Gas-related explosions and fire

MOSCOW, February 9. /TASS/. The death toll from a household gas explosion in a five-story apartment block in Novosibirsk has risen to two, more people might remain under the rubble, the local emergencies services told TASS on Thursday.

"According to preliminary data, two people died. More people might be buried under the rubble. Their number is being verified," a spokesman said.

Novosibirsk region governor Andrey Travnikov has confirmed the death of two people in the household gas explosion in a residential house.

"Regrettably, one more person has died in hospital. Carbon monoxide poisoning," he wrote on his Telegram channel.

At least three people may still be trapped under the rubble after a household gas explosion in an apartment block in Novosibirsk, Viktro Orlov, chief of the Russian emergencies ministry’s Novosibirsk region department, said on Thursday.

"Preliminarily, at least three people may still be under the rubble. Efforts are being made to find whereabouts of the house’s residents," he said.

According to the emergencies ministry, about 30 apartments have been ruined by the blast. The search and rescue operation is planned to be completed by the end of the day.

The city’s authorities say that the residents will be settled in a new place.

One person who was reported as killed in the household gas explosion in Novosibirsk has been revived, Viktor Orlov said.
"One has been revived in hospital," he said.

A household gas explosion in a five-storey apartment block in Novosibirsk occurred in the early hours on Thursday causing partial collapse of the building. The explosion was followed by a fire on an area of 300 square meters, which has already been put out. One person died in the explosion and eight more were injured. According to emergencies services, the blast was preliminarily caused by a gas leak in one of the apartments. A criminal case has been opened.


A powerful explosion occurred on the Columbia Gulf gas pipeline in the US state of Mississippi due to a lightning strike. 😨

this should physically not be possible. fake news?
this should physically not be possible. fake news?
There is a video in the link to TG channel posted above with fire and lightning on the background. Whether it is technically possible, not sure. May be there was another cause, but the lightning used as a diversion version🧐
#ÚltimaHora | A large fire is reported at the Lázaro Cárdenas refinery in #Minatitlán . So far the causes are unknown.

WYNNEWOOD, Okla. -- Two people were injured Tuesday at a fire in a refinery in southern Oklahoma, authorities said.

The fire began about 8:20 a.m. at the refinery in Wynnewood, about 60 miles (97 kilometers) south of Oklahoma City, according to a statement from Sugar Land, Texas-based CVR Energy, which owns the refinery.

The statement did not disclose the injuries suffered by the two employees or their conditions. All other employees are accounted for, according to the statement.

“The source of the fire has been isolated and emergency crews are working to extinguish the fire,” CVR spokesperson Brandee Stephens said, but the cause was not identified.

“Company officials are conducting a thorough investigation into this incident,” Stephens said.

The statement said the fire began in a gasoline hydrotreater, which is used to remove contaminants during the refining process.

Garvin County Emergency Management director Dave Johnson said during a news conference that the area is safe.

“There's no threat to the community, there's no issue outside of the refinery,” Johnson said. “The part (of the refinery) that was impacted and secure is shut down, but the rest of the refinery is safe and running."

Johnson said nearby U.S. Highway 77 and a section of railroad were shut down briefly as a safety precaution, but both are being reopened.

The refinery is a small crude oil refinery that stores waste produced during refining operations, according to Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality records.

DEQ spokesperson Erin Hatfield said the agency is investigating the fire and potential hazards, but was immediately focused on making sure the fire is extinguished.
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