Genomes in cell's mitohondria are not fit to determine ancestry


I have already posted several links to online videos of Russian professor of neuro-biology Sergei Saveliev: Humanity Is Deciding If It Will Evolve Or Die Unfortunately, all his video lectures are in English and I had to give my clumsy interpretation of what he reveals in English. Do not kill the messenger, please.

I think Prof.Saveliev is trying to introduce the current state of neuro-biology to the masses and does it on the level of the person that knows almost nothing about it (like myself). He explains his conclusions and references other scientist that worked in this field. He also complains about the shabby state of modern science in Russia (total of 60,000 scientists in Russia are funded by $80,000,000 per annum) and the sorry state of the science of neuro-biology in the world (for-profit incentive kills science and turns it into pseudo-science). He eagerly gives interviews to various media outlets and they are published on youTube (there is no ads embedded, by the way). He has a weekly podcast "Carrying out the brain" on @GovorotMoskva radio station - I finally found it in iTunes
with video version posted on youTube

From that latest podcast on (08-04-2018 - youTube episode #50 ), to my total surprise, I heard his debunking of the well known theory that by studying DNA in cell's mitohondria it is possible to track genetic variations that are passed from mothers to daughters. That was and is the accepted theory for 30 years to determine the maternal ancestry. Prof.Saveliev told about a large group of tests done by Morris et al that took samples of mitohondria's DNA from different parts of mitohondria of THE SAME CELL. They found out that there are more then 10 different DNAs (genomes) in that single cell! You can find relations between whales and elephants or rabbits and carrots :) Just make your pick... It was already known since 2010 that there are different genomes in mitohondrias of the cells from different organs. Prof.Saveliev cried out the amounts of money spent on this false-theory over 30 years and the number of scientists that wasted their time & efforts building their theories and conclusions on a fake science.

Why no scientist or journalist has published that debunking of the still popular theory in mass media already? This is the 1st time that I heard about that fact... From an obscure professor of neuro-biology from Moscow, from a radio podcast on a Saturday morning :(



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So, basically, he's saying that "Mitochondrial Eve" is a load of nonsense?
Isn't it affirming what C's said earlier in April 14th 2018 session?

(L) So that kind of goes to my question. Anyway, there's this battle between the Recent Out of Africa thing because of this mitochondrial Eve business...

A: False!
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