed the seafloor down about 1800 meters along a 600km long shear line. About 200km north of this is a crater 75km in diameter just off the coast of Turkey. It may be the final resting place of an object that hit the earth, I believe, 3200 to 3400 years ago. Features of both impacts have sharp edges that indicate they were formed recently, as they haven't suffered erosion from seawater. The coastline around the impact is very jagged with the remnants of rock that was violently ripped from the earth. There are also numerous locations where mountain sized chunks of land were dumped several miles inland. These "mountains" seem out of place where they landed in flat fields. In one case a long mountain dropped on a beach. Sand goes under it and comes out the other side. This rock was clearly laid on top of an existing beach.

More evidence of a newly formed impact site is a lack of salt formation at the deep points on either side of the impact. The sea dried up six million years ago leaving salt deposits that are thickest at the deepest points. These new deep points have no salt layer and are presumed to have formed within the last 5.3 million years. This is recent and is probably less than that.

I have reasons to believe these spots were created by a huge chunk of pure sulfur, perhaps larger than the one that killed the dinosaurs. I believe there are several reasons life managed to survive. First the marks indicated the object cast a glancing blow on the earth and it hit twice. Second is the chunk was largely liquid due to the very low melting point of sulfur and high temperatures of entry into the atmosphere. The third factor is probably the most important and it has to do with the softness of sulfur compared to rock. Rather than drilling into the earth and sending pieces of earth into orbit, the chunk of sulfur would have broken into pieces that sprayed over a large region. All those heavy pieces flying through the air contain most of the energy of the object. These pieces land all over the place and the earth can absorb them safely. The crater, itself, is formed by the small amount of energy that remains.

Why sulfur? The Bible said so. No more than that. It turns out to be an amazing choice. The strange properties of sulfur provide explanations for the most bizarre stories in the Old Testament. For instance, the object spewed out sulfur fumes as it headed north, low in the sky over the land of Egypt. These fumes are almost three times heavier than air so they quickly sought the lowest point which would be the Nile River. When sulfur fumes condense, they turn into a blood red liquid. So all liquids would have turned red and it is almost impossible not to have happened. The object would have cleared a path all the way across the sea, evaporating most of the water with some freezing at high altitude and coming down as huge pieces of frozen ice. The saturated air would cause relentless rain. I figured fish would have been thrown up as well and the Bible said the plains were littered with fish. Fire and brimstone rained down on cities according to the Bible and the physical evidence shows that a large number of cities were burned with unburied corpses
and ashes all at the same level. Lakes of burning sulfur and the smoke trail blocked the sun with very reflective smoke particles. The smoke trail would have cast an intensely dark shadow across the ground resulting in three days and nights of darkness. The slaves escaping Egypt used pillars of smoke by day and fires by night to guide themselves. Sulfur burns with a pale blue flame that can't be seen in the day. The earth shook or trembled, hot winds blew fiercely, a hump of water formed in the sea. This last one was something I figured would happen. This huge object, at least 28km in diameter, was dumped underwater in a small fraction of a second. A large volume of water would rise up into a mound before spreading out. And the Bible mentioned that very thing.

The water level of the Mediterranean Sea rose permanently because of the submerged material. In shallow waters off the coast of Egypt and Greece are cities that have been submerged. It is possible that a huge section of islands was once a large area of land, perhaps Atlantis. One can view Google Earth and all the shallow areas appear light blue and represent land that is now underwater. It spilled saltwater into the Black Sea as well as Lake Qarun in Egypt. A large dam called Sadd el-Kafara was destroyed from the downstream side as well. For some time it was reported that saltwater lines existed halfway up the Great Pyramids. Some people dismiss this idea but it is a strange story to make up and it would be visible for all to see for hundreds and hundreds of years.

I am suggesting that these events, described in detail in the Old Testament, are what is called the Late Bronze-age Collapse. One thing to come from this event was the loss of ability to read and write. I believe it is simply because everybody that could read and write was killed. No documentation exists for the period following the event. This piece of information forms a powerful tool that has not been used to my knowledge. If a noteworthy event happened, and nothing was written about it, then it was part of the event. Flooding halfway up the pyramid is a juicy piece of information but nobody wrote a thing. The same is true for any of the things listed previously. Not knowing anything suddenly means knowing quite a bit with this application of logic.

Another application of logic and some mathematical calculations led to the realization that only a flood could kill so many people at the same time and over such a wide region. That alone is a major breakthrough. Next I calculated that no process on earth has the energy needed to lift the entire Mediterranean Sea so high. Therefore, I considered an impact from outer space. It must be underwater since no crater can be seen on land. Ten minutes with Google Earth was all it took to find the impacts. There is far more information available but this post is already too long so I'll leave it for another time.

The first picture below shows the two impact sites painted red. The lowest one is the Qattara Depression. Eyewitnesses in Tunisia reported a sun-like object travelling low in the sky and striking what they thought was Libya. They reported what looked like a huge sandstorm in the distance. Locust larvae are often buried in the sand until activated. It is conceivable that millions of locusts would have been released causing one of the Egyptian Plagues. The second picture shows a mountain lying across a beach, half in and half out of the water. I believe it plopped down there after being blown into the air. The third picture shows more land, tinted red, just dropped in the middle of flat farmland. These "mountains" have no foothills like normal ones. The fourth picture is one of many that show how land was ripped away violently.

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