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Hello Russian speakers,

I'd like to share with you an interview in Russian of François Asselineau.

This is from : https://www.upr.fr/actualite/un-entretien-fleuve-de-francois-asselineau-dans-la-revue-devec-publiee-par-un-proche-conseiller-de-vladimir-poutine

An interview of François Asselineau in the magazine DEVEC, published by a close adviser of Vladimir Putin
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Posted on April 16, 2015 in News, Articles

The Russian monthly magazine "Развитие и кономика" - "Development and Economy" or "DEVEC" - published a 30-page interview with François Asselineau in its 12th issue (published in February 2015). This high-quality journal of form and content is published monthly by the Russian Railway Company and is sold on subscription throughout Russia. It is aimed specifically at senior executives of Russian administration and companies.

The Russian Railway Company, editor of this prestigious magazine, is also headed by Vladimir Yakunin. The latter co-chairs the Franco-Russian Dialogue and is one of the four or five leaders closest to President Vladimir Putin. [Source: http://www.lesechos.fr/18/12/2014/lesechos.fr/0204027995765_proche-conseiller-de-poutine-vladimir-iakounine-demeure-flegmatique-sur-les-tensions-franco-russes.htm # 6B0mAd8YxMBvqtex.99]

We publish below the 30-page interview with many illustrative pictures, in the original Russian version, in PDF format. We will soon be publishing the French version. [Haven't seen it]

He is a French candidate to Presidency. And he's France only real option in my opinion.

Here is the article online, in Russian.

It has not been translated to french, so I cannot tell you more as I don't speak Russian. (Yet :lol:)
But take it as hearsay, he is worth discovering even though he's been hard to even discover in the first place.
Elections are so close, hopefully butterfly wings have their impact.

Attached is the article in PDF with photos, which might be a more comfortable read for anyone interested. Feel free to share your views as I've been observing him and saw a consistent man which could change the Franco-russian relationship by a great length. It might be worth sharing on Sott if there isn't any flaw.


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Thank you, Starshine, for sharing information about Asselineau. Interestingly enough, only today someone else asked about him here. Perhaps you could also share your view there?

Regarding the article in Russian, will make sure to read it later on, when will have more time. Just couple of notes so far. First, that the article is from 2014. It is good, because it gives an opportunity to see what his opinions were before the whole anti-Russian craziness. On the other hand, he is a critic of the "multipolar world" idea, and calls it an american or anglo saxon invention, that is based on a planetary apartheid. According to him our understanding of the word that it is something positive and fair is wrong, and in fact it signifies a clash of civilizations, as in US (that swallowed Europe and NATO) and the rest of the countries, like Russia, China, India, etc.

Well, it is kind of what is happening now, but I don't quite understand yet why he sees it as something negative (perhaps Europe doesn't like the idea of realizing that they have been slaves and a puppet of NATO and US all along?), and why he calls it a US invention. Seems like quite the opposite. But I probably need to read more first.


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Keit said:
Thank you, Starshine, for sharing information about Asselineau. Interestingly enough, only today someone else asked about him here. Perhaps you could also share your view there?

I shared my view on him with some others in this thread :French Presidential Elections 2017

Regarding his views concerning the European Construction, some more can be found in this translated article :
The European Union at present doesn't correspond to the ambitions of Europeans between the Wars, but to those of Washington in Cold War mode. It does not aim to pool resources, but to create a grand market linked to the Anglo-American empire, removed from any influence from Moscow. Moreover, the objective is not to ensure peace in Europe (as has been seen in Yugoslavia and one sees today in Ukraine) but, on the contrary, to divide Europe between West and East. The publication of a document dating from 1965 shows how the then Vice President of the European Economic Community discussed with the US the means to 'con' the European population.

In a significant article, 19 September 2000, the journalist of the establishment British Daily Telegraph, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, has shown that American authorities have underpinned the process of the European project, but have also initiated, during the 1960s, a monetary union [1] = www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/1356047/Euro-federalists-financed-by-US-spy-chiefs.html

Relying on analysis of the archives of the US State Department for the 1950s and 1960s, made public in the summer of 2000, this article, although sensational in its implications, has been totally ignored by the French media and the Party machines.

Nevertheless, the odd rare article has brought to public attention a detailed and serious analysis of the subject [2].

He also made many conferences available that I have yet to watch but here is a summary from one :
Summary : The origins of the european construction

"Europe is peace", "Europe is Franco-German reconciliation", "Europe is a French invention", "Europe is democracy", "Europe is prosperity "," Europe is an opening to the world ", or "Europe makes it possible to counterbalance the United States "....

Whether in school, on television, on radio and in all the newspapers, these slogans are so constantly repeated since our birth that they finished by appearing to us obvious, irrefutable, noble, just, inoffensive and comforting.

Yet they are based on a faked presentation of history that has only a very distant relation to reality.

The so-called "European construction" has origins much older than the 1957 Treaty of Rome, and it pursues objectives that remain hidden from the general public.

The real project of the "United States of Europe" by Victor Hugo in 1849, or the Hitler project of "New Europe" and its revival by the United States after 1945, are taboo subjects.

However, it is essential to know them if we are to understand what is happening now. For example, the draft Transatlantic Treaty, the control of major industrial and financial groups on the political, economic and social life of the European continent, events in Ukraine, the increasingly visible hostility of the EU against Russia and the Muslim world, submission to Washington and Berlin ....

As one Chinese proverb put it, "the most painful things to learn are also the ones most worth knowing." This is exactly what this conference is about, presented in an attractive way with video support.

It will give you information, which is always perfectly verifiable, which will amaze you unpleasantly, but which will enable you to finally understand why the European Union does not correspond at all to the fairy tale that you have been taught.

This conference of François Asselineau, founding president of the Union Populaire Républicaine, was registered on April 24, 2014 at the mines house in Paris.

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