Final days youTube channel: hoax, misunderstanding of the author or the real deal?


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Can someone explain what are we looking at?

The lady copies the footage from webcams from publicly accessible over the Internet weather stations in Alaska and, I guess, in Canada. She explains the interaction between the Sun, "the Nebula", some planet or a large cosmic object that is in close proximity to the Earth, that could be seen when it passes in front of the Sun. And, also "NASA" provided and controlled craft/ship/object that looks like a black colored spot that stays in front of the sun and moves in sync with it. She says the object is closer to the observer and it is not a part of the web cam because it has a reflection on a water surface...

My opinion is that it is indeed some black screen/spot coupled with these web cams and is synchronized with the Sun's movement across the horizon. It also covers the Sun's reflection from the water - just to protect the web cam CCD matrix from burning out.

But, it is an interesting footage...


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Couldn't see more than 5 min. There are glares, unclean lenses, internal reflections, detector saturation, etc. The usual artefacts one obtains when pointing a webcam or any electronic camera towards the sun.
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