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I was just terrified watching this the extent I'm almost speachless... Maybe watching this piece was a mistake, maybe not. I've read some good, smooth sounding 'intelectual' justifications, why this movie is of any value, but, damn...IMHO it's all bull-shit. If anyone intends to watch it - fasten your seat belts and get ready for some serious energy drain, straight to the 4DS suckers.

For god sake..what kind of world we live in where snuff movie is called 'entertainment'?

I mean...
"...Roth has crafted a supremely political film, one that lambasts the jocular xenophobia of the typical American..."

Well, supremely political my arse... I'd rather call it "Little petty tyrant subtype one and four" productions.

What do you think, dear forumites?


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I've actively avoided seeing this film. I used to be able to handle grotesque films with lots of blood and gore, but, for some reason, that time has passed - it sounds like it might have passed for you as well. Judging from your reaction, I think I'll continue to avoid this one.
I've consciously chosen not to see horror movies, as it marks you as going along with the Herd. Yeah, I'm swimming upstream. It feels wierd at first, but the more you do it, the more you get used to it.


A Disturbance in the Force
I'm not sure that not seeing horror movies really marks you as 'not going along with the herd'. As a matter of fact, a psychopath I once knew was extremely opposed to seeing any type of scary movie - no matter if it was horror or gore or just suspense. She hated them all. Perhaps we just go through different stages of either being able to digest such material or not being able to; of being able to watch it and not connect to it or of not being able to do that - I'm not really sure.

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I recently watched two horror films: Audition (a Japanese film) and Wolf Creek (Australian). The first is only "horrific" for the last 20 minutes or so, with a pretty energy-draining torture scene, but I was fascinated by the film for a couple reasons. The villain seems to be a on-film portrayal of a "robot" person, i.e. reanimated corpse. She just runs programs to suck a man into a relationship with her until she drugs him and tortures him to "eat" his energy. If you are particularly squeamish (I was squirming, myself), simply don't watch the last scene. ;)

As for wolf creek, I thought it was a well-shot movie (i.e. the cinematography was excellent), but it, too, has scenes of implied torture and some pretty grotesque props. It's about a tourist-killer in middle of nowhere Australia. Again, an interesting portrayal of a stereotypical violent psychopath, but not for the faint of heart.

Needless to say, the only other horror movie I plan on seeing is Silent Hill this weekend (parallel dimensions, and one of the bad guys is a guy with a pyramid for a head!).


anart said:
I've actively avoided seeing this film. I used to be able to handle grotesque films with lots of blood and gore, but, for some reason, that time has passed
I saw the trailer on several times. They were showing it at the theaters since months ago (a lot of insistence for people to see this film!), and each time i saw it, i was disgusted.
Emotionally disgusted. Perhaps, as Anart sais, that time where I could digest emotional gore has gone by, and let me tell you: I do not miss it at all. I dont feel I am "less" than before. I have come to discover I actually do feel better by not caring about going "along with the heard" or not, in a concient and purposeful manner (for me, it was like going to see this sort of films was to go against the heard): Now I really dont care if I am going along, or not.
I cannot say the same about seeing or not this film. I was activelly NOT interested on seeing it. And I felt (your post confirms my certainty), I felt NOT seeing it was an act of respect towards my self and my sensibility. Specially nowadays where I am and have been "opening" (or fighting to open) my core through the work.
So yeah, thankfully that time has passed.
The time for other things has come.


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I was going to see Hostel until i heard that it was a gore-fest with little to no scare factor. My friends are mostly born/raised east coasters and it takes alot to scare us. I saw The Hills Have Eyes awhile back, and while the first hour or so is lame the last half-hour is awesome. I havent seen the original, but its been reccomended.

I also plan to see Silent Hill. I played the first game, and it scared the crap outta me, more then any movie has in a long time. And it does totally reference hyperdimensions and how windows can be localized to a particular geographic region.
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