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The latest: "Explosion at Mojave Airport Kills 2"


Conspiracy theorists are probably wondering if we're being "set up".


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Could it be linked with the claim that video monitoring will be reinforced in France to fight against 'terrorism'?

Dominique Bussereau, State Secretary, said that it was "not to make Big Brother" ... The gov wants to "cover the largest possibly territory "

Michèle Alliot-Marie said it was "to protect french people from the risk of terrorism or a certain number of violence, it is a way to protect the liberty of french people to go everywhere without risk for their life or their goods"

Le gouvernement veut "tripler" les capacités de vidéo-surveillance
AFP - Jeudi 26 juillet, 14h13PARIS (AFP) - Le gouvernement veut "tripler" les capacités de vidéo-surveillance existant actuellement en France, grâce � l'interconnexion des différents dispositifs, dans le but de lutter contre les risques de terrorisme et de violence, a annoncé jeudi Michèle Alliot-Marie.

La ministre de l'Intérieur, qui venait de présider une réunion sur ce thème, a précisé devant des journalistes qu'elle souhaitait développer la vidéo-surveillance "de façon prioritaire dans le cadre de la future loi d'orientation et de programmation de Sécurité intérieure" (LOPSI) qui devrait être présentée en Conseil des ministres � l'automne.

Il ne s'agit "pas de faire Big-Brother", a assuré Dominique Bussereau, secrétaire d'Etat chargé des Transports, présent lors de cette réunion au siège du ministère de l'Intérieur, Place Beauvau, mais "les risques encourus", notamment en matière de terrorisme "font qu'il (me) paraît indispensable de développer la vidéo surveillance", a souligné Mme Alliot-Marie.

Pour "couvrir le plus large territoire possible", a-t-elle ajouté, il faudra une "meilleure mise en réseau (avec) tous ceux" qui utilisent déj� cette technologie, citant notamment "les collectivités, la RATP, la SNCF, les grands magasins".

Cela passe par "l'interconnexion" de tous ces systèmes entre eux, � l'exclusion des installations privées, a-t-elle assuré.

Le coût de l'interconnexion et des équipements publics � réaliser représente "plusieurs centaines de millions d'euros au total", a estimé la ministre.

Selon elle, il s'agit "de protéger les Français contre le risque terroriste ou contre un certain nombre de risques de violences, c'est la façon de protéger la liberté des Français d'aller et de venir sans risquer pour leur vie ou pour leurs biens"

Mme Alliot-Marie a souhaité que "le plus rapidement possible, � l'automne prochain, nous puissions avoir un dispositif harmonisé et complet", les personnels nécessaires au suivi et � l'analyse des images étant d'ores-et-déj� "globalement suffisants".

Quant � la durée de conservation des images, "entre 48 heures et une semaine selon les lieux, il n'y a pas de changement", a souligné la ministre, en assurant qu'il n'était "pas question que la police ait accès aux données" des installations privées.

L'inspecteur général de l'administration Philippe Melchior, chargé mercredi d'une mission sur la vidéo-surveillance par le président de la République Nicolas Sarkozy, devra communiquer ses propositions aux ministres concernés en septembre.
If you listen them it become very dangerous to move in France, it could be terrorist behind all the streets'corners !
Soon, everywhere, you'll see "Souriez, vous êtes filmés!" ("smile, you're filmed")


As per all the xplosions appearing in the news, I wonder if this is an orchestrated event really , because they have been always in the news, because of the sensational aspects. Of course, couple it with terrist activity, and you got your audience at the edge of their seat. Programming is running fine thus far...
I sometimes wonder though how objective we are ourselves, this is not meant a sting to anyone, Im saying this to myself as well. Undoubtedly theres a grand plan being played out, especially to keep us of the real thing lurking behind the scenes.


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stardust said:
Soon, everywhere, you'll see "Souriez, vous êtes filmés!"
In Cyprus they are using the fact that we are bad drivers to put cameras on traffic lights, to monitor traffic and punish those not following traffic rules. Whatever works in each country! As long as we are all being watched.

Btw stardust, this is the english sott forum ;)


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One of the things I thought of was all the stories a couple years ago about the towns where pipes and toasters and all sorts of weird stuff was bursting into flames. I remember some people hypothesized that those incidents may have been testing of some new exotic weapons. I wonder if all these explosions could possibly be an extension or refinement of that program? It crossed my mind anyway.

Irini said:
I am sure that sott readers noticed the news about 5 explosions that took place around the world the last 24 hours:

Unexplained Explosion Rocks UCLA Campus

Gas tanks explode at Dallas facility

Two Bombs Go Off At Tour De France

Explosion and fire hit major Russian gas pipeline

Explosion at northern Syrian military complex kills 15 soldiers

Plus the warnings about new "terrorist attacks" in the US, i wondered: Are the sparks closer to the powder keg?
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Kermit_42 said:
Programming is running fine thus far...
I sometimes wonder though how objective we are ourselves, this is not meant a sting to anyone, Im saying this to myself as well. Undoubtedly theres a grand plan being played out, especially to keep us of the real thing lurking behind the scenes.
Ya, you really wonder with all the BS filling everyone's mind. The Zeta hogwash, PlanetX scam, Bearden and Hoagland, the ET Psyops, you name it, it is difficult to discern the gems of truth from the intentional and secondary disinformation. It is so nice to have a site like SOTT where an objective view of all these mind games are exposed instead of the mindless programming of the Zetas BS, the Wingmakers scam, the GLP's, and ATS's, the 911 truth bowel movement, et al. The psychological state of the world is almost totally controlled. I am glad SOTT was able to find its way through the quagmire and focus on the psychological knowledge that is lacking in the world and is an absolute must for anyone wanting to even try to see what is going on.


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More Middle East tension's. And more denotation's.

Rush hour blast hits Damascus area, appears to be ‘terrorist act’ – state media

Car blast in front of N. Ireland courthouse, terrorism suspected
Tweets and Free speech comments 3-4 minute Read

Derry car bomb attack: Major PSNI investigation under way
Snip: 7-9 minute Read. about 4 hours ago Video /00:32 Pic's
Widespread political condemnation follows explosion that came ‘after 30-minute warning’
An extensive PSNI operation has been mounted in Derry city centre after a car bomb exploded at 8.15pm on Saturday.

It is understood police received a 30-minute warning after a pizza delivery van was hijacked in the Brandywell area, and it is understood this is the vehicle that was used in the attack.

Police officers had just arrived on the scene when the device explode, but they did not have time to evacuate all premises. It is understood the device was a blast bomb placed inside the car.

Staff in the nearby Bishop’s Gate Hotel were told to lock doors and not allow anyone in. One woman who was inside said: “I was sitting eating my dinner when the bomb went off. After that the staff were brilliant and we were kept up to date with developments.”

Part of the Diamond is cordoned off as is much of Bishop Street.

All the residents in the hotel have now been moved to nearby accommodation. There is no obvious damage to the hotel, and no other premises appear to have been evacuated.


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Blasts in high-rise residential building in China's Changchun (VIDEOS)
Edited time: 25 Jan, 2019 12:15 2 minute Read Tweets/video
At least one person has been confirmed dead after two explosions rocked a high-rise residential complex in the city of Changchun in northeastern China. The police are investigating the incident as a “criminal case.”

A car exploded at an underground garage at the Wanda Plaza Apartment Building on Hongqi Street on Friday, local authorities said. Several minutes later another blast happened on the 30th floor of the same building.

At least one person was found dead inside the building, officials confirmed. Several people were taken to a local hospital where they are being treated for injuries.
First responders, including firefighters and medics, are working at the scene. The building contains shops and offices, as well as apartments.

Bomb threat at Frankfurt train station, hundreds evacuated – police
Edited time: 25 Jan, 2019 15:13 1 Min. Read Tweet.
Some 500 people had to be evacuated from a train in Frankfurt due to a bomb threat, local police reported.

The law enforcement evacuated the passengers of the Intercity-Express train operating between Zurich and Kiel.

Two tracks of the Frankfurt South station have been blocked, the tweet said. Authorities said they received a phone tip-off that there was a bomb on board the train and that a search for it was underway, but wouldn’t offer more details.

A while later, police gave the all-clear, saying no explosives were detected.

Blast rocks top floor of residential building in Moscow suburbs, says source
January 24, 21:18 UTC+3 Short read
At least 30 people have been evacuated
MOSCOW, January 24./TASS/. An explosion has occurred in an apartment building in the town of Balashikha outside Moscow, a source from the emergency services has told TASS.

The source said the blast had rocked the upper floor of a 17-storey apartment house triggering a fire. No other details are immediately available.


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20 killed, dozens injured in twin blast targeting Catholic cathedral in the Philippines
Published time: 27 Jan, 2019 03:47 2 minute Read
At least 20 people have been killed and dozens more injured after two bombs exploded during Sunday Mass near a Roman Catholic cathedral in the Philippines island of Mindanao.

The first blast that took place outside Jolo cathedral was followed by a second explosion just after emergency services arrived at the scene to treat the wounded, security officials told AP. At least 20 people were killed and more than 70 others wounded in dual explosions, security officials said. According to unofficial reports, casualties included both troops and civilians.

Mail truck explodes into rolling ball of fire
Published on Jan 25, 2019 1 minute Read
KANSAS CITY, Missouri (WPVI) --
Neighbors in a Missouri neighborhood are a little rattled after watching a mail truck explode on their street.

The explosion was caught on camera.

WDAF-TV reports, the truck burst into flames, and then rolled backwards down the street.

Authorities say the mail truck came to a stop on a neighbor's lawn before hitting another car or house.

Neighbors believe a blown tire may have sparked the explosion.

A spokesman for the Postal Service says the fire is under investigation and the driver is okay.

Video / / 18:25


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An interesting and overlooked side-note of the recent cafe detonation in the city of Manbij in Syria. I've added the links, and emphasis!

WASHINGTON — Navy Chief Petty Officer Shannon Mary Kent wasn’t supposed to be in Syria.

Last year, the 35-year-old mother of two was slated to attend a clinical psychology doctoral program near Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.

But an obscure Navy rule and a previous bout of cancer derailed those plans and led to her fifth combat deployment instead. She was killed less than two months later.

Now, her family wants to finish the fight started by Kent to undo the regulation.

“The regulation still hasn’t been fixed and that’s something we’re working on now,” said Joe Kent, 38, her husband and father to their two children. “We’d like to change it in her honor.”

Shannon Kent, along with 18 others, including another U.S. servicemember, a Defense Intelligence Agency civilian and a Defense Department contractor, were killed Jan. 16 by a suicide bomber at a restaurant in the Syrian city of Manbij. She was the first female U.S. servicemember killed in Syria since the U.S.-led coalition’s campaign against Islamic State began there in late 2014.

Kent was part of a small, secretive cryptologic intelligence community. She was based out of Fort Meade, Md., and part of the Navy’s Cryptologic Warfare Activity 66, a unit within Cryptologic Warfare Group 6 that focuses on national, strategic and tactical level intelligence, military officials have said.

“She was doing intelligence legwork.
They most certainly were not going out to lunch,” Joe Kent, a retired Green Beret warrant officer, said of his wife’s last moments. “They wanted to run down every last bit of ISIS.”

Kent was due to return to the United States by April. She had hoped to attend Officer Development School in June, followed by her postponed academic plans as part of her commissioning program in August.

Last year, the Navy essentially disqualified Kent from pursuing her doctoral studies because she previously had thyroid cancer.

“If we are healthy enough to deploy worldwide, why are we not healthy enough to pursue officer programs?” Shannon Kent wrote in an April 2018 letter to the then-chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, the late Arizona Republican John McCain, who died in August.

Joe Kent remains stunned at the Navy’s denial.

“It is pretty unbelievable she was considered physically fit to be deployable and
for a special operation in Syria, but not for a classroom to be a psychologist,” he said.

Last week, Kent’s family wrote to Adm. William Moran, vice chief of naval operations, to ask for his help to change the rule that they contend has blocked some enlisted personnel from becoming officers.

The family met Moran at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware when Shannon’s remains were returned Jan. 19 from overseas. Kent is slated to be interred at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia in the coming weeks.

“Before she is laid to her final rest, Chief Kent’s family requests that you make this change happen,” her father-in-law, Christopher Kent, wrote Moran on the family’s behalf in a Jan. 24 letter.

The Navy said the regulation is under review, but no final decision has been made.

“The Navy mourns the loss of a great sailor and offers condolences to her family,” said Lt. Cmdr. Shawn Eklund, a Navy spokesman. “The office of the vice chief of naval operations did receive correspondence from her family and has asked the chief of navy personnel to review the regulation regarding the physical examination standards for enlisted sailors seeking a commission.”

Fighting cancer and a Navy regulation

Kent, a marathon runner and then-mother of one son, started to feel lethargic in 2016.

That summer, the new mother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer while her husband was deployed. Quickly, doctors determined she required surgery and her thyroid was removed.

“She didn’t exactly tell me”
at the time, Joe Kent said. “She said, ‘I just had it cut out, it’s good.’ Treatment was pretty quick.”

There was no chemotherapy, and Kent received several scans showing that she was cleared of cancer in subsequent years.

The couple suspected the thyroid cancer was related to the burn pits that the 15-year Navy veteran was exposed to during her four combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan in her 20s.

As she fended off the cancer, Kent was completing her master’s degree in psychology through Chicago-based Adler University and applied for the Navy’s doctoral program in psychology at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

Kent saw the program as the perfect solution to merging her new life as a mom with her work in the Navy. The Kents’ two sons were born in 2015 and 2017.

“She had found the pathway to do both, but it was yanked out from underneath her,” Joe Kent said. “She figured it fit in with where we were at as a family. She would not have avoided deployment, but she was a new mom.”

Kent wanted to help servicemembers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, he said. And with that, there would be less chance she would deploy into combat zones.

“She was very interested in helping out veterans,” Joe Kent said. “She saw psychology…as a way to stay in the community to contribute to the fight and also help her fellow veterans.”

Kent was accepted and got initial Navy clearance to attend the psychology program in early February 2018.
However, by the end of the month, that changed.

The Navy then said Kent had to meet higher medical standards reserved for joining the service versus the requirements for remaining an active servicemember. The service ruled her out from the program because of her previous cancer.

A regulation contained within several sections of Chapter 15 of the Navy’s Manual of Medical Department, which covers physical standards for medical examinations, lists several health conditions, including cancer, that can disqualify servicemembers from receiving a commission.

“The causes for rejection,” reads section 15-34 of the chapter, which goes on to list several health conditions, including “tumor of thyroid or other structures of the neck.”

Within days of her denial, Kent received orders deploying her to a combat zone, her family said.

“This is discriminatory not just towards me, but any enlisted sailor who has aspirations to commission from active duty,” Shannon Kent wrote last year in her letter to McCain. The Kents didn’t get a response to the letter, Joe Kent said.

But staff for Maryland Democratic Sens. Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen worked with Kent in her efforts last year. Van Hollen’s office took the lead on Kent’s case on behalf of the Maryland delegation, Cardin said.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of Chief Petty Officer Shannon Kent this past month,” Cardin said in a statement. “Chief Kent was an incredible leader who honorably served her country and the Navy. Ms. Kent worked with my office and Sen. Van Hollen’s office on an issue related to her eligibility to become a commissioned officer in the Navy.”

A rock star

A badass. A rock star. Super woman. A force to be reckoned with. These are the descriptions friends, family and colleagues share of Shannon Kent.

With her death, her husband, their 18-month-old and 3-year-old sons, and a wide circle of relatives and friends have been left reeling.

“She is the most patriotic person I have ever met. She loved our country, she gave her life for the country,” said Army Staff Sgt. Ali Hassoon, a longtime Kent family friend and neighbor. “She just wanted to serve and continue to serve.”

Hassoon met Shannon Kent at military training in 2013. Hassoon, a native Iraqi, didn’t know how to swim, but Kent taught him, he said.

Before her deployment, Hassoon’s family joined the Kents for Thanksgiving. Shannon Kent, who recently started working in ceramics and decorated her home with worldly influences, wanted to host a multicultural Thanksgiving, Hassoon said.

“She and Joe would have the turkey ready, we would bring the kabobs and dolma,” he remembered. “When we left, Shannon gave a hug that was a little longer. She said, ‘We will see you guys when I come back.’”

Hassoon said he admired the Kents and called them “patriotic.” The couple met at military training in Fort Belvoir, Va. in 2013. As Shannon attempted to park her car, she locked eyes with Joe standing in the parking lot.

Then, she plowed into another vehicle.

“She shrugged and I thought, ‘That is kind of funny.’ I was like, ‘This is a cool customer right here,’” Joe Kent remembered.

The Pine Plains, N.Y., native signed up for the military in December 2003 shortly after high school, fueled by the 9/11 attacks and her service-oriented family.

Her father, a state police officer, and her uncle, now a retired firefighter, were responders to the World Trade Center attack in New York City. Kent’s father, Col. Stephen Smith, is deputy superintendent and field commander for New York State Police, the agency’s third-highest ranking post.

Kent was gifted at picking up languages. She learned Spanish so she could talk with workers at the stables where she rode horses as a teen, her family said. In high school, Shannon Kent learned French in a few short months.

After 9/11, she wanted to learn Arabic. So in 2005, she graduated from the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, Calif. after learning four dialects spoken by Arabs, her friends and family said.

She also knew Portuguese, Hassoon said. Kent and Hassoon often spoke in his native Arabic.

“She was the best linguist I ever worked with,” he said. “She just loved languages. She just had an ear, she would pick up a language right away.”

Honoring Shannon

When the Navy rejected Kent for the doctoral program and several subsequent waiver applications, she began researching how to fight the requirement that derailed her plans.

It was classic Kent
, her friends and family said. She would come across an idea, tirelessly research and quickly figure out a plan to put in place by the next day, said Kay Kent, her sister-in-law.

In the summer 2018, Shannon, with her husband’s help, lobbied lawmakers from her home state of New York and new home in Maryland, where the Kents have lived for several years.

The Kents had hoped to have a new provision attached to the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act, legislation that dictates policy and spending at the Pentagon. They were not successful.

“We want the regulation changed…to retention standards,” Joe Kent said. “Basically, if you are fit enough to remain in the service, you should be fit enough to apply for a commissioning program.”

Still, the clock was ticking as a November deployment to Syria approached. And Kent didn’t want to desert her unit.

“She wasn’t going to avoid or run from or cry [over] a deployment,” Kent said. But “she had a good deal of anxiety of being separated from our sons. It was mixed emotions. She was very happy and proud to deploy for special operations to combat ISIS. But at the same time, there were late night conversations about being separated from the boys.”

A neighbor of the Kents was able to connect them with the office of Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C., a longtime vocal opponent of the post-9/11 wars. Jones, who is now battling health issues and in hospice care, also fought for Kent and wrote Navy Secretary Richard Spencer on her behalf.

“I am writing to ask for consideration of a potential policy change about the use of ‘initial entry’ medical standards as opposed to ‘retention’ medical standards in respect to officer accessions,” Jones wrote in the Aug. 17, 2018 letter to Spencer shared with the Kents. “I think these practices may be discriminatory while prohibiting upward mobility and advancement opportunities.”

Jones went on to ask in the letter whether it was possible to change the Navy policy to allow retention standards to be applied to enlisted personnel seeking entrance into officer programs.

On Tuesday, Jones’ office, dealing with the lawmaker’s failing health, declined to comment further.

Spencer responded to Jones’ letter, Joe Kent said. In it, they learned the Navy would issue a policy that directed a more expansive waiver process, raising optimism that Kent might finally attend her program this year, her family said.

But while in Syria, Kent ran into new roadblocks. The Navy required a blood sample, which was nearly impossible to provide from a war zone, her family said.

In the meantime, she kept in touch with the family through FaceTime, phone calls, texts and emails.

The day before she died, Shannon saw her husband and children in a FaceTime call. It was the usual chaos trying to keep two rambunctious boys on the screen, Joe Kent said.

They texted and laughed about it afterward, he said. She also wrote she needed to get to bed because she had an early outing the next day and would text again that morning.

Joe Kent didn’t know where his wife was going. They knew such sensitive details couldn’t be shared.

“She basically said, ‘I am going out this morning, I will text you back when I am back and safe,’”
Joe Kent said. “And that was our last talk.”

Stars and Stripes Staff Writers Corey Dickstein and Chad Garland contributed to this report.

Some late entries:

January 29, 13:11 UTC+3
On January 29, some regional organizations and institutions received anonymous bomb threats via e-mail
MOSCOW, January 29. /TASS/. Lessons were cancelled in all schools in Perm due to anonymous bomb reports received on Tuesday, the press service of the Perm Region Ministry of Territorial Security reported.

On January 29, some regional organizations and entities received anonymous reports of bomb threats via e-mail. After that, the facilities were evacuated and examined by experts. Local media reported that all Perm schools and health care facilities received such reports.

"The lessons in the afternoon shift were cancelled in all Perm schools due to the anonymous reports received by e-mail," the press service told journalists in the report.

A massive evacuation was carried out earlier this week after information about the alleged mining of some social facilities in Far Eastern and Siberian regions. All the bomb threats turned out to be hoaxes.


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DAMASK, May 12 - RIA News. Several powerful in the United Arab Emirates during a fire that engulfed at least seven oil tankers, Lebanese television channel al-Mayadeen reports, citing local sources.

According to the cited data, between seven and ten oil tankers caught fire. The causes of the fire have not yet been established.
Eyewitnesses reported that they saw several American and French military aircraft in the sky above the port. :whistle:

Several heavy explosions occurred early on Sunday in the port of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates, a number of media reports say. Local media reports, citing eyewitnesses, suggested that American and French warplanes have been seen flying over the port at the time of the incident.

According to the Lebanon-based al-Mayadeen broadcaster, the real cause of the incident has still been unknown. The blasts were heard between 4:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. local time (00:00 — 03:00 GMT), the broadcaster reported, adding that from seven to 10 oil tankers were in flames.

Currently, there's no information on possible casualties, while the authorities haven't commented on the incident yet.

Port of Fujairah is the only multi-purpose port on the Eastern seaside of the country and is connected to all other emirates within 300 km. The port stands some 70 nautical miles from the Strait of Hormuz, thus becoming increasingly important amid Iran's threat to close the strait.

In July 2012, the UAE began utilising the Habshan-Fujairah oil pipeline from the Habshan fields in Abu Dhabi to the Fujairah, effectively bypassing the Strait of Hormuz.

Currently, the UAE is building the world's largest crude oil storage facility in Fujairah, capable of storing up to 14 million
barrels of oil.

Update: Damage control ?

Translated from Arabic by Microsoft
The media office of the Government of Fujairah denies the authenticity of media reports that speak of strong explosions rocked the emirate of Fujairah Emirates at dawn of the day, and confirms that the traffic in the port is done as usual, and calls the media to investigate accuracy and reliance on official sources.
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Curious. I note that this story about at least 7 big ships burning due to the explosions is quite big for it having been made up out of thin air, which the local government apparently is suggesting now. Why would anyone create such a fake story (assuming it really is one) in such a scale which can be fast and easily disproved? I think if someone would do that, it would more likely not involve such big ships.

Maybe this was another case of a cosmic intruder and the Powers To Be were quick to cover it up by suggesting it never even happened?
Having said that, the Oil connection is an interesting point which could also point (with the apparent reports about French and US Fighter Jets) to some kind of military operation.

On the other hand, the sheer scale of the concerned oil ships being burned down (7 up to 10 in some reports) would make it rather difficult, one would assume, for the local government to just cover it up by saying it never happened. In other words; the logistics involved (including the large number of people who must have witnessed this) is quite big and in a very short period for it being plausibly a cover up. I mean you would assume you can't just make 7-10 big ships disappear without anyone asking serious questions after the government declares "it never happened".

Would be great to have some local on the spot pictures, videos and reports, if they exists.


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Having said that, the Oil connection is an interesting point which could also point (with the apparent reports about French and US Fighter Jets) to some kind of military operation.
That sounds like it.
-https://navaltoday.com/2019/05/10/uss-abraham-lincoln-arrives-in-middle-east-after-suez-canal-transit/ said:
USS Abraham Lincoln arrives in Middle East after Suez Canal transit

US Navy aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) and ships from its carrier strike group entered the US 5th Fleet area of operations on May 9 after transiting the Suez Canal.

The Abraham Lincoln CSG (ABESCG) arrived in the Middle East a little earlier than initially planned, following an announcement from the US National Security Council that the carrier would be deployed to the Strait of Hormuz “in response to a number of troubling and escalatory indications and warnings” about a possible Iranian attack on US or ally forces.

Bases in Almost Every Direction: HERE is Where US Outposts Near Iran are Located
Tensions between Washington and Tehran escalated sharply this week after the US announced the deployment of a carrier strike group to the region and warned that Washington would hit back at Iran with "unrelenting force" if the Islamic Republic threatened US interests.

Tel Aviv Fears Israel May Be Hit in the Crossfire If US and Iran Go to War
Earlier, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the US is aiming to "fix" the situation, with Iran apparently serving as "the major destabilising influence in the Middle East" amid the concentration of US military assets, including a carrier group, in the region.



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Lot of oil-tankers and related affiates have been going up in smoke. I think it maybe ether or like you say!
US military deployments across Mideast, rooted in 1991 Gulf War are now a factor in Iran tensions. Here's what military assets the U.S. has across the Persian Gulf and why America has maintained its long presence in the region.
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