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Funny snow cat magnet for sale on eBay [language 😼]:

Yeah, well, we may all have that sentiment this coming winter!! 😝

Purchase info:
The Postcard Size Refrigerator Magnet, you see here was custom made. The flexible magnet measure approx. the size of a standard postcard. With variable measurements approx. 5" to 5/ 1/2" in length with heights between 3 3/4" to 4 inches. To make these a picture was taken from an original label, print, post card, advertisement or a magazine image, then photo printed onto glossy magnetic vinyl material with a high colorful resolution. It comes out with fine details as like the original. This item bring back memories of your favorite cat?...These are unique and inexpensive conversation items to look at on a Refrigerator, Locker, Tool Box, File Cabinet or any other smooth metal surface at home or work. These are not like peel back photo adhesive types you see on ebay selling much higher. The quality detailed on these are much better on the magnet than shown here and will last many years. The magnet will be sent in a polybag and security envelope with folded stock backing for added protection. It will be sent by First Class mail.. International bidders, please see shipping for details.

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