Frequency Fence (5g, Starlink, etc)


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I ran across this YouTube doc loaded with details about the SpaceX Starlink system.

Here are some of the points of interest:

It's FAST; faster than the fastest fiber optic cable. Apparently stock traders are willing to invest heavily for something offering as small as a 5 millisecond communications advantage when in buying and selling. If you hold that advantage as a big trading house, you pretty much own the trading floor; you can essentially print money. I didn't realize this, but the current fastest trans-Atlantic cable was financed precisely by such a conglomerate of interests.

The Starlink system keeps its satellites in LOW orbit, (just over 500 Km up. Compared to the 35,786 Km of geosynchronous orbit).

The satellites use lasers to communicate with each other; the idea is that they are in constant connection with four other satellites at all times, just to maintain an open channel to provide switching options.

The satellites transmit into 500 sq Km fields onto the Earth's surface, aiming using fixed antennas and destructive wave forms to guide signals.

Receivers are pizza-box sized dish units on the ground. So anybody can get a link. The projected retail customer price is around $250 in hardware.

The satellites aren't that small. They have big unfolding solar panels. The video didn't give measurements, but they aren't baseballs.

This was interesting; the satellites are designed to self-destruct at the end of their service life by plunging out of orbit and burning up. This made me think that it might serve as a handy system to cover up for comet activity. 15,000 satellites? We'd see a few of them burning up every night.

All in all, this seems more like a sci-fi dream thought up by a 12 year-old than it does an actual system somebody is really building, and so quickly, too. Setting aside all the many negatives, from a sheer engineering perspective, it's an absolutely mind-numbing accomplishment. Hmm... It's a mind-numbing accomplishment in other ways, too.

I'd be very interested to know what a floating low-power HAARP system can do. I'd LOVE to see the super-secret CIA documents on this stuff. I wonder if people will stop chuckling and clear their throats awkwardly as tin foil hats become a main stream concern?

Anyway, check it out for yourself:



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Man, this satellite race is intense!

In addition to SpaceX's projected fleet of 11,943 units, (holy crap!), Samsung, Amazon and a company called OneWeb plan to put up thousands more of their own.

From Wikipedia:

In addition to the OneWeb constellation, announced nearly concurrently with the SpaceX constellation, a 2015 proposal from Samsung has outlined a 4,600-satellite constellation orbiting at 1,400 kilometers (900 mi) that could provide a zettabyte per month capacity worldwide, an equivalent of 200 gigabytes per month for 5 billion users of Internet data.[77][78] Telesat announced a smaller 117 satellite constellation in 2015 and plans to deliver initial service in 2021.[79] Amazon announced a large broadband internet satellite constellation in April 2019, planning to launch 3,236 satellites in the next decade in what the company calls "Project Kuiper", a satellite constellation that will work in concert[80] with Amazon's previously-announced large network of 12 satellite ground station facilities (the "AWS Ground Station unit") announced in November 2018.[81]
Starlink (satellite constellation) - Wikipedia

And while consumers will supposedly be buying small dishes to connect to the space web, the companies will be using extensive terrestrial installations to maximize the benefits of their fleets...

In February 2019, a sister company of SpaceX, SpaceX Services, Inc., filed a request with the US Federal Communications Commission to request a license for the operation of up to 1,000,000 fixed satellite earth stations that will communicate with its non-geostationary orbit satellite (NGSO) Starlink system.[36]
The system will be up and running in fairly short order, but it's still a mammoth job.

By April 2019, SpaceX was transitioning their satellite efforts from R&D to manufacturing, with the planned first launch of a large batch of satellites to orbit, and the clear need to achieve an average launch rate of "44 high-performance, low-cost spacecraft built and launched every month for the next 60 months" to get the 2,200 satellites launched to support their FCC spectrum allocation license assignment.[37] SpaceX has said they will meet the deadline of having half the constellation "in orbit within six years of authorization ... and the full system in nine years."[7]
With the initial launch of the first 60 satellites of the operational constellation in 2019, SpaceX indicated that it would require 420 sats in the constellation to achieve minor broadband coverage of Earth, and 780 of the first ~1600 to provide moderate coverage.
This is a pic provided by SpaceX of their deployment vehicle:

I remember not so long ago that Musk's teams were operating out of a warehouse in the desert, shooting off small tubes. This has been such a fast development period, it has redefined how people think of space; We'd gotten used to NASA snail-pace development.


While I am impressed with the effort and industry behind all of this, it still makes me cringe at the sky.

The satellites will employ optical inter-satellite links and phased array beam-forming and digital processing technologies in the Ku and Ka bands, according to documents filed with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
I'd never heard of the "K" bands, but this, I gather, means that these satellites will be communicating with Earth in the 12-40 Gigahertz spectrum. I was trying to work out how useful this would be on its own, and while that's a lot of bandwidth, the answer is "Not very".

Even at full deployment, there will only ever be a couple of active satellites over major cities. And while 40 Gigahertz is a lot of bandwidth, (you could download roughly 40 movies per second), when you consider the needs of a modern city of 4 million people.., it's going to run into ceilings rather quickly. These satellites are just nodes in much larger existing network including terrestrial cables and building top antenna arrays, etc.

But a constant 40 Ghz field always in effect around us all, all the time, (and that's JUST from one of several networks), even at low, low powers.., hm.

Frequency fence, indeed!

Friggin' Musk. I really admire what he has done as an engineer and global go-getter, asking "Well.., why not? Why respect these psychological limitations? Who says you can't build your own car company and space agency?" I like his personality when we've seen it, but I also feel like he's perhaps the King of Useful Idiots.


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2 hours . . ..
Streamed live 15 hours ago Sept 13 2019
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I just found this website that shows a map of the Netherlands and where all the 4G towers are. You can type in a city/village or an address: 4GMasten kaart (No information yet on 5G)

This website also includes other countries: Link

re: Ookla 5G Map - Tracking 5G Network Rollouts Around the World
The interactive Ookla 5G Map tracks 5G rollouts in cities across the globe. Updated weekly from verified public sources and Ookla data, you can follow operators' newest 5G networks on @Ookla5GMap


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I know this will sound odd and it probably is, but it occurred to me that the frequency fence could have a lot to do with certain chemicals and nasty ingredients being put in hair products.
Shampoos, conditions, hairspray, jell, mouse all of that stuff could potentially be affecting us more then we think.
It’s something we all voluntarily put on our heads every day.
I like to stick with pure Castile soap and have even been considering using a mulberry tea as a hair rinse!


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In addition to SpaceX's projected fleet of 11,943 units, (holy crap!), Samsung, Amazon and a company called OneWeb plan to put up thousands more of their own.

Was reading something the other day where professional astronomers are petitioning regulators due to increasing concerns relative to the celestial pollution that will occur, with all these low orbit ‘reflectors’ buzzing over, as their magnitude will apparently occlude the majority of stars!

Imagery that then made me wonder if that by-product wasn’t also by design?

Must say I’ll be pissed if I miss these over-due comets incoming just so people can watch Living Dead reruns on their smart watches 🙄


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I'm quite pissed I have to say since I just heard of this Starlink project from SpaceX for the first time from a friend who told me how he saw a quite visible and distracting array of those satellites flying overhead at night. I didn't know about it! Also, looks like the astronomical community wasn't happy at all that that SpaceX would be allowed, without any democratic justification at all, to essentially ruin all observations from earth of the sky by putting up those satellites forever. And they are not even close of being done yet. In the end all you will see is probably a sky full of those satellites at night while constellations and such will be hard or even impossible to make out. They are planning to put up thousands more and as said above Apple, Samsung and Co also plan to do the same, essentially ruining any observations of objects in the sky for the unseeable future. Which will make the discovery of comets and observation of UFOs even more impossible. Not to mention that each of those satellites is apparently a flying high-powered solar driven and focused W-Lan beaming device, essentially being able to bombard every square meter of the earth with those beams. One surely wonders how and why companies like SpaceX are allowed to do something like that without even slightest consent of the all countries and people of the world. Once up there, how can they ever be brought down again, especially by ordinary people? Maybe comets will do the job at the end. Maybe part of the main objective here is indeed that nobody can observe the sky, and see especially things like comets approaching? Also, I think it is hard to imagine that all those companies would be allowed to do something like that without the explicit consent and approval of the PTB.


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Regarding Starlink: I was last night for several hours outside and observed also the sky a bit, till I saw first one light moving and then one more and one more and it seemed never-ending. First I wondered if it may be a UFO since it became bright suddenly (which happened because of the angle to the sun at that point), but it was followed by other light which became bright also at one point. And since they all had the same flight path and distance I considered that these must be satellites. Honestly, it is kind of disturbing and annoying watching it since our eyes react to moving things and now when you don't have too much light pollution you have now Space-X pollution, no matter where you are. Well, really disturbing development, especially when looking at the sky you look for something quiet.


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I just got this Arthur Firsenberg's SCARY newsletter:
ON MAY 26, SPACEX FILED an application with the Federal Communications Commission for 30,000 “next-generation” (“Gen2”) satellites. They will orbit at between 328 km (203 miles) and 614 km (380 miles) in altitude. They will use frequencies from 10.7 GHz to 86 GHz. They will aim focused beams that will cover the Earth in a mosaic of overlapping cells, each cell being about 8 kilometers in diameter.

The databases filed with the FCC by SpaceX indicate that 40,700 1-MHz channels are available to each satellite, and that a minimum of 7.8125 MHz of spectrum is needed for each user, if I am interpreting them correctly. Which means the Gen2 Starlink satellites could be capable of serving up to 150 million Internet users at the same time.

This is not a good thing.

In my last newsletter I requested to hear from people who have been having heart palpitations since April 22. With its launch of 60 more satellites on April 22, SpaceX brought the number of its “first generation” (“Gen1”) satellites up to 420, which is the number it had previously announced it needed for "minor" coverage of the mid-latitudes to about 56 degrees north and south. The responses to my request have come from far and wide, and I find them extremely disturbing. Here are some of them:

“I had a horrible bout of palpitations one evening while upstairs,”
wrote Julie from Bulgaria. “I keep a journal and had recorded it, as I felt as though I was going to pass out or worse! The date? The 23rd of April.”

“I checked my calendar back on April 22,” wrote Crystal from California. “Yes indeed, I was a MESS that day with heart palpitations. I was also extremely dizzy, fatigued, confused, irritable and bloated. I was such a mess.”

“Not only have I been having heart palpitations for three weeks now,” wrote Elena from France on May 20, “I am having breathing difficulties. I am only 33 and in perfect health otherwise, doing a lot of sport and eating well. There have been a couple of nights when I thought I would have a heart attack, I was suffocating, could not breathe and my heart was beating so hard and fast, you could hear it from another room.”

“In April about the 22nd I awakened with double vision,” wrote John from Alabama. “I went to the ER and a CT scan was done and I was referred to a neurologist. He said that I had a stroke.”

“I love earthing - just walking barefoot on the earth,” wrote Suzy from England. “I have noticed these last days that when I put my feet on the earth I feel like there is a jagged vibration instead of the peace that I usually experience.”

“For the last month or so I have been getting the most heavy and intense heart palpitations I have ever experienced,” wrote Ivan from British Columbia, Canada on May 20. “Also in this last month my ability to get a good night's sleep has deteriorated significantly for no apparent reason.”

“I have been having heart palpitations,” wrote Rebecca from the state of Washington on May 21, “and my nine-year-old daughter has been complaining of feeling heartbeat in her head and even her legs. This began a few weeks ago.”

“I live in the south of Sweden, in the countryside, I'm 25 years old,” wrote Nanna. “I have been experiencing heart palpitations, among other symptoms like aches, pains, itching and lots of tiredness. Not normal for me. We don't have a tower nearby or a router.”

“My wife and I have been suffering from chronic fatigue for the past few weeks, and it never seems to go away,” wrote John from New Mexico on May 20. For the first time in my life, I can have maybe three cups of coffee and be ready to go back to sleep within just two hours.”

“I have been having nights where I wake up with heart excitement for the last month,” wrote Gerilee from California on May 21. “I have had to do deep breathing techniques to calm my nervous system at night.”

“I began experiencing intense heart palpitations on April 23,” wrote Jennifer from California, “with episodes of them lasting for hours at a time and feeling like my heart would come out of my chest. I've never experienced anything like this before in my life.”

“My health has regressed dramatically over the past month,” wrote Rachel from northern Michigan on May 21. “Back around mid-April I started having extreme fatigue, muscle aches and tightness in my chest. If I didn't know better I would have thought I had the Virus, thing is no fever and the symptoms came and went. I am in my early 40s.”

“I too have been experiencing heart palpitations over the past month,” wrote Dignan from British Columbia on May 21. “They have gotten so bad at times that I can’t fall asleep.”

“I am one of the many who are experiencing detrimental effects following the last SpaceX launch,” wrote Leanna from Indiana. “Chest pain, heart palpitations, hypoxia and excessive thirst. We built a healthy, low EMF home in the middle of a 6-acre woods. The satellites are also impacting my husband, my senior cat, and my chickens.”

“My sister and I both have had abnormal sudden increase of heart palpitations,” wrote Billie from Florida. “We both just admitted that we have been literally coughing almost daily to get our heart back in rhythm. I am in my 50s and I am very healthy.”

“In the last month I’ve had heart palpitations,” wrote Mustafa from Michigan on May 21. “I am a very healthy 32-year-old who lives a holistic lifestyle.”

“I have experienced heart palpitations for the past few weeks,” wrote Eva from Luxembourg on May 20. “I am also out of breath quicker than before and I have started putting on weight without changing my diet. I am 46 years old.”

“I have 100% been receiving heart palpitations since April 22,” wrote Luke from London. They seem to have calmed but it has been like nothing I have experienced. I'm a personal trainer and therapist who is in touch with his body.”

“I have been experiencing heart palpitations since April 22,” wrote Ellen from Leiden, Netherlands. “They were already present once every so often, but they have increased in intensity.”

“I have sometimes been waking up with heart palpitations during the night in recent weeks,” wrote Deborah from Indiana on May 20. “Not severe, but strange. And a friend of mine mentioned the same thing.”

“I have been to the Emergency Room, April 28th and May 16th and had to be cardio converted twice because of a severely out of rhythm heart,” wrote Michael from the state of Washington. “They gave me medication after the first one that didn't do a thing for the second attack. Plus I had a blood clot in my leg so severe they are going to have to remove the vein, it is so damaged. All this came out of nowhere.”

“Last few weeks I live and sleep barefoot in the garden and I am constantly grounding,” wrote Evelina from California, “and yet when I go to bed at night there is this charge and restlessness in my body, I feel like I am going to explode.”

“We live in France and we have shortness of breath and palpitations for no reasons at times including my kids,” wrote Veronika. “We live in nature, completely lost in nowhere so to speak, no mast close by, no mobile or WiFi or any other wireless devices. I thought I had the COVID-19, it was scary as I really had a hard time to breathe and constant heart palpitations. The biggest surprise to me was, and I shared that to all I could, that I didn’t feel ill like any other viral illness I ever had. I felt IRRADIATED! That was the only way I could explain what was happening to me to my family and friends.”

“I am experiencing cardiac arrhythmia for the first time in my life,” wrote Humphrey from England. “My breathing is also affected. I don't seem to be able hold my breath for as long now.”

“I, too, have experience heart palpitations and pain in my sternum since the launch,” wrote Jacquie from British Columbia.

“I have had heart palpitations since the satellites were launched,” wrote Jennifer from England, “also burning eyes, low-level headaches on the top of my head and memory issues.”

“I have been experiencing heart palpitations, racing heart, and erratic heart rhythms over the past 6 weeks, out of the blue,” wrote Megan from Colorado on May 27.

“I woke up at 1:30 a.m. about a month ago and my heart was top speed until 3 a.m.,” wrote Appley from Ireland on May 22. “My partner was very worried, my whole body shook for the whole period of my heart racing.”

“I just read your newsletter from yesterday and found out the satellites went up at the same time as my symptoms,” wrote Ali from Florida. “I crashed and couldn't stay awake more than 5-6 hours at a time for almost three days.”

“Since the end of April several people I know who normally do not get headaches and migraines have begun to experience them,” wrote Danica from the state of Washington. In particular, my niece who is only 4 years old got two migraine attacks while she was outdoors playing, and she had to be hospitalized because of the vomiting.”

“I also had heart problems at that time without any recognizable reason,” wrote Veronika from Austria. “I have been very sleepy for weeks now without reason and sleeping at night has become an effort.”

“Me and my wife, we both noticed indeed to have very recently heart palpitations,” wrote Stijn from Belgium. “And myself I'm experiencing very little stings all over my body.”
The full extent to which the 420 satellites are being tested is unknown to me. They are communicating with ten earth stations located in the United States. They are being tested by the U.S. Air Force for use by military aircraft. SpaceX intends to keep launching 60 satellites at a time every couple of weeks. The next launch is scheduled for tonight, June 3, at 9:25 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. SpaceX plans to begin what it calls beta testing with perhaps 10,000 private customers about three months from now when it has about 840 satellites in orbit. Beta testing alone could have devastating consequences. If and when Starlink signs up millions of paying customers, it is possible that nothing will survive -- no humans, no animals, and no insects. It is likely that it will be blamed on COVID-19, unless this world wakes up in time.

The Digitalization of the Ionosphere

The harm from satellites is not due primarily to the radiation levels at the earth’s surface. The satellites are in low orbits, but they are still hundreds of miles above us, and the levels of radiation they expose us to here on the ground are at most about 0.00001 μW/cm2. That is about one-millionth of the levels we are exposed to from cell phones, computers and cell towers.

The threat to life comes instead from the fact that all these satellites are located in the ionosphere. The ionosphere is a source of high voltage that controls the global electric circuit, which in turn provides the energy for life. A brief discussion of the science can be found in my 2018 article, “Planetary Emergency”. Those who wish more detail may wish to consult chapter 9 of my book, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life, and the bibliography supplied with that chapter. That chapter is titled “Earth’s Electric Envelope.”

Very briefly, all animals and plants are polarized positive to negative from head to feet, or from leaves to roots. An electric current of picowatt per square meter amplitude flows from the positively charged sky to the negatively charged earth in fair weather, courses through the earth beneath our feet, and returns to the sky via lightning bolts during thunderstorms. Every living thing is part of this circuit. The current enters our heads from the sky, circulates through our meridians, and enters the earth through the soles of our feet. This current provides the energy for growth, healing, and life itself. We do not live by bread alone, but by the energy provided to us by the biosphere. Oriental medicine calls it qi or ki, Ayurvedic medicine calls it prana, and atmospheric physicists call it electricity. It provides us energy for life, and information that organizes our bodies. If you pollute this circuit with billions of digital pulsations, you will destroy all life.

It is one thing to sit in front of a computer all day, or hold one in your hand. It is quite another to live inside of one.

This must be prevented. There is no more important task on the Earth right now -- not climate change, not deforestation, not plastics in the ocean, and not stopping 5G on the ground. None of that will matter if SpaceX is allowed to go forward with Starlink.

Thank you for your continued support of the Cellular Phone Task Force and the educational, legal, advocacy and networking activities that we fund.

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I had some heart palpations with the past month or two, but nothing that seemed out of the ordinary. I did however have some breathlessness. It seems strange that with the masks, "I can't breathe.", and possible EMF caused hypoxia, it's like they're trying to take the life out of us.


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I had some heart palpations with the past month or two, but nothing that seemed out of the ordinary. I did however have some breathlessness. It seems strange that with the masks, "I can't breathe.", and possible EMF caused hypoxia, it's like they're trying to take the life out of us.
Same. Also felt as if I forgot to breathe for a minute. Usually when I’m tranced in front of a screen (work flow, reading, watching video, gaming).


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@duyunne and @3DStudent

Ive had heart palpitations too... as well as shortness of breath. And I was really worried for a period of 2-3 years, thought I will be a goner soon. This all stopped happening to me in the last year. When I radically changed my routine and diet!
Since spring this year I started to be in nature much more (I take long walks to my local forest hill) at least 1-2 hours a day (when weather permits it) and regularly exercise with dumb-bells and body-weight (caliesthenics) and got my eating habits under control. Lately Im also taking my shoes and socks off and spending 20-30 minutes with my feet on the grass. Grounding helps our hearts bigtime.

Also, I felt a huge improvement once I started to have only one large meal a day at noon-ish ( digestion in humans is the strongest between 10:00-14:00h ) and completely avoiding refined sugar. And no eating after 20:00h, sometimes I skip the evening "meal" and go for intermittent fasting. Btw. substitute for my sweet tooth were fresh dates and it turns out they are excellent for many things, heart included. As are dried prunes... and I eat 3-4 dried prunes a day. Theyre a marvelous digestion aid and a good source of Iodine. I also use Magnesium oil I make myself 3 times a week atleast, before shower.

And I have started to switch off my wi-fi overnight at the start of this year and sometime before that I got a shungite pendant necklace that I wear all the time. I guess you know this but it needs repeating that shortness of breath has been connected to too much EMF exposure. I smoke like a chimney sometimes and I live in a damp flat at ground-level. My ex had asthma attacks after living here for 5 years. So its a wonder my lung capacity has improved in this setting! I would add that physical exercise and sound meditation/breathing exercises are key for good lung capacity! With a good approach to diet and a "winning" mindset we are able to heal ourselves.

Hope you find something from my experience that will help you!


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Also felt as if I forgot to breathe for a minute.
That's a good way to describe it. At one point I had to start consciously breathing just to get more air. Luckily it only lasted one evening because I was thinking that I hope I don't have to keep doing this. I thought it was a conbination of stress I've been feeling as tenseness in my stomach, combined with some bloating and indigestion, but it makes me wonder. And it was a few weeks ago.
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