Extrange NDE matches many C's topics


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I`ve found this NDE from a polular website that matches many information given by our 6D friend(s)
Assuming that the narrative comes from the filtered point view of a simple, yet full person, and his christian backgroud way of interpret things, it covers these familiar C's themes:

*) This guy describes the place of the event as a wise people crowed spaceship.
*) The STS rule of our imposed leaders, and the ancient power of our real rulers (represented as a powerfull black book)
*) The COMET (literally) describer as a "peacemaker" tried to get ride of at all costs by the elite.
*) The invest on resources from the real rulers to increase the evil.
*) The current war on high densities.
*) The unefectiveness of the weapons against the deep state.
*) An interpretation of 5D.

There is munch more. You can get it here:

Miguel RP NDE 4133

I've started to read your transcripts a few months ago. I was surprised to know how the Cd's had to figth serveral barriers on delivering their stuff, because I've had same problems and in some cases reaching the same solution, i. e. breaking down large questions because small questions can not carry the prejudice.

I agree almost completly their material ( except maybe some aspects of the diet, I follow a different approach and have not a flu in my life and went to the doctor last time 30 years ago, except for accidents)

Anyway, I really love read your transcripts. I'ts really delicious.

Greetings, and tanks.


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