Freddie Mercury is alive!


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Maybe, but he wil never equalize the particular Freddie Mercury sound. Simply unattainable anatomic configuration. Too bad. Good effort though.
I'm not sure what you mean here, but if the main interest is to compare him with Freddie then sure, there's no one that can equal him when it comes to his charisma, stage presence, interpretation and energy. However, if you ask me, Marc's singing skills are remarkable – there are very few people in the whole world who have a singing technique like this. Most of today's artists have surprisingly poor singing techniques, but this harsh reality is tweaked by thorough sound manipulations, auto corrections (pitch) etc. Although Marc's video may have a little bit of added reverb, it's still real live singing on a very high level, which made me very happy to see and hear. :-)


“Unattainable anatomic configuration” What immediately comes to my mind is the fact that Freddie was born with four extra teeth, which he believed contributed to his unique voice. When asked why he never got them fixed he said that the risk of altering his timbre and range was simply too great...darling.;-) Whether that’s anatomically true is debatable, but nonetheless he believed it.

And judging by that video from Chile, he’s also discovered the Fountain of Youth!:-D
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