First Covid-19 inspired poetry


Jedi Master
It is a new rhyming form that I have never used before. I do not know if it even exists "officially".
The poem is as close to facts as I could make it.

Louis Pasteur
Was the guy who came up with germ theory
His fellow scientists were not clearly
They thought it was a conspiracy
But we all paid for it dearly

Instructions were de rigueur
Expose yourself to weakened germs
Receive a vaccine in another terms
It "strengthens" your immune system
But you take the bull by the horns

Covid-19 is a force majeure
It sprung on us like a Jack-in-the-box
Respiratory contagious modern pox
That kills elderly
Ruins markets and devalues stocks

Vaccine! Give us the vaccine
I hear people for their saviour crying
A few major players are already vying
To develop the cure that's worse than the disease
But regulatory fully complying

Who knows that Louis was wrong?
His contemporaries are all already dead
His science was sanctified and all that
You can not question the hallowed
Scientists and their rituals aforesaid.


Jedi Master
This is a poetic interpretation of Mile Mathis's theories, that the modern cabal sprouted from Phoenician navy and then, through conquests and marriages, took over the ruling families of Middle East and Europe, manufactured wars that enriched the merchant and banking cartels and installed them as top rules of every society in the world. From behind the curtain, they manipulated art and science and created intelligence agencies, and installed both official and controlled opposition leaders; Ruling by deceit, as hidden kings, they manufactured faked events and faked killings to keep the populace in permanent fright. With the latest corona-virus "pandemic" they are trying to mop up the worlds wealth and streamline their hold on power. It looks they are still on top of their game...

I called politcs.

I called politics
a dirty business
Oh boy, was I stupid
that shebang is much

A whole incestuous
murderous, rich, Jewish
Installed itself
on the top of the world -

From the ancient history
came Phoenician
It conquered the world
and insured its permanent

It took centuries' efforts
and hundreds of persistent
They exploited the wives
and daughters as Trojan

Deceit and seduction
wonton vanity and naked
Are the tools they employed
in this long running

What Komnenes, Jagiellons
Vasas, Medicis had
Insured their lineages
dominance under
the Sun

When aristocrate rulership
hit the dire
They were taken over
by brave merchants

Money changers and bankers
sprung from the same
Industrial magnates
with faked fascists
in cahoots

No mistakes were made
smoke and mirrors proved the
Proper peerage maintained
and confirmed in the Tree of

The fronts were dropped
theaters staged some new
The actors appeared
they were subversive and

And now we have what we have
not because of
Just do the math
and then calculate the

That plague is surely killing
its own
Fake art, fake science
fake religion, well, just

I hope that I made
the right and proper
I asked a friendly
mohel to perform

I hedged my bets
when its time for a final
If we would not be able
to win, I will join
I was going to add a line from WrestleMania (an imaginary place wear people fight each other which I'm not into) but I didn't because some things are sacred in reference to John 3:16
This guy is holding up a Bible in the ring and saying with his righteousness he is protected. And a jerk comes over and beats him up and holds up the Bible and says John 3:16--i just wooped you6 ass. (No you didn't- bad taste)
Covid 19-when I am 21 I can go to war
John 3:16 I just whooped your ass
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