Examples of continuous Israeli harassment/murder of Palestinians

'This means it will never happen.'

US wants ‘accountability’ for death of Palestinian journalist

27 Jul, 2022
America’s top diplomat met with the reporter’s relatives after the State Department declined to blame Israeli troops for her death

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said those responsible for the death of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh would be held accountable, as her family members continue to demand action and insist she was killed by Israeli troops.

After meeting with relatives of Abu Akleh on Tuesday, Blinken voiced his “deepest condolences” and made a “commitment to pursue accountability for her tragic killing,” but did not specify what additional steps might be taken.

State Department spokesman Ned Price later stressed “the priority we attach to accountability” in relation to Abu Akleh’s death, but also offered few other details on how the White House plans to proceed or what was discussed during the sit-down with Blinken.

A veteran Al Jazeera journalist, Abu Akleh was shot dead while covering an Israeli raid on a refugee camp in the occupied West Bank last May, despite wearing prominent markings indicating she was a member of the press.

While the United Nations, along with media outlets and humanitarian organizations, investigated the incident and concluded Abu Akleh was killed by Israeli fire, an official US probe said it “could not reach a definitive conclusion” about who pulled the trigger. The report acknowledged Israeli forces were “likely responsible,” but said there was no evidence she was intentionally murdered, in line with later comments from Israeli officials.

The journalist’s family was highly critical of the American investigation, saying they were “incredulous” about its inconclusive findings, and continue to press for consequences for Abu Akleh’s killer.

Following Tuesday’s meeting with Blinken, the journalist’s niece, Lina Abu Akleh, stated that while the official “made some commitments on Shireen’s killing,” her family is “still waiting to see if this administration will meaningfully answer our calls for justice for Shireen.”

“[Secretary Blinken] told us that he has a duty to protect every US citizen. We will hold him to this,”
she continued. “Nothing short of a US investigation that leads to real accountability is acceptable, and we won’t stop until no other American or Palestinian family endures the same pain we have.”

READ MORE: Israel exonerates itself of killing Palestinian journalist

While the Joe Biden administration has made few public statements about whether it has pressed Israeli officials on the matter, Blinken reportedly raised the issue in private during a call with Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid earlier this month. According to Israeli officials reached by Axios, however, the government has no plans for further action on the case beyond a military investigation already underway, and criminal charges are unlikely.

The Israeli military, for its part, initially suggested the journalist was killed by a Palestinian militant, but later said it was unable to determine who fired the fatal shot. Nevertheless, it stated “conclusively” that Israeli troops harbored “no intention to harm” Abu Akleh and did not deliberately shoot at her during the raid.
'Even the love is not free under the Zionist occupation.'

Israel wants foreigners to report falling in love with Palestinians

4 Sep, 2022
West Bank couples must “formalize” and report their status to the Israeli military

According to new guidelines expected to come into force on Monday, foreigners will be required to inform the Israeli Defense Ministry if their romantic relationship with a resident of the West Bank is getting serious – including plans to live together, get engaged or marry – to receive or extend an entry permit. The restrictions do not apply to those visiting Israeli settlements.

The new set of rules was originally drafted by the Defense Ministry's agency for Palestinian civil affairs, COGAT, back in February, but encountered several delays due to legal challenges. The lengthy 97-page document stipulates the procedure for entry and residence of foreign nationals in the Israeli-controlled Palestinian territories.

Foreign citizens, even those of Palestinian descent living abroad and officially married to a West Bank resident, will no longer be able to obtain a visa on arrival in Israel, and will have to file an application for an entry permit at least 45 days in advance, the Times of Israel reports. Additional requirements are also being introduced for those who fall in love and “form a couple” after the arrival.

“If the relationship starts after the foreigner arrived at the Area, then the authorized COGAT official must be informed in writing… within 30 days of the relationship's start,” the rules state. The “starting date” of the relationship is defined as the day of the engagement ceremony, wedding, or the start of cohabitation – “whichever occurs first.”

The couple must also “formalize” their status with the Palestinian Authority, and failure to do so within 90 days will result in “immediate” expulsion. But even if the relationship status is formalized, the Israeli permit cannot be extended for more than 27 months, after which a foreigner will have to leave the country for at least 6 months.

COGAT officials said this “two-year pilot” program, which does not apply to those visiting Israeli settlements in the West Bank, is intended to make the entry process “more efficient and more suited to the dynamic conditions of the times,” according to AFP.

Watch: US, Israel Conclude Largest-Ever Joint Military Exercise Aimed At Iran​

SATURDAY, JAN 28, 2023

"US Central Command and the Israel Defense Forces concluded Juniper Oak 23.2, the largest US-Israel partnered exercise in history," US Central Command (CENTCOM) said in a press release."

"Both the US and Israel have been threatening military action against Iran to prevent it from acquiring a nuclear weapon. But the Pentagon acknowledged in its recent Nuclear Posture Review that Iran is not trying to build a nuclear bomb."

"Besides sending a message to Iran, the massive exercise demonstrates that the US has Israel’s back in the region despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, which has pledged to expand settlements in the West Bank and eventually annex the territory."

'Actually, Antonio Guterres needs to "wake up" to protect Palestinians from Israeli bloodthirsty regime.'

6 Feb, 2023

07 February 2023

More than two dozen Israeli mayors declare hunger strike over judicial overhaul​

From CNN’s Lianne Kolirin

"More than two dozen mayors from across Israel went on a hunger strike Monday in Jerusalem, protesting against the government’s proposed judicial overhaul, they announced."
“We, the mayors of local authorities from all sides of the political spectrum, starting tomorrow morning, are launching a hunger strike in Jerusalem opposite the prime minister’s office, demanding an end to the huge crisis and the disaster that Israel is hurtling towards, to prevent the security of the country being affected and for the sake of togetherness and unity of the country," Moshe Fadlon, the mayor of the coastal city of Herzliya, posted statement from himself and his protesting colleagues Sunday night.

"The statement was signed by 27 officials, representing a broad spectrum of local authorities across the country."

And this: (for now)

Netanyahu suspends judicial reform​

"In a statement on Monday evening, Netanyahu said that he ordered a “timeout” on the controversial legislation until after the Knesset recess, in order “to give a real opportunity for real dialogue.”

"He condemned “a minority of extremists that are willing to tear our country to shreds, leading us to civil war and calling for refusal of army service,” which he called “a terrible crime.”
More than two dozen Israeli mayors declare hunger strike over judicial overhaul

Liberals in Israel are apparently drunk on the US State Dept. Kool Aid. Amazing what a well-organized color revolution can do to people's minds. In short: Bibi is a nationalist. For decades, Israeli nationalism jived with the US' role for Israeli in the ME: i.e. an outpost for the maintenance of US empire. Now, in a burgeoning multi-polar world, Israeli nationalists' focus on national interests requires a more multi-polar perspective. State Dept. is not happy: hence, mass protests.
FWIW, Andrew Korybko, a Moscow-based American political analyst states that the chaos in Israel is a US backed color revolution.

'"All possible options of retaliation": Netanyahu's uncontrolled rage will lead to destruction of Israel.'

6 Apr, 2023

6 Apr, 2023

Riots spark in Israeli cities with mixed population — report

6 APR, 2023

Israeli armed forces strike Lebanon — IDF

7 APR, 2023
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