Hoax related to crop circles

Windmill knight

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Check out this website:


Looks like total hoax to me. The photos look very much photoshopped. The strange thing is that one can watch alleged "news clips" (all hoaxed as well, no doubt) in his website and in youtube, which suggests that the hoaxer has resources for the production. At least one of those clips was in Swedish, so that means that he also knows people with language skills.

So the interesting question is: where do casual hoaxers get time and money to set up their "pranks"?

One possible answer is: A company with a "creative" publicity campaign. I've seen that happen before. A "scientist" predicts something mystical or related to UFOs and it turns out to be a new product.

Or it can be classical COINTELPRO but if so I think it's poorly done. Why?
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