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Thank you leopher fot the link, it is interesting. According to what is written, both symbols would be the lily.
"King Solomon was captivated by this flower and used it as the original symbol for his seal which today we know as the Seal of Solomon. (Hexagram, Star of David) The lily with its white petals resonates purity and symbolism and venerates divinity. The lily possesses a phalic rod which thrusts forth from its interior, making it uniquely hermaphroditic in its symbolism.

The Hexagram is associated with the Biblical Solomon, known as the Star of David. It represents divine union, being composed of a female watery triangle and a male fiery triangle, which correspond to lily's hermaphroditic make up. The Hebrew word for lily Shoshan is usually rendered whiteness and it derives from a root meaning six, which fits well with the petal number of Lilium Candidum and in return the six pointed star of David.

Many scholars attemted to trace the star of David back to King David himself, but all evidence suggested otherwise. The earliest known Jewish use of the hexagram was a a seal in ancient Israel. (6th century AD) Legends connect this symbol with the seal of Solomon. I believe the origins of the Hexagram and its meaning came from the lily which Solomon adored and chose as his symbol.

As soon as tomorrow I should be able to post photos of the album.


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Anders said

If time indeed is an illusion and if what we do can affect a possible future then can it also affect possible pasts? There is some work done about family constellations started by a person called Bert Hellinger This work as far as I know deals with integrating a person with his/her larger family on an energetic level, thus bringing a sense of completion to a person.

In western Africa, the family's genealogy is at the center of the social life. As they are almost no written records, the familty trees have been memorized by almost everybody (sadly enough, millions of people lost that thread in modern life) . When one comes to meet another person, the firts question will be of course to ask for his name. The both persons will exchange details about the ancestors (trying to understand who the other one is but also a linkage).

What I understood was that one was seen beyond his own egotic personnality. The people really consider the person according to his lineage (the DNA potential, memory ), but the very same lineage will be traced thru the physical movement on the territory in history. So a person is considered right now, but he can only be understood thru his ancestors and their history in the physical plane. This goes beyond mere physicality, it transcends time and space. One's life is strongly influenced by his ancestors which will determine the degree of free will you may have... The meeting will condition the future, because it is being recorded.
When you are recognized, you are given a status, which may lead to provide for housing, food, marriage and maybe a sound interest in what you have to say. It's networking beyond time illusion.

I just wanted to sum up and I hope I explainded what I meant. There is so much to write or meditate on this subject...

Thus our interest in genealogy is crucial in our task of understanding as long as one don't get in the multiple traps (illusory fantasys) which Thorbiorn refered to in his first intervention.

In the Islamic world, the 'miskin' is the poorest, the one who deserves the most compassion. His poverty is not in lacking physical goods, but in having no relatives, no network.

The "babylonian" matrix is working toward de-rooting the people so that they would accept the NWO.
Getting into our genealogy is so interesting because it helps to 'exist' beyong the illusion of time linearity and so determine our free will.


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You can check the photos on that link:

As I said before, the Family was in Normandie, inbetween Avranche and Le Mont St Michel.

Thank you again for your point of view.
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