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This is dancing.

Gala concert of dance ensemble named Igor Moiseyev

The TV version of the concert. Writing in the Big TEAP Russia
Soderzhanie01. "The Road to Dance" - Class Concert
02. "Kalmyk dance"
03. "Chiokyrliya", "Joc" - Suite Moldovan dance
04. "Old City Quadrille" from the cycle of dances "Pictures of the Past"
05. "partisans" - a choreographic picture
06. "Kryzhachok" - Belarusian dance
07. "At the rink" - Fragment choreographic picture
08. "Sirtaki" - Suite Greek dancing
09. "Bulgarian Dance"
10. "Serbian Dance" - Premier
11. "zapateo", "Avalyulko" - Mexican Dance Suite
12. "Aragon Jota"
13. "The Gaucho" - Dance Argentine shepherds
14. "Summer" - Russian dance

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caballero reyes said:
This is dancing.
A little late in noticing, yet indeed, amazing dancing and a nice tribute to other places and cultures. Beautiful theater, orchestra, musical scores and costumes - need that! Thanks.

caballero reyes

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While dense storm clouds threaten the world, the best we can do is continue to work on what we can do, acquire more knowledge / information, learn something more every day, live the moment as best we can, and enjoy art in all its shapes.
We have to learn something similar to what the dancers Do. when they rise from the earth seem to touch the Divine for a seconds to fall again but with a new experience.

That is what seems to do the Australian dancer Steven McRae, married and with two children, with great capacity to store energy by performing a kind of alchemy: Rises wonderfully and falls to continue dancing.

La fille mal gardée Pas de Deux. Roberta Marquez and Steven McRa

"La Fille Mal Gardée" ...Natalia Osipova... This version, edited to highlight the steps of natalia osipova.

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From ballet "Coppelia"

Osipova amazing, especially in the step / jump of min.5.23

Bolshoi Ballet. Natalia Osipova. Finale

Beautiful mazurka. Two versions.

Bolshoi Ballet- Coppelia

Bolshoi Ballet- Coppelia.

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A Masterpiece.

Author: Arturo Marquez (20 December 1950) Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.

Ballet Version.
Vladimir Governor's Symphony Orchestra and chamber ballet Gestus. Russia.

Orchestra version.
Great version with The National Children's Orchestra of Great Britain's Main Orchestra
conducted by venezuelan Natalia Luis-Bassa.

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"SWEET CHARITY" Great musical movie. Superb choreography by Bob Fosse.

Based on the movie "The nights of Cabiria" Dir. Federico Fellini.

The Aloof, The Heavyweight, The Big Finish (HQ) Bob Fosse

"Rhytm of life"

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